6 Tech Gadgets That Can Improve Quality of Life in a Condo

Quality of life in a house encompasses many things, including the convenience technology brings, your health, and well-being. Luckily, there are modern devices that can improve all of that and more. Here are six tech gadgets you should have in your Emerald of Katong condo.

Air Filter or Purifier

With all the pollution going on it’s best to invest in an air purifier. Indoor pollution can be just as harmful, so you’ll need a device that can filter out harmful viruses and pollen.

The Internet of Things

The IoT refers to the collection of smart home devices, including smart appliances, lights, and electronics. When you have a smart home you can control virtually any device using your smartphone and without having to stand up.


Quality of life can be experiencing a comfortable temperature as the day goes on. In the summer, you can invest in a thermostat so you can control the AC or heating. A smart component also means you can set the HVAC to high in the afternoon and low in the evening.

Smart Display

Automate home appliance and electronics action with a strategically placed smart display. Hubs such as the ones that have Alexa or Siri will respond to voice commands to view the CCTV camera, for instance. You can also make a shopping list or get a quick answer from them.

Robo Vacuum

A robo vacuum keeps your floor clean and free of debris, all without having to lift a broom or mop. Schedule the robot vacuum to run in the morning so you can wake up and go right into your daily routine.

Portable Exercise Equipment

Don’t forget about the benefits of having exercise equipment at home. You can stay fit and meet your goals with a stationary bicycle or treadmill.