Productivity - Latest Releases

Cookie Stumbler Mobile Keeps You Save On Your iPad

Sep 12, 2011 - UK based WriteIt! Studios today releases Cookie Stumbler Mobile 1.0 for iPad, a companion app to its flagship application Cookie Stumbler for Mac OS X. CSM's intelligent heuristics Cookie detection & analysis engine ensures that no private information is given away. It stays up-to-date using regular definition updates, and not only prevents advertisers from collecting information but also comes with many exciting features which make web browsing on the iPad a much more comfortable experience.

Nulana Releases Remotix - A Powerful and Versatile ARD / VNC Client

Sep 10, 2011 - Nulana LTD today announces Remotix 2.0, an update to their fast VNC client for iOS and Android devices. Remotix provides a fast and flawless remote desktop performance, allowing users to connect remotely to Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Remotix offers full support for Apple adaptive encoding, giving users the best performance on slow connections. With full support of Apple Remote Desktop protocol, it creates a seamless experience for Mac users.

Wake N Shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock for iOS

Sep 10, 2011 - Independent developers Pedro Alejandro Wunderlich and Andres Canella today introduce Wake N Shake 1.0 for iPhone - The Merciless Alarm Clock, their new Productivity alarm clock that can only be turned off by shaking the iPhone vigorously. It has no snooze button or shut off. "Merciless," as the name suggests. Wake N Shake is effective at waking up even the soundest sleepers due to the innovative shaking feature, which raises the user's heart rate, consequently waking them up.

Miramem for iPhone - Task Management and Beyond, Military Grade Security

Sep 09, 2011 - Mirazor Labs Kft. recently released Miramem 1.1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Miramem is a new product launch that offers optimum task management and military grade protection for storing sensitive user data. Although extremely easy to use, the app provides a host of powerful features including user definable categories, unique unlimited folder hierarchy, sophisticated audible alerts, backup and restore, Outlook task and flagged email syncing, quick entry from a PC, and many others.

PhatWare Releases WritePad for iPad 5.3

Sep 07, 2011 - California based PhatWare today releases WritePad for iPad 5.3 for iPad. WritePad is an advanced notetaker which converts practically any handwriting into computer text. It offers natural handwriting recognition input in addition to keyboard entry. The new version of the advanced handwriting recognition software for iPads features a US Medical dictionary and the ability to import new words into the user dictionary from iPads contacts, events, or currently open text document.

PDF Expert 3 brings desktop power to edit PDFs on the iPad

Sep 07, 2011 - Today Readdle releases PDF Expert 3.0, the next generation of its popular iPad app for annotating PDF docs, signing them & filling PDF forms. PDF Expert lets people do with PDFs anything they can with its paper counterparts. Think of reading a textbook, annotating a document, signing a contract or filling in PDF form. PDF Expert 3 makes it possible on the iPad. Version 3.0 offers solid improvements & new features, a redesigned annotation workflow, robust page management and faster performance.

Figure 8, LLC introduces Paint Pro for iOS - Color Matching Utility

Sep 07, 2011 - Ohio based developer, Figure 8, LLC introduces Paint Pro 1.0, their new color matching utility for iOS devices. Paint Pro is the ultimate mobile paint utility for choosing colors from multiple vendors, selecting automated color coordinates, and sharing your color choices via social media. Capture a color from a picture or stored image and instantly match colors from thousands of choices. Paint Pro also instantly suggests coordinating colors and additional close-color matches for reference.

Photo Annotate for iPhone - New App, Annotate Images Fast and Easy

Sep 06, 2011 - ePapyrus GmbH today released Photo Annotate 1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a new launch that allows users to add text and audio annotations to their new or library images, very quickly and easily. Photo Annotate is suitable for personal or professional use, allowing for the creation of numbered markers on an image to contain titles, comments, recordings and web links. Finished pictures can then be shared on Facebook or emailed and/or save to the photo library.

PhatWare Releases WritePad Italiano for iPad

Sep 01, 2011 - California based PhatWare today releases WritePad Italiano 5.2, their advanced handwriting recognition, notetaking, and social networking software for iPad. WritePad Italiano for iPad is the first iPad product to offer natural handwriting recognition input in the Italian language. Notes created with WritePad can be sent via email or SMS, Tweeted, saved, posted on a Facebook Wall, printed, exported as PDF, translated to other languages, synchronized with Dropbox, and more.