Productivity - Latest Releases

iPursue - An Intuitive Items And Tasks Manager iOS App

Jun 22, 2015 - Massachusetts based Cloud Nine Apps, LLC announces iPursue 1.1, an update to their task management app for iOS devices. iPursue was developed specifically to help manage items and tasks more effectively and intuitively. The app offers a unique way of organizing items into appropriate views. There is no need to have a cluttered list of items. Version 1.1 introduces new theme colors, search items, as well as the ability to archive previously completed or cancelled items and so much more.

NeoFinder for iOS 1.1 available today

Jun 17, 2015 - Norbert M. Doerner releases NeoFinder 1.1, an update to his popular disk cataloging utility for iOS. The leading disk cataloger for Mac is now available for iOS! NeoFinder makes it easier than ever to keep track of your digital files, photos, songs, movies and any other digital media. Display all Inspector details for all the stuff you are used to seeing in NeoFinder Mac. Version 1.1 offers improved Find features, better Dropbox download, improved GeoFinder and integration in & others.

Mellel for iPad: the advanced word-processor gets an iPad debut

Jun 16, 2015 - RedleX today introduces Mellel 3.4, the iPad version of their popular word processor. Mellel for iPad brings power and sophistication in word-processing to the iPad. The app offers advanced features such as auto-titles, outline, paragraph, character, page and section styles, tables, track-changes, comments and statistics, and more. Mellel for iPad introduces several innovative features, and complete compatibility with its sibling, the acclaimed Mellel for Mac.

Mobile 3D Modeling App Verto Studio 3D 2.1 launches Verto Studio Cloud

Jun 16, 2015 - Single-developer company Verto Studio LLC launches its revolutionary 3D cloud service for free to all users of desktop and mobile Verto Studio 3D. Now, all Verto Studio scenes can be published to the web, viewable by anyone else in the world within a web browser. Additionally, an easy-to-use shape editor has also been added to Verto Studio which supports the importing and 3D extrusion of SVG files.

Live Sketchpad Lets Users Talk and Share Sketches in Real-Time

Jun 10, 2015 - Live Sketchpad 1.2 from Wood Bear Pte Ltd lets users collaborate with someone across the street, or on the other side of the world, by placing a no-cost audio call via their existing Internet connection, and then sharing sketches on their screen in-real time. This no-cost iOS app is ideal for students, professionals and everyone else who prefers to chat & share sketches at the same time. Version 1.2 adds registration via mobile number, as well as the ability to pin multiple audio notes and more.

PhatWare Announces PhatPad 4.0 Note-taking and Presentation App for iPad

Jun 09, 2015 - PhatWare Corporation today announces PhatPad 4.0, an update to their popular note-taking and collaboration app for iPad. PhatPad enables anyone to jot down ideas, bolster them with visual aides, and share finished ideas in real time. Version 4.0 is now optimized for iOS 8 and offers support for Pogo and Adonit Bluetooth styluses, integration with Moxtra power messaging technology, allowing for real time screen, voice and chat sharing as well as improved handwriting recognition functionality.

Instaviz 2.0 Diagram Sketching for iOS - Think with your Fingers

Jun 08, 2015 - Pixelglow Software today announces Instaviz 2.0, a major rewrite of the first and best iOS diagram sketcher. Anyone can sketch, refine and share diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts and concept maps even faster and easier on the new version. Then refine ideas with different fonts, colors, styles, shapes and so much more. Version 2.0 offers fifteen new features. including a revamped user interface with clean, modern graphics, scrub-through settings, a thumbnail graph list and help demo videos.

knwledge is a Must-Have App for Users Focused on Improving Themselves

Jun 06, 2015 - Adam Chater's innovative new app knwledge empowers users to catch, review, learn and share valuable information that they come across during their day-to-day lives. The app is ideal for professionals, leaders, mentors, coaches, parents and all other users who are constantly striving to improve themselves and those around them. The information can derive from virtually anywhere and anything, including a book, podcast, website, conversation, insight and more.

Clipboard Peek Displays Clipboard Content in Today View and Apple Watch

Jun 06, 2015 - Clipboard Peek by Masters & Savant is the innovative iPhone widget that lets users simply and quickly see the content they've copied to their clipboard in their iOS Today view - useful for photos, to-do lists, grocery lists, driving directions, meeting notes, and anything else people need to access often. The companion Apple Watch app provides an even more convenient view of the clipboard, allowing users to see it's contents without even needing to take out their phones.