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Quotes Alarm 1.0 for iOS - Beautiful Quotes App Now on the App Store

Jul 13, 2015 - Independent developer, Mohit Singh introduces Quotes Alarm 1.0, a beautiful alarm app for iOS devices that wakes users up with, and allows them to browse, amazing picture quotes. This free app is full of beautiful picture quotes and assorted powerful sayings that will push users forward, inspire them to do more in life and make them feel motivated and uplifted. Quotes Alarm will jumpstart your day, pumped up with the awaited motivation in your life.

MPaja Ltd releases Viskey 2.1 for iOS - The Visible Keyboard

Jul 09, 2015 - MPaja Ltd today announces Viskey 2.1, an update to their popular third party keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Viskey is aimed for anyone who needs reading glasses, for those who enjoy outdoors, and for low vision users, including optional support for self voicing the letters and words and full support for VoiceOver. The app provides large text preview and good contrast. Version 2.1 improves upon existing features and minor bug fixes.

Subtitles Viewer PRO - Great news for Hearing Impaired

Jul 08, 2015 - Interactive Coconut today announces Subtitles Viewer 2.0, an update to their movie utility for iOS. Use Subtitles Viewer PRO to download subtitles/captions and then view them on your iPhone/iPad synchronized with TV or movies at home or at the cinema. The pro version gives you unlimited downloads of subtitles from the vast database of OpenSubtitles. Version 2.0 is now translated into over 14 languages, and has many new features including support for uploading your own subtitles via Dropbox.

Bypass iTunes and Transfer MKV, AVI and FLAC from Mac/PC to iOS

Jul 03, 2015 - Softorino today announces WALTR for Mac OS X and Windows. WALTR serves as an excellent tool to get media files (music & video) onto your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device quickly, and to no longer worry about unsupported formats. Using WALTR is surprisingly easy. The iOS device and its available storage space is listed at the top of the app, and files can be dragged to the blank space in the app for immediate transfer to the iOS device.

PhatWare Releases Penquills 2 handwriting recognition text input system

Jul 01, 2015 - Spokane based PhatWare Corporation today announces Penquills 2.0, an important update to their popular advanced two-in-one custom keyboard for iPhones. Penquills can be used in any iPhone app, and allows users to input text using single character, or free-style natural handwriting recognition technology. The new version of Penquills now supports 6 languages, including English (US and UK), German, French, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), and Spanish.

Sl's Repository Ltd releases Browsy 1.1 for iOS

Jun 30, 2015 - Sl's Repository Ltd today announces Browsy 1.1, an important update to their smart fullscreen web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Browsy is a smart fullscreen web browser that allows you to browse the web without anything getting in your way. Version 1.1 introduces great new features like a DuckDuckGo Omnibar, Pinboard Bookmarks view, 1Password integration, and a new in-house API called Marky powering the Markdownify extension.

Blink Comparator for iOS - An Useful Tool for Amateur Astronomers

Jun 29, 2015 - Independent developer, Roberto De Lorenzo announces Blink Comparator 1.0 for iPhone and iPad devices. Dedicated to amateur astronomers, Blink Comparator alternates the vision of two shots obtained at different times, allowing users to detect changes, highlighted by the blinking of any object (star, asteroid, comet, etc.) visible in one of the images only, or that changed position between a shot and the other. Just mark the same three stars on each picture and press a button.

Audacity Software Pte. Ltd. Announces Launch of Fantasy Fonts FREE

Jun 21, 2015 - The days of boring looking fonts in text messages may be over for good. Audacity Software Pte. Ltd. recently released Fantasy Fonts, a new free iTunes app that delivers a long list of attractive free fonts and symbols that can be used anywhere from texts and emails, all the way to social media. All complete with a custom iOS 8 keyboard. With a large selection of cool fonts to choose from, this app features many premium fonts with unique design and personality.

Emojis Get Fresh New Faces With The Stereojis Keyboard App

Jun 19, 2015 - SinkFoot LLC announces Stereojis 1.01, an emoji keyboard for iOS devices. Stereojis is an all-inclusive emoji app with hundreds of multi-cultural, hipster and meme emojis. Turn your favorite text, message and photo art apps into unique expressions of your personal vibe. Stereojis has emojis for everyone, and can be inserted almost anywhere you can type text. Nearly 100 new diverse emoji are included. Users can opt to purchase one of four expansion packs containing 63 emojis.