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Pointgenie 1.0 released for iOS - Innovative Social Networking App

May 12, 2016 - Pointgenie LLC introduces Pointgenie 1.0, the company's new social networking app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Pointgenie offers real time information of what's happening, what's cool and where you want to be at the moment you need it. This cutting edge mobile app is an invaluable resource for finding the perfect social gathering spot based on statistics, such as the total number of attendees and the mix of men and women that are attending places around you.

Beevr - The app to keep your neighbors connected with almost everything

May 10, 2016 - Houston based Beevrhood, Inc. announces Beevr 2.1, an update to their interactive social networking app developed for iOS devices. Beevr was developed specifically to support the needs and concerns of neighborhood communities, with the aim to help keep their members informed and connected on inner social interests. With this App the objective seeks to achieve integration and active participation from residents in a privately, safely way and according to the interests of each person.

Spontime Sweeps Through Europe and Challenges Down To Lunch in USA

May 09, 2016 - Spontime, a new social networking mobile app created by a 21-year-old Karolina Demianczuk, has been evaluated to outrun the most popular meetup app in the U.S., Down To Lunch. Created to help friends locate each other and arrange spontaneous meetings for coffee, lunch or jogging and more, Spontime has received over $3M valuation from investors and has attracted a widespread media attention in Europe. Spontime is planned to me released in May.

AllSync 2 - all contacts everywhere and safe

Apr 27, 2016 - Next Freedom announces AllSync 2, their new utility app developed for iOS devices. AllSync 2 allows you to have contacts synchronized in different places. Work and personal contacts can be merged to see the same address book in Outlook, Gmail or in the iPhone. It's also possible to mirror the address book to another account to have a safe and always available backup. The app provides detailed info on what was changes from every sync. Version 1.0.2 adds OwnCloud support.

New Friend-Making App uses AI to Keep Users from Flirting

Apr 19, 2016 - Seattle based Patook LLC today announces Patook 1.4, an update to its popular social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Patook is a unique user-friendly app that focuses on matching singles and couples for strictly platonic friendships. It uses an innovative system to identify messages that are considered flirty or inappropriate. Whenever a user attempts to send such a message, they are notified that it will not be delivered. Version 1.4 fixes some very minor bugs.

Paralign Journaling Platform Helps Like-Minded Users Connect

Apr 18, 2016 - Paralign LLC releases Paralign 3.3, an anonymous journaling platform for iOS and Android devices. Paralign allows like-minded users to connect, so they can offer and receive support, encouragement, acknowledgement, inspiration and hope. Users can journal their thoughts and feelings and Paralign will anonymously find thoughts that are similar from other users. Users can anonymously message anyone whose thought they resonate with. Version 3.3 offers UI improvements and minor chat bug fixes.

Value of New NC Widget for Twitter Reflects Real iPhone App Innovation

Mar 31, 2016 - Now available from Apps Genie Limited, the NC - Twitter Widget for Notification Center lets anyone keep up with the latest activity on their Twitter account without having to launch the app entirely, or even without the hassle of unlocking their phone. Members will always have the freshest content from the last five sent tweets at their fingertips. Members can interact with those tweets right where they are, without stopping to interrupt a task, and retweet or favorite the updates they see.

What Time for iOS saves you from chat group hell

Mar 25, 2016 - Tap Get Pte Ltd. today introduces What Time 1.0, their new social networking app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. What Time was designed to let you chat about what you're doing in-the-moment in ephemeral chat groups that automatically close when that event is over. Groups are based on what 'time' it is. Members chat along with shared photos scrolling along the background so everyone in the group knows what everyone else is talking about.

WeFriends - A Fun Social Network on a Serious Mission

Mar 23, 2016 - The WeFriends Team today announces the launch of their new Kickstarter Campaign for Wefriends for iOS, an exciting new social network that not only connects you to your friends, but actually helps you meet new friends that are just like you. WeFriends is creative, enabling you to text or post with or without backgrounds, photos, videos, live streaming, events or communities. You can video connect live with up to four users. You can choose where to post or who can see your post.