Utility - Latest Releases

PDF Decrypter Pro 1.0 for Mac OS X Offers Easy Decryption of PDF Files

May 25, 2016 - Developer, Adeptshare today announces PDF Decrypter Pro 1.0 for Mac OS X, their simple to use utility designed to instantly decrypt password protected PDF files. Once decrypted, the PDF file can be edited, printed, and have text and graphics selected and copied into other documents. Users can also edit any annotations & form fields. The decrypted PDF file can be edited in any PDF editor. All versions of Adobe Acrobat are supported, but Acrobat is not required for its operation.

PopChar X 7.5 supports insertion of combined emoji characters

May 25, 2016 - Ergonis Software today releases PopChar X 7.5, an improved version of the company's award-winning tool for finding and inserting special characters and exploring fonts. With PopChar, thousands of special characters are only a few clicks away. Version X 7.5 adds support for the combined emoji characters, comes with an improved font info view, and offers further enhancements to make insertion of special characters easier than ever.

UnDistracted - The Distraction Killing Tool for OS X - Free Download

May 18, 2016 - Note-Ify Apps today introduces UnDistracted 1.0 for Mac OS X, a new app which aims to help solve the problem of distractions and procrastination when working at the computer. UnDistracted highlights the active application window and shades all other windows, hides Desktop icons, Dock and Menu, enables "Do Not Disturb" mode on Skype and in the whole system. It automatically shades and hides the windows of non-active applications, allowing you to completely immerse in work.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 9.3 (El Capitan Edition)

May 17, 2016 - Maintain today announces Cocktail 9.3 (El Capitan Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X El Capitan 10.11. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version adds OS X 10.11.5 compatibility and ability to clear iCloud caches. It also adds ability to disable animation when showing and hiding Launchpad or Mission Control and resolves a number of minor issues discovered in the previous release.

Default Folder X 5.0.4 adds options, fixes bugs

May 13, 2016 - Denver-based St. Clair Software today releases Default Folder X 5.0.4, an update to their award-winning utility for Mac OS X. Default Folder X enhances the file dialogs in all Mac OS X applications. It provides fast navigation to your files, convenient previews, integrated Spotlight tagging, and more. Default Folder X's custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. This release adds user-requested features and improves compatibility.

Stahl Labs releases Awa 1.2 for Mac OS X - New AI Voice Assistant

May 13, 2016 - Indie development studio, Stahl Labs AB today introduces Awa 1.2, a brand new AI Voice Assistant for Mac OSX. Awa will help you perform tasks like searching the web, opening apps and creating todos as well as more complex tasks using only your voice. Its like Siri but for your computer. Awa is based on a fully automated speech recognition and artificial intelligence engine that analyzes voice input in milliseconds. New features are added every day and Awa gets smarter and smarter all the time.

Tembo 2.1 - Easy and Effective Search for Files, Messages, Images & More

May 13, 2016 - Houdah Software today releases Tembo 2.1, an update to the file search utility for Mac OS X. Tembo is an efficient search tool that is based upon the Spotlight engine. It makes finding documents, mail messages, bookmarks, images and more as easy as possible. Tembo's strengths are its easy-to-use interface as well as the context sensitive filters to narrow down search results. Version 2.1 offers improved performance and responsiveness, and much more.

NetShade 7.0 Offers Mac OS X Users Complete Proxy and VPN Services

May 12, 2016 - Indie development house, Rayner Software today announces NetShade 7.0, an important update to their Proxy and VPN utility app for Mac OS X. NetShade offers Mac users the ability to change their computer's Internet address by routing through a dependable VPN or Proxy server. The app offers users a number of benefits, including anonymity, security, additional content access, and more. Version 7.0 brings IPv6 compatibility, a new user interface & backend helper tool, better VPN logging, and more.

Twocanoes Software releases SD Clone 2 for SD card cloning on the Mac

May 09, 2016 - Twocanoes Software today releases SD Clone 2.2, the quickest and easiest way to clone SD cards on the Mac. SD Clone is blazing fast and clones up to 8 SD cards simultaneously from a single image file or SD card. SD Clone shrinks and expands the image as needed to fit your data on any size card. SD Clone supports the Raspbian Raspberry Pi operating system, Linux and other operating systems. SD Clone supports a variety of flash memory cards and formats, including SD and micro SD cards.