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Qikshare 7.0 Cross-Platform Sharing Platform Offers Apple Watch App

Jun 02, 2015 - iVinnyApps today announces Qikshare 7.0, an important update to its popular file sharing app for iOS devices. Qikshare offers cross platform file sharing to users of iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows users. Qikshare uses iOS sharing extensions to allow anyone to share files directly from within apps. Also, Qikshare 7.0 now includes Apple Watch functionality, allowing Apple Watch users to share their favorite images directly from their wrist.

Built for Gear Geeks: Gearizer is an App for Getting your Gear Organized

Jun 01, 2015 - VR2L today introduces Gearizer 1.0.2, a new gear organizer for IOS devices. Using a simple visual user interface, users can easily keep track of their personal inventory and organize their gear into collections. A social component lets users discover new gear which has been tried and tested by other enthusiasts. Users can add items from a database of over 500 popular products. And with its powerful search capabilities, Gearizer makes it easy for anyone to keep track of everything.

IdeaPlaces - Where your Ideas and Places connect - for Evernote, Dropbox

May 29, 2015 - IdeaPlaces, Inc. today announces IdeaPlaces 2.0.7, a landmark update designed to organize notes and pictures by location with Evernote and Dropbox integration. Travellers can plan trips by highlighting points of interest and setting location-based reminders with Google Places and Foursquare integration. Version 2.0.7 now includes an In-App tutorial, location based reminders, new Notes view, Evernote offline improvements, faster loading maps and improvements, as well as minor bug fixes.

Pomodoro Time Pro 1.3 Time Management App Adds Apple Watch Support

May 28, 2015 - XwaveSoft today announces Pomodoro Time Pro 1.3, an update to their powerful productivity tool for iOS devices and Apple Watch. Pomodoro Time Pro incorporates the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, a systematic approach to getting things done. Users can easily create tasks, configure breaks, and track progress throughout the day, week or any custom time period. Pomodoro Time Pro 1.3 now supports the Apple Watch, making the same features users know and love available right on their wrist.

Creaceed releases Carbo 1.0, bringing handwriting in the digital age

May 21, 2015 - Creaceed today introduces Carbo 1.0 for iOS, its new app for pen & paper lovers. bringing handwriting in the digital age, Carbo lets you capture and organize handwritten notes and sketches. Its innovative visualization technology sets you free from pixel artefacts, while preserving all expressiveness of your original drawings. Easily collect notes, design sketches, whiteboard drawings, tag and annotate your notes for easy retrieval, and store them either on the device itself or in the cloud.

Hunite App integrates with LogTen Pro X pilot logbook

May 20, 2015 - Coradine Aviation Systems today announces the latest version of the Hunite App for flight crew now includes the added feature of flight schedule sharing with LogTen Pro X. Professional flight crews across the globe can download Hunite free from the App Store and start importing their flight data with a couple of taps on their iOS device directly to LogTen Pro X. Importing schedules direct from Hunite into LogTen Pro X will ensure the data is transferred quickly and error free to their logbook.

Major Update For Core Organizer App Announced By Danbo Pty Ltd

May 20, 2015 - Danbo Pty Ltd announces Core Organizer 1.4, a major upgrade to their popular productivity app developed for iOS and Android devices. Catering to most dimensions of a person's life, Core Organizer is an all-in-one personal organizer, life journal and secure storehouse for capturing and organising private information. The app enables anyone to capture their core private information in themed silos for day-to-day activities such as their house, finances, sporting events, collections, and much more.

Time tracking simpler than ever with OfficeTime on Apple Watch

May 20, 2015 - OfficeTime is now available on the revolutionary Apple Watch. OfficeTime was developed specifically to help freelancers and small business owners increase their income through more accurately-tracked time. OfficeTime users can now walk into a meeting, tap his or her wrist, walk out, tap it again and, at the end of the week, be able to produce a report on how they spent their time. By making time-tracking that simple, OfficeTime will enable entrepreneurs to become more productive.

Bitolithic releases ThinkBook 2.0 for iOS: Note-Taking and Outlining App

May 19, 2015 - Bitolithic today announces ThinkBook 2.0.1, an important update to their flexible note-taking and outlining app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. By being very flexible, ThinkBook adapts to its users and not the other way around. The app supports multiple note types, including text notes, todos, questions and projects. Notebooks and pages behave just like other notes, they can be arranged however the user wants. Version 2.0.1 gets iPhone support, a new look and iCloud integration.