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FoodSpect Launches to Share Restaurant Health and Safety Inspection Data

Aug 23, 2016 - FoodSpect Technologies Incorporated today announces FoodSpect 1.0.5, an update to their popular lifestyle app for iOS devices. FoodSpect is an easy-to-use app that will help consumers vote with their feet when it comes to choosing a restaurant that's right for them. It provides up-to-date inspection data right from the health inspectors and into the hands of the consumers where it belongs. Version 1.0.5 adds support for special characters within the search field and minor bugs.

Taxi Sim 2016 Puts Users Behind the Wheel in Cities Around the World

Aug 23, 2016 - Ovilex Soft today announces Taxi Sim 2016, an update to their ultra-realistic 3D driving simulator app for iOS and Android devices. Taxi Sim 2016 transforms users into taxi drivers, who must safely transport their passengers to various destinations. The app features a variety of famous taxis, richly detailed interiors, tilt & touch steering, dashboard buttons and turn signals,realistic engine sounds & weather conditions, three game modes, and more. Version 1.2.0 adds a new map and a new vehicle.

Angularis 2 is A Blend of Geometric Visuals and Addictive Gameplay

Aug 22, 2016 - Munich based Owleet Entertainment has released Angularis 2, an update to their one-of-a-kind game for iPhone and iPad devices. In Angularis 2, players must combine total concentration, perfect timing and cat-like reflexes to align the brightened segment of a small shape, with the brightened segment of a larger shape. The game also offers catchy music, stunning visuals, with Game Center support. Version 2.9.3 is free and contains important bug fixes.

Gamers Must Defy Gravity In High-Flying Aerial Puzzler - Ballanced

Aug 10, 2016 - Atlanta based indie game developer, Brian King today announces Ballanced 2.86, his debut arcade game developed for iOS and Android devices. Ballanced is a high-flying accelerometer controlled aerial puzzler that challenges players of all ages to navigate their ball through a series of treacherous levels full of obstacles and enemies, collecting coins along the way. Precision 360 degree controls are provided via the accelerometer of the players device. Version 2.86 adds a new user rating system.

iSummary: Summarizes News Articles, Documents, Scans and More

Aug 10, 2016 - Intelligent Apps, LLC today introduces iSummary 1.11, their new productivity app for iOS. iSummary was developed for obtaining quickly extracted summaries of news and other documents. It automatically locates the most relevant facts in a story and generates short summaries that help the reader quickly grasp the main points from a document. To read the full story, readers can then tap on the "Get Full Text" button to get a clean, easy-to-view layout of the original article.

Pokemon Go Trainers Rejoice: New PokeChat Provides Social Discovery

Aug 04, 2016 - afewguys Apps announce PokeChat 1.2.1, an update to their popular social networking app for iOS devices. PokeChat gives you the ability to chat with other Pokemon Go trainers in your area. It also gives you the ability to drop lure modules and specific pokemon and let people know where they are before the time runs out. Version 1.2.1 adds filtering by specific Pokemon on Finder tab, alphabetized the Pokemon list, with bug and stability fixes.

Onee brings Impulsive Joy Back to the World of Social Photo Sharing

Jul 18, 2016 - Onee Sp. z o.o. releases Onee - show your real face 1.2, an update to their fun and creative photography app. Onee gives users one chance to take a real, authentic and unedited photo before it is shared publicly for at least an hour. There's no way to stop or undo this from happening, which adds new meaning to "what is you see is what you get." It is perfect for friends, photographers and anyone else wants to capture and share a truly authentic and uniquely artful snapshot of life.

MyBeautyClinique Offers 1-to-1 Skin, Hair and Makeup Consultation

Jul 05, 2016 - Diamond Choice Advertising LLC announces MyBeautyClinique 1.3.1, an update to their popular no-cost lifestyle app developed for iOS and Android devices. MyBeautyClinique offers users live chat with top skin, hair and make up experts. Users can also buy high-end beauty products from American and European brands, find lucky colors and lots more amazing features, including valuable tips, beauty related videos and more. Version 1.3.1 offers optimisation and U changes.

PersonalityMatch App Provides The Secret To Successful Relationships

Jul 05, 2016 - Online Commerce Group BV announces PersonalityMatch 1.0.7, an update to their sophisticated personality test developed for iOS and Android devices. Published by Online Commerce Group BV, PersonalityMatch can be used to determine personality type and calculate a compatibility score between any two people. Version 1.0.7 offers increased personalization, improved Facebook sharing, improved connectivity, various small usability tweaks and various bug fixes.