GiantCrayon introduces Puzzlicious - New Game For Jigsaw Puzzle People

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[] San Diego, CA - GiantCrayon Games introduces Puzzlicious, a new jigsaw puzzle game designed for absolute puzzle fanatics with iPhones. This new game is an endless shelf piled with puzzles. Puzzlicious downloads random images from the Internet, and jigsaws them up into finger-sized puzzle pieces, waiting to be reassembled. Or, in an area without Internet access, Puzzlicious can be used with photos from the iPhone library.

"These are not your grandma's jigsaw puzzle," said Tim Goggin, GiantCrayon Games's VP. "Those had a giant picture on the box to give you a hint as to how the completed puzzle should look. We've mixed it up by pulling photos you've never seen before and then let you solve them."

Players set a timer and then race the clock. Users can also control the difficulty by adjusting the number of puzzle pieces. With each puzzle solved, players get a round of applause.

Goggin concluded, "This is a never-ending supply of challenging puzzles, all played all from the convenience of your iPhone. And no pieces will get lost in your couch or chewed up by your puppy. It's green, too: no trees were killed to make these puzzles."

Pricing and Availability:
Puzzlicious is available now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 (USD).

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