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CollabraCam 2.0 is now available with 1080p HD video capture and more

Aug 25, 2015 - Apptopus Inc. announces the availability of CollabraCam 2.0 on the App Store and the CollabraCam User Guide on iBooks. This update provides 1080p HD video capture, increased video quality and significantly reduced clips transfer time. The CollabraCam User Guide is free on iBooks to help new users learn how to use the app, from start to finish. It's also great for educators and teachers to help students understand CollabraCam's easy-to-use, live multicam editing and on-the-fly directing workflow.

CollabraCam 1.5 - Major Update Not Compatible with Previous Versions

Feb 29, 2012 - CollabraCam streams video from up to four iOS cameras over local Wi-Fi to a fifth device for the director to view and edit a video in real-time, all while allowing the director to silently communicate camera moves or angles to any camera operators to get the perfect shots. When the director calls it a wrap, all of the clips are transferred to the director's device and assembled into the final movie with automatically generated credits.