Photo and Video - Latest Releases

Skip, LLC introduces PhotoVary 1.0 for iOS - New Image Viewer

Feb 02, 2015 - Skip, LLC introduces PhotoVary 1.0, its new image viewer developed exclusively for iOS devices. The idea behind PhotoVary is to enjoy photos as watching artwork in books or exhibitions. Offering a myriad of ways to enjoy viewing photography, PhotoVary makes it possible to view photos like flipping a book. The app offers several styles to discover pictures. Featuring two viewing effects, 9 photographic effects and 6 painting effects, these styles are applied on-the-fly while watching pictures.

Creaceed releases Hydra 1.0 - HDR, 32MP photo app for iPhone/iPad

Jan 29, 2015 - Belgium based Creaceed today releases Hydra 1.0 for iOS, an innovative photo capture app for iPhone and iPad. Hydra offers unique photo capture technology with support for HDR, sensor noise removal, and hi-res (32MP) shooting that lets users take beautiful pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions. The app is presently on sale at 40% off. Hydra is the perfect companion for the iOS built-in camera app.

Exposure 1.5 gets released on the App Store

Jan 29, 2015 - Bitpoem Inc. today announces Exposure 1.5, an update to their popular photo effects app for iOS devices. Exposure allows the user to add a personal touch to their photos by applying different effects to different parts of a photo. The new version brings a whole new set of Texture Effects and Camera Effects. It also allows the user to adjust the intensity of each effect and further innovates with the Before and After videos, showing the original photo and the final edit by the user.

Sunnarsoft Ltd releases Picstagrab 1.2 for iOS - Popular Instagram App

Jan 27, 2015 - SunnarSoft Ltd today announces Picstagrab 1.2 for iOS, a popular app that allows you to download images from instagram and repost images to Instagram. All with the option to add watermarks and captions from your very own watermark/caption collections. As you view an image, an automatic search is performed in order to give you an indication on whether the image has duplicates online or not. Version 1.2 adds the option to repost a picture to Instagram with caption automatically included.

The First Photo and Video Contest Platform is Available on the App Store

Jan 23, 2015 - Cscade is an app that features the first online multi-level photo and video contest platform where users can submit photos to win cash and prizes. The app features over 25 categories for users to submit photos, allowing them to find the perfect subject matter and compete against others, making it easy to pick up the camera and start snapping away. Contests are held daily, weekly, monthly and annually with participation ranging from free to premium depending on the contest.

Flying Frames - New Photo Album and Slideshow Editor for iPad

Jan 20, 2015 - Cursor Plus MB today introduces Flying Frames, their new Photo Album And Slideshow Editor for iPad. Offering an array of user-friendly tools, features and options, Flying Frames is an impressive photo collage album editor in the form of a compelling storyline as the final result. Creating the photo collage and editing a slideshow was never as easy as it is with this app. iPad users can make any number of great slideshows in a few swipes and touches.

Photo Flashback with Today Widget: Photos Taken on This Day 1.3 Released

Jan 19, 2015 - Indie developer, Konstadinos Karayannis today announces Photo Flashback App with Today Widget: Photos Taken on This Day 1.3, a simple app that shows all the photos on your iPhone or iPad and your iCloud Photo Library that were taken on this day throughout the years. Easily look up any day of the year; perfect for looking at special occasion days like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. This app includes a Today widget so that you can open Notification Center and see your photos in the widget.

Acrosync LLC announces an rsync-based photo and video backup app for iOS

Jan 14, 2015 - Acrosync LLC today introduces PhotoBackup 1.0, a new photo and video backup app for iOS that uses the rsync protocol under the hood. PhotoBackup allows users to easily upload all or selected photos and videos to any computer running OS X or Linux, without the need to plug iOS devices into the computer via USB, and without the need to install additional software on the computers. PhotoBackup is designed to be very easy to use even without any knowledge of rsync.

ExposureFx - Manually adjust White Balance and Exposure of iPhone Camera

Jan 12, 2015 - mTouchLabs today introduces ExposureFx 1.0, their new photography app for iOS. ExposureFX helps you to easily adjust the white balance and exposure in real time while taking pictures with your device's camera. Users may easily switch between front and back cameras, and the final image can be saved to Photo library. White Balance is an aspect of photography that many camera users don't understand, but it's something worth learning about as it can have a real impact upon the shots you take.