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Microspot Releases Electronic Symbol Libraries 2

May 01, 2015 - Microspot Ltd, has announced the release of a brand new product, Electronic Symbol Libraries 2 to help bring your Electronic schematics and professional layouts to life. With Electronic Symbol Libraries 2 you'll be creating more vivid, creative and complete plans and schematics quicker than ever. With the ability to export to PDF, Ai and other file formats, combined with a vast array of over 1200 items there are endless possibilities to your creations.

Microspot releases Limited Edition MacDraft Package

Jan 02, 2015 - UK based Microspot Ltd. is celebrating their 50th anniversary and to celebrate, today the company announces the 50th anniversary limited edition package of MacDraft Professional, their 2D Drafting, Design and Illustration software. This limited edition pack brings together the power of MacDraft Pro 6.1.1, seven of the most popular vector symbol libraries plus lots of exclusive merchandise all in one affordable limited edition pack, bringing you ever closer to the Microspot celebrations.

Microspot releases MacDraft version 6.1

Apr 29, 2014 - UK based Microspot Ltd. today announces the release of the latest version of their 2D Drafting, Design and Illustration software MacDraft Professional and MacDraft Personal Edition. With the new version of MacDraft you will be drawing faster, with more confidence and more creativity than ever before. Now OSX Mavericks compatible, version 6.1 introduces new gradient strokes and fills, improved DWG/DXF import and export to support the latest DWG file types and so much more.

Microspot releases Home Design Libraries for MacDraft Version 6

Jul 10, 2012 - UK based Microspot Ltd. today announces the Home Designer Libraries, a new selection of libraries for use with MacDraft. MacDraft Professional is a powerful 2D CAD, drafting, technical illustration and architectural drawing package for Apple Macintosh. The new Home Designer Libraries provide 4 ready made libraries for use in home design which will enormously speed up and simplify the drawing process for architects, builders and contractors.

Microspot releases MacDraft version 6.0.5 update

May 31, 2012 - UK based Microspot Ltd. today announced the release of MacDraft Professional version 6.0.5, an update for its increasingly popular 2D Drafting, Design and Illustration software for Mac OS X. This is a free update for all MacDraft 6.0 users. Included in this update is improved functionality for reading DWG files and support for AutoCAD AC1024. The release of this update re-affirms Microspot's support for it's customers worldwide.

Microspot releases DWG Viewer version 1.7

Oct 21, 2011 - UK based Microspot Ltd. today announces DWG Viewer 1.7, an update to its popular 2D AutoCAD file viewer for Mac OS X. Offering a simple solution for users who do not have knowledge of AutoCAD and want a Mac like program, DWG Viewer is a program based on Microspot's MacDraft Professional, which opens AutoCAD DWG files created on Windows PCs. It opens the Layouts as well as the Model and allows you to show, hide or grey the individual layers and zoom in and pan around the document and more.

Microspot Releases the 25th Anniversary Edition of MacDraft Version 6

Sep 14, 2010 - Today Microspot Ltd., of Maidstone, England announced the release of the 25th anniversary editions of MacDraft Professional and MacDraft Personal Edition. These are major new versions of the program that was first sold in 1985 to compete with Apple's MacDraw. It is a tribute to the quality, ease of use and popularity of this product that it has survived and developed into a powerful 2D design, drafting and technical illustration program for users of all levels.

Microspot releases Interiors Professional version 4.1

Jun 18, 2009 - Microspot Ltd. today announced the release of Microspot Interiors Professional for the Apple Macintosh. Microspot Interiors Professional is a 3D interior design, modeling and animation program that allows you to quickly visualize interiors and create animations. Version 4.1 offers new tools for wall editing and vertex editing, and creation tools for two new cuboids with chamfered and rounded edges.

Microspot Releases Builder Pro - Home Design made easy

Jan 05, 2009 - Today Microspot Ltd. developers of 2D and 3D graphics and photo applications, announced the release of Alan J Maki's Builder Pro sample plans and symbol libraries as an add-on to MacDraft Professional, the powerful 2D CAD drafting and architectural drawing software package.