Social Networking - Latest Releases

A revolutionary app to organize your life, and your stuff

Jun 11, 2015 - Ottawa based Itemtopia Inc. today announces Itemtopia 3.04.03, their namesake cross-platform social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Itemtopia was specifically developed to keep your things organized and simplify your life. The application puts all of the information about things you own, manage or care about in one place, and creates a knowledge bank at your fingertips. Itemtopia allows users to attach notes, service records, recipes, warranties, links, and other media to their item.

Newest Gay Dating App Features First-of-its-Kind Live Video Interaction

Jun 09, 2015 - Avid Life Media Inc. today announces ManCrunch Mobile 1.1, the industry's first gay video chat app allowing users to video chat with others in their location or around the world. Boasting more than 175,000 members worldwide, ManCrunch has been voted as one of the fastest growing dating website for gay hookups and casual sex dating. This feature-rich app is free to download, and all features are immediately available without needing to create an account.

Truly ephemeral, encrypted, screenshot protected messaging now available

Jun 08, 2015 - Sovereign Share LLC today introduces invisi 1.0.7, its new private messaging app for iOS devices. invisi uses a proprietary encryption protocol that protects messages and allows the sender to control when the message self destructs, how many times it can be viewed, how long it can be viewed and enable screenshot protection. Ensuring private, secure communication, invisi is the first easy-to-use app to offer this level of security with all the fun features of social messaging.

uKind - iOS App to acknowledge acts of kindness and express gratitude

Jun 01, 2015 - uKind, Inc today announces uKind 1.1, a first-of-its kind social networking app for iOS devices. Free and requiring no registration, uKind allows anyone to express gratitude to people around them for any act of kindness by sending a "Kindness Point" from a list of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, via email or a phone number. Users receive and accumulate Kindness Points from others for their acts of kindness and can redeem them for gift cards and other goods via mPOINTS within the app.

Plaza - The Social Network for Cities makes USA Launch in Silicon Valley

May 28, 2015 - Plaza Applications LLC today introduces Plaza 1.0, their the new dynamic social network app for iOS devices. Plaza creates a unique community, allowing conversations that normally wouldn't have taken place to happen between different kinds of people. The app functions like a local forum allowing anyone to create and discover interesting local content. Use text, audio, photo and video to share with friends, family and the people around you. You may choose to post either publicly or anonymously.

Find New Friends at Nearby Venues in Real Time with the LupUp App

May 27, 2015 - LupUp Ltd today releases LupUp 1.1, its new app which helps iOS and Android users meet cool new people in popular social venues around their city. As soon as a user enters a LupUp venue, they can instantly see who else is there, and interact with the people they see through instant and photo messaging. Aside from just helping its users make new friends, LupUp partners with its venues to get offer exclusive, customized discounts for app users.

Zadarma 5.1 released for iPhone - New VoIP app for the Virtual Office

May 26, 2015 - UK based Zadarma Project today is proud to announce the release of Zadarma 5.1 for iOS, their VoIP app that allows anyone to make outgoing calls and to receive incoming calls from landline number, or IP PBX. Zadarma works on the standard SIP protocol. For receiving calls, users can connect with a virtual phone number to any of 70 countries of the world, or to use a free number with extension dialing. Version 5.1 sports a new user interface design as well as upgrades PBX authorization.

Juxta - The Powerful Location Sharing App Is Now Live

May 21, 2015 - Juxta Mobile LTD today introduces Juxta 1.0, their new social networking app developed for iOS and Android devices. Juxta is a powerful location-sharing App that notifies when a friend is near. Designed with the highest level of user privacy kept in mind, Juxta is completely non-intrusive, yet sophistically notifies the user when a friend is nearby. Juxta instantly syncs with the address book, and user profiles can be easily customized as well as groups can be created to communicate easily.

Jink Update Introduces Messaging to Map-Based Meetup App

May 18, 2015 - Taipei-based Greenhouse Apps releases Jink - Message & Meet on a Map 2.0.1, an important update to its popular social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Aimed at simplifying how friends and family make plans and meet up, Jink 2.0 combines private location sharing and quick messaging in a way that allows users to plan meetups in just a few taps and texts, then find each other with ease. A new "Hey!" feature enables users to start a conversation and share where they're at in an instant.