10 Best Website Builders for Mac OS

Do you need to develop your own website but aren’t sure which website builder is best for Mac? After all, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different website builders and platforms compatible with Mac OS. It can be quite confusing – are you unsure what to choose?

You’re not alone. As an Apple user myself, I’ve felt that initial bewilderment too.

The answer lies in choosing from the 10 Best Website Builders for Mac. These builders are like brushes – each unique, but all capable of creating stunning websites. From painting simple personal blogs with Webnode or Wix to crafting intricate ecommerce platforms using Shopify or Squarespace – these tools can help turn any idea into a fully functional website without needing prior web development experience.

Let’s dive into their features and how easy they are to use. We’ll unpack their cost structures, and even touch on offline alternatives if you’re not a fan of working online. So, hang tight, this is just the beginning.

Overview of Online Website Builders for Mac OS

When it comes to building a website on Mac, users are spoilt for choice with numerous online website builders. These tools provide an easy and intuitive way to create stunning websites without any prior web design experience. They cater not only to individual bloggers but also businesses seeking an effective online presence.


Wix, known for its versatility, is one such Mac website builder that scores high on ease of use with a rating of 4.4/5. The platform allows mac users the freedom to customize their site extensively while providing features like drag-and-drop editor and integrated SEO tools. But what sets Wix apart from other website builders is its impressive iOS app compatible with iPhones and iPads, making it convenient for those who prefer working on-the-go.

The Webnode stands as another popular choice amongst Mac OS users due to its user-friendly interface. With over thirty million satisfied customers globally, Webnode offers free website creation alongside premium packages aimed at businesses wanting more advanced capabilities.

Finding the Right Fit: Key Considerations

In your quest for finding the best fit among various mac web builder software options available today, several factors come into play – ranging from specific design requirements up till how much control you want over code edits or if you need ecommerce functionalities in place.

  • If creating visually appealing sites ranks high on your list without getting too technical about coding part – platforms like Squarespace should be worth exploring because they offer beautiful ready-to-use templates designed by professionals.
  • A wide range of pricing options from free web builders to more advanced ones with premium features and zero transaction fees can help you decide the right fit for your budget.
  • For users seeking robust ecommerce capabilities, Shopify stands out as an excellent tool that offers a plethora of built-in online store features including unlimited bandwidth for handling large traffic volumes efficiently.

Wrapping it up, each website builder certainly brings its own special flair to the table.

Conclusion: When building a website on Mac, there’s plenty of choices like Wix and Webnode that make it easy to create stunning sites without web design experience. Consider your specific needs such as design preferences, budget constraints, and ecommerce functionalities when choosing the best fit among various options available.


As one of the more established players in the website builder market, Squarespace has a reputation for creating beautiful websites. But does it live up to its hype as an effective site builder for Mac OS users? Let’s delve into that.

Squarespace – The Beauty Enthusiast’s Choice?

The first thing you’ll notice about Squarespace is its focus on aesthetics. Known for offering stunning designs, this platform gives your website a professional and sleek look right off the bat. It’s like hiring an expert designer without having to pay those hefty fees.

Blogging enthusiasts would be glad to know that Squarespace offers comprehensive blogging tools with features such as multi-author functionality, post scheduling, and even podcast support. So whether you’re looking at starting a blog or moving from another platform – it has got you covered.

Squarespace For Marketing

In addition to being visually appealing, Squarespace also serves marketing needs effectively. With built-in SEO tools and integration with popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook Shop integration – selling products online becomes less complicated.

It helps build not just an attractive online presence but also ensures visibility on search engines which is crucial if you are running a business or planning to sell items online.

Squarespace provides solutions to meet the requirements of ecommerce businesses. With its advanced website features, selling goods online is a breeze. However, some key features like email marketing tools and zero transaction fees are only available at an additional cost or on higher plans.

Conclusion: With Squarespace, creating a beautiful and professional website on your Mac is no sweat. It’s got top-notch blogging tools and integrates well with social media platforms for effective marketing. However, be ready to shell out extra if you want more advanced ecommerce features or email marketing tools.

Shopify – The Ecommerce Specialist

If you’re looking to build an online store on your Mac, Shopify might be the ecommerce site builder for Mac that fits the bill. Known for its robust features and flexibility, it’s a top choice among entrepreneurs.

The standout feature of Shopify is its customization capabilities. Unlike other website builders, Shopify provides the option to customize each part of your ecommerce store. Whether it’s tweaking a predefined template or starting from scratch with custom code edits – if you can imagine it, you can create it with this platform.

Apart from customization features, what makes Shopify unique are endless apps and extensions available in their marketplace. These additions let businesses tailor their sites to specific needs while also providing opportunities to enhance functionality as they grow.

Catering To All Levels Of Experience

No prior experience? No problem. Even without web design skills or knowledge about coding, building an ecommerce website on Shopify is not only possible but straightforward too.

This is thanks largely due to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface which simplifies the entire process considerably by allowing users to add products and organize them into categories easily. This ease-of-use extends beyond just adding items; managing sales and tracking inventory across multiple channels like social media platforms becomes effortless with dedicated tools provided by this ecommerce specialist.

Diverse Range Of Templates And Designs

  • With over 70 professional themes (both free and paid) covering various industries like fashion or home decor, getting started has never been easier.
  • All templates are fully responsive so whether customers visit using desktops or mobile devices they’ll have equally impressive experiences.
  • You get complete control over your site’s look and feel – from colors, fonts to layout adjustments; you can make it truly yours.

Plus, Shopify’s support for features like multilingual sites lets you easily connect with a broader customer base. So if you’re after an eye-catching online store that also speaks to global audiences, this platform might be just the ticket.

Conclusion: Shopify is a top choice for Mac users looking to build an ecommerce site. It’s chock-full of personalization features and has loads of apps to boost your store’s functionality. Don’t know how to code? No problem. Its user-friendly interface makes setting up your online shop a breeze. What’s more, Shopify offers over 70 pro themes and supports multiple languages, letting you

Webflow – Flexibility at its Best

If you’re looking for a website builder that lets you design visually while still maintaining control over your site’s code, look no further than Webflow. It gives you complete control needed to create stunning websites without needing any prior experience in web development.

Design Freedom with Webflow

The standout feature of Webflow is its flexibility. Unlike other builders which limit your creativity within their predefined templates, this platform opens up an entire online space where you can freely experiment and design as per your unique requirements.

This excellent tool allows Mac users to make precise layout decisions down to the pixel level. Plus, its intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables swift adjustments whenever necessary. So, whether it’s adding parallax animations or integrating social media elements into your pages, all is possible with just a few clicks on Webflow.

An Advanced Website Builder That Simplifies Code Edits

A significant advantage of using Webflow is how it bridges the gap between visual design software and manual coding. While creating a professional page visually may sound like fun, sometimes we need access under-the-hood for more advanced customization.

And here’s where things get interesting: even though building custom designs requires dealing with CSS stylesheets and JavaScript libraries typically beyond beginners’ reach, there’s no need to panic. Thanks to Webflow’s live code preview mode that makes these edits easy-to-handle regardless of skill level.

Create Visually Stunning Websites Without An Internet Connection

You might be thinking – what if my internet connection drops? Well guess what? With offline editing functionality available in many premium plans from Webflow, you can continue working on your website even when the internet goes out.

Once you’re back online, just hit sync and your changes are safe. No hiccups in creativity during design work. That’s why pros love using Webflow for building websites.

Conclusion: Webflow shines as a flexible website builder, ideal for Mac users seeking full creative control without needing prior coding experience. It lets you design visually while also allowing precise layout decisions and advanced code edits with ease. Even if your internet drops out, its offline editing ensures your creativity never stops flowing.

Jimdo – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

One of the key features that make Jimdo stand out from other website builders is its innovative use of artificial intelligence.

This AI technology guides users through the entire process of building their online space, simplifying each step and ensuring a fully functional result. It’s like having your own personal assistant guiding you in real-time as you construct your site.

The magic starts when you answer some basic questions about your business or purpose for creating the site. Based on this information, Jimdo’s AI recommends personalized templates suited to meet those needs. These designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for search engines which makes sure more people get to see what you have created.

Personalized Templates and Quick Website Creation

In addition to providing template suggestions, Jimdo’s AI aids in quickly populating these templates with relevant content – another way it helps streamline the process of establishing an online presence. Users can even feel free by using advanced tools provided by Jimdo such as logo maker or social media integrations without any prior experience required.

No longer do users need advanced web development skills or extensive code edits knowledge to build custom websites because everything can be done via simple drag-and-drop operations while being assisted by artificial intelligence.

Selling Products Online Made Easy

Beyond just creating beautiful sites, if selling products is part of your plan then know that ecommerce functionality comes built-in with all paid plans at no additional transaction fees making it easier than ever before for businesses small and large alike to sell items online confidently. So whether it’s an online store you’re looking to start or a simple website, Jimdo has got you covered.

Even with its AI and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, Jimdo still gives users complete control over the look and feel of their site. This way, it allows users to create visually stunning sites that reflect their brand’s personality while meeting all design requirements they might have.

Customer Support

Even though it’s a sophisticated site builder driven by AI,

Conclusion: Jimdo lets Mac users easily create eye-catching, useful websites with its cutting-edge AI tech. This smart system doesn’t just help build your site—it suggests custom templates tailored to you. It also makes adding content a breeze and gives tools like logo creators or social media features, no experience needed. Perfect for businesses ready to sell.

Pixpa – An In-depth Review

If you’re seeking an excellent tool to build a stunning website, look no further than Pixpa. This site builder is well-known for its intuitive drag-and-drop editor that lets users create visually appealing sites without prior experience.

One of the key features that make Pixpa stand out is its design intelligence. This feature enables beginners and experts alike to craft fully functional websites with complete control over each element. Plus, it comes packed with ready-to-use templates suitable for various web design requirements.

However, let’s not forget about Pixpa’s eCommerce capabilities. If you have items to sell online, this platform has got your back. With transaction fees as low as zero percent in some plans and robust SEO tools at your disposal, getting your business online has never been easier.

The Power of Design Intelligence

This artificial design aspect takes the guesswork out of building websites on Mac OS. It provides guidance throughout the entire process while still giving users freedom to express their unique brand identity creatively.

Pixpa doesn’t limit you when it comes down to customization either; there are endless possibilities for code edits if you feel like delving into more advanced website development aspects.

Selling Online Made Simple

Beyond being just a simple website creator, Pixpa shines brightly as an online store builder too. The seamless integration between creating a site and setting up shop makes selling products effortless—especially beneficial if internet connection issues arise unexpectedly during crucial moments such as product launches or peak sales periods.

Dedicated Support When You Need It Most

Another reason why so many mac users love using Pixpa? Their customer support team stands by to help whenever you hit a snag. With 24/7 live chat available, your questions won’t stay unanswered for long.

Plus, Pixpa is not just about building websites—it also offers an array of additional services such as logo maker and email marketing tools to ensure your online presence truly shines.

A Money-Back Guarantee That Speaks Confidence

When it comes to Pixpa,…

Conclusion: Looking to craft an eye-catching website on your Mac? Give Pixpa a shot. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and smart design features make site creation a breeze, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. Planning to sell online? Don’t sweat it – Pixpa’s eCommerce tools have got you covered. And if you ever run into any issues, their round-the-clock live chat support is always ready to help.

Weebly – Simplicity Meets Functionality

Website building on Mac OS can be a breeze with Weebly. Known for its simplicity and functionality, it’s an excellent tool for creating visually stunning websites or setting up your online store. No experience in web design is necessary to take full command of the website-building process with Weebly.

Weebly offers a straightforward way to construct a website or ecommerce store, with handy tools that make the job seem easy. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets users create websites without having to worry about code edits.

A key feature of Weebly is its wide range of ready-to-use templates which give beginners ample room to experiment while offering professionals flexibility in their designs. Whether you are a design beginner or someone who likes playing around with advanced website features, Weebly has got something in store for everyone.

Selling Online? No Problem.

For those planning to sell products online, we’ve got some good news. The ecommerce capabilities offered by this platform are quite robust as well. Setting up your shop is easy and managing inventory becomes hassle-free thanks to its simplified interface.

The best part? You don’t need any special technical skills to start selling items online using Weebly’s ecommerce tools. This ease-of-use coupled with powerful features makes it one of the most popular choices among Mac users when they want an effective site builder capable of meeting their specific needs.

Dedicated Mobile App For On-The-Go Editing

We all know how important mobile accessibility is today – whether it’s viewing content on smartphones or making changes on-the-go. Recognizing this, Weebly has a dedicated iOS app for Mac users that allows you to edit your website from anywhere, anytime.

The mobile experience is not only smooth but also mirrors the desktop version in terms of functionality and ease of use. With an internet connection and your smartphone at hand, managing your online space becomes a walk in the park.

Conclusion: Weebly makes building a website on Mac OS a breeze, blending simplicity with functionality. You can craft eye-catching websites or launch an online store even without web design know-how. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, pre-made templates, and strong ecommerce features are loved by novices and pros alike. What’s more? It has a dedicated iOS app for your convenience.

Offline Website Builders for Mac OS Users

If you’re a Mac user, it’s crucial to find the right website builder that can function seamlessly on your device. You may not always have an internet connection when inspiration strikes, and offline website builders offer the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.

RapidWeaver – A Reliable Offline Builder

RapidWeaver, known as a trusted mac web builder software, is one of the leading offline options available. It’s been around since 2004 and has built up quite a reputation among mac users.

The RapidWeaver platform lets users create websites with no need for code edits. This is ideal for those just getting started with website construction, or who prefer to not delve into coding specifics. But let’s not forget its wide range of themes ready-to-use templates which are both professional-looking and easy to use.

You also get complete control over every aspect of your site design through this mac website builder, offering features such as SEO tools so search engines will love your site too. Plus, there’s more: RapidWeaver provides support via their community forums – giving you access help from experienced users who understand how best utilize all its capabilities.

In terms of pricing, RapidWeaver isn’t free but offers a competitive cost considering what it brings table in comparison other builders out there today – making worthwhile investment anyone serious about creating quality sites without being tied down by an internet connection.

However,“No tool is perfect,” as they say.

While feature-packed advanced useful many ways; some potential drawbacks should be considered before diving headfirst decision purchase.

For instance, there’s learning curve involved when first starting out RapidWeaver. Acclimating to the interface and understanding its features may take some time.

Additionally, the lack of a free trial means you can’t test it before committing financially.

But let’s not forget, despite all that, RapidWeaver still shines as a top-notch tool for building websites offline.

Conclusion: If you’re a Mac user seeking flexibility and offline functionality, RapidWeaver is a strong choice. It’s been trusted by many since 2004 for its code-free website creation, professional templates, SEO tools, and community support. Despite the learning curve and lack of free trial, it remains a valuable tool to create quality sites anywhere at any time.

FAQs in Relation to 10 Best Website Builders for Mac Os

What’s the best web design software for Mac?

For easy use and versatility, Wix is often crowned as the top website builder for Mac users.

Can you build websites on Mac?

Absolutely. Using online or offline builders like Squarespace, Webnode, or RapidWeaver lets you craft stunning sites on a Mac.

Does Apple make a website builder?

Nope. Apple doesn’t produce its own site creator but there are plenty of compatible tools out there like Shopify and EverWeb.

Does Wix work on a Mac?

You bet. Wix works perfectly with any browser running on MacOS including Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Best Website Builder for Mac?

So, we’ve traversed the landscape of the 10 Best Website Builders for Mac OS. We’ve seen Wix’s user-friendly interface and impressive SEO tools. Webnode’s large user base hinting at reliability and trustworthiness.

We explored Squarespace’s beautiful designs suitable for various purposes and Shopify’s ecommerce prowess with customization features.

Not to forget offline builders like RapidWeaver or EverWeb that let you work without an internet connection!

Your canvas awaits! Select a website builder that best meets your requirements. Go ahead, create visually stunning websites on your Mac – no prior experience needed!