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Announcing Alti for iOS - A Beautiful Altimeter and Compass App

May 22, 2014 - UK based Monkeys Writing Shakespeare Ltd today introduces Alti 1.0, a fully-functional, minimalist altimeter application for iPhone and iPad. The perfect companion for hiking, routing, biking, climbing and walking, Alti features an altitude indicator, a magnetic and true north compass, and coordinates for DMS and degrees. Alti sports a clean design, includes a wide selection of background colours and provides a distraction-free experience.

PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated for Summer

May 21, 2014 - AppAvenger today announces PlayPlaces 1.6, an update to their Ultimate Kids Road Trip App for iOS. Showing the locations of over 9,000 restaurants with play structures for kids and rest areas for the traveling family, PlayPlaces Ultimate Kids Road Trip App is a must have companion for those long rides with small children. No need to remember how many miles the last next rest area sign said, a quick glance at the app and users can know if they can make it or need to get off at the next exit.

iPacking - Easy Trip Packing List is a Must-Have App for Travelers

May 17, 2014 - iPacking - Easy Trip Packing List from developer Nexti Inc. lets users create, customize, save and even print as many packing lists as they need, and then either refer to their printed list or tell the app to walk them through each item until they're done packing. The must-have new app for both personal and business travelers makes packing fast, simple, accurate and fun, and has been acclaimed by both and enthusiastic downloaders around the world.

Usefulness Doubled in Major Pre-Summer Update of Packing Pro Travel App

May 13, 2014 - QuinnScape today announces Packing Pro 10.0, an update to their popular travel app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Packing Pro is a mobile packing app that features unlimited, 100% customizable packing lists, an extensive, yet flexible, catalog and handy sample lists that can be used as templates. This major pre-summer update arguably doubles the usefulness of Packing Pro by giving it the ability to add both photos and reminders to list items.

i-recall systems limited Launches Suite of Language Learning Apps

May 10, 2014 - i-recall systems limited's new suite of language learning apps helps people learn French, German, Spanish and Swedish anytime and anywhere. Each app includes a vocabulary of 2000 of the most common words in the target language, features both random and category-based flashcards to help boost memory and knowledge, while making the learning process simple, easy, fun and fast. Flashcards enable the process of active recall, which creates a stronger neural connection for better long-term recall.

Announcing Pocket Travel - Setting A Higher Standard For Travel Apps

May 08, 2014 - monkeyLabs Inc. today introduces Pocket Travel 1.0, its new currency calculator for iOS devices. Designed to meet the specific needs of travelers, Pocket Travel is designed to facilitate calculating how much to pay, and how much it's worth, in the currency you know and in the currency of the country where you are traveling. Whether you're haggling in the souks of Marrakech, or enjoying a romantic night out on the shores of Sorrento, Italy, you are now always certain of paying the right price.

Traveling Lighter, Reading For Free

Apr 25, 2014 - Waiting at the airport just got easier, cheaper and a lot more enjoyable for travelers who want magazine content on their mobile devices, both at the airport and for the first day of their trip. Inflight Reader senses when users are in more than 500 airports across the US and select international locations. This free app unlocks a library of magazine titles for users to download to their devices within 24 hours, so they can bring their favorite magazines from the terminal to the flight & beyond.

Drive Help - Your Best Driving Buddy

Apr 23, 2014 - Are you looking for a perfect app for the road? Algotech Apps has announced Drive Help 1.1.1 for iOS, a simple tool that will quickly become your best driving companion. Users are able to track their trip duration, current, average and max speed, travel expenses and much more. Users can also report police patrols and speed traps while simultaneously receive reports from other users shown in a radar-like display. Help us in our effort to make the roads a bit safer for everyone.

Travelog for iPhone - Get Travel Info You Need, Fast

Apr 17, 2014 - Independent developer, Rohan Kapur introduces the updated version of Travelog for iOS. The app allows you to access important travel info you need, fast. Record a flight; get access to weather, news, plug sizes, places of interest, & more. On top of this, Travelog is a social platform, you can create connections with people, & check out when they will be in the city you're going to. From there, you can message them & catch up! We ease the lives of frequent business travellers across the world.