Social Networking - Latest Releases

Candid Connection is Coming Soon to the Apple App Store

Oct 19, 2015 - Are you a good friend? Exchange honest feedback openly or anonymously and discover what your friends think about you. The Candid Connection app offers Android and iOS users the opportunity to increase their self-awareness by exchanging honest feedback with their friends. In a world that is becoming increasingly systematic and tech-dependent, Candid Connection aims to encourage genuine and personable communication while protecting your privacy. Releasing soon for iOS and Android.

Boldomatic: The Top-Rated Platform For Everything Text Launches Update

Oct 08, 2015 - Boldomatic SA today announces Boldomatic 2.2, an update to their globally popular social networking app developed for iOS and Android devices. Boldomatic contains more than 750,000 quotes, sayings, phrases, idioms and statements that users can freely re-post and share to multiple networks. The no-cost iOS and Android app also features weekly creative writing contests, and offers several enhanced features in the latest version. Content is rated by popularity, and range.

nag! is the World's Easiest and Fastest Social Reminder App

Oct 05, 2015 - nag! 1.0.1 by GroupCal, LLC lets anyone easily and enjoyably send themselves, individuals or groups a text reminder at anytime, and with any repeat interval. What truly makes nag! a must-have app is that it delivers reminder notifications via in-app notification, or SMS for those without the app. nag! also offers an archive feature. This no-cost app features in-app and SMS notifications, as well as the ability to check whether a reminder was read/deleted.

5-Star Reviewed Text and Video Messaging App: BlueChatBox Now Updated

Sep 28, 2015 - Indie developer, Tony Jiang announces BlueChatBox for iOS and Android, a no-cost messaging app that lets users engage in text or video chats with up to four friends, or with any other member(s) of the BlueChatBox community. The app features guest access, anonymous posting, optional location sharing, multiple backgrounds and emoticons, passcode protection, a temporary friend classification, and more. Users can even communicate across language barriers, even if they don't speak the same language.

Itemtopia - More than just receipts, warranties and recalls

Sep 21, 2015 - Itemtopia Inc. has launched their free cross-platform app Itemtopia for iOS and Android. This next-generation application instantly notifies consumers if any item they own has been recalled (all vehicles and all consumer items) and allows consumers to attach receipts, warranties, photos and notes to each item at any time during the life of the item's ownership. Itemtopia therefore becomes a consumer's life with the things they own.

Locolist - Easily Buy and Sell on College Campuses

Sep 18, 2015 - Locolist Inc. releases Locolist - Your Campus Marketplace 2.1, an update to its social networking app for iOS and Android devices. Locolist is a private and secure app enabling students to easily buy or sell products & services to each other on campus. Students can find a roommate, sublet their apartment, buy or sell textbooks, electronics, class-notes, tickets & furniture - anything students use at college. Featuring streamlined navigation, version 2.1 introduces new Amazon Trade-in features.

Secret Text Messages and Hidden Pictures provide total messaging privacy

Sep 17, 2015 - Officially released today, DatChat Secret Messages & Hidden Pictures allows you to change how long your messages can be viewed before or after you send them, prevent screen shots and hide encrypted messages on your camera roll. DatChat offers you a traditional texting experience while providing total control and security for your messages. Now you can text with complete control of how long either one message lasts or a complete conversation remains on a recipient's phone.

Pendilly 1.0 for iOS - The App That Brings Back Excitement to Messaging

Sep 16, 2015 - Paris based Dare Do Be today introduces Pendilly 1.0, their new messaging app for iOS devices. Pendilly allows anyone to type a message, capture or import a photo or video, and then choose a future time to deliver the message. The recipient then receives a notification telling them a message is on the way, but not what the message is, who it's from, or even when it will arrive. Optional "Why" tags add to the fun, as they are sent to the Pendilly recipient before the message is delivered.

PikShare available now on the App Store and coming soon to Google Play

Sep 07, 2015 - Appollo LLC today introduces PikShare 1.0.1 for iOS, a new social media app with a focus on effortless nearby photo sharing. No login or signup is required. Simply download the app to begin sharing full screen photos anonymously and effortlessly. All Piks are captured through the in-app camera and only stay live on the app for a brief time, creating a live and local vibe. You'll always know what's happening at your campus/town when it happens with PikShare!