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Out Of The Box releases Second Wind HD for iPad

Jul 23, 2015 - Out Of The Box Production has released Second Wind HD 1.0 for iPad, an amazing children's book animated by Emmy Award winner Ian Worrel. The perfect bedtime story for toddlers, this spiritual journey of two friends becomes a story about life and friendship. Second Wind HD features 2D illustration and animation, is accompanied with melodic lullaby music and is narrated by actor Morgan Burch. Keep them busy with the story or Archie and his best friend Le Cat.

The Cup of Galfar for iPhone and iPad - A Fantasy e-Book in 3 Languages

Jul 20, 2015 - Irina Timchenko, together with Manufactura digital agency, today introduce The Cup of Galfar 1.0, an electronic version of this unique children's book for iPhone and iPad. The Cup of Galfar is filled with colorful illustrations and translated into English and French. An initiative of the author's daughter, for the last twenty years Timchenko has been searching for an opportunity to make her father's dream come true; to publish a colorful edition of the three books in The Cup of Galfar series.

An app that lets kids choose the ingredients for their story

Jul 17, 2015 - La Dentelliere Digital Publisher introduces Stories and Magic Dust 1.0.2 for iPad, an app that lets children choose the ingredients for their own special bedtime story. There's a story of a skeleton who's afraid of a mouse, a story about a wizard who makes a dragon turn colors, a story about a frozen castle where the wind blows and more. The cauldron gives life to ten stories in all. In each tale, the child participates in the action by pushing, touching or shaking.

iClassics continues the legacy: iDickens: Ghost Stories releases today

Jul 09, 2015 - iClassics Productions S.L today introduces iDickens: Ghost Stories 1.0, the second author of its literary classics collection exclusively for iOS devices. Available in three languages, iDickens: Ghost Stories includes 3 mystery tales, offering the ultimate interactive experience. This book app features well-known authors of classical novels in a singular enhanced experience. Welcome to a new iClassics: a fascinating and terrifying roller coaster, a new way of experiencing classical literature.

BookBuddy 7.5.0 Now Provides Teachers with Reading Level Information

Jun 30, 2015 - Kimico Ltd. today announces BookBuddy 7.5.0, a major update for the leading book management application for for iPhone and iPod touch. BookBuddy allows anyone to quickly find any book in their library, share favorite books and keep track of borrowed ones. The app provides teachers with the info so essential for cataloging and library management. The new reading level fields available in BookBuddy 7.5.0 provide teachers with an additional tool to better organize their classroom libraries.

The Doray Family available on the App Store

Jun 01, 2015 - La Dentelliere Digital Publisher introduces The Doray Family 1.0, its new children's ebook. The Doray Family for iPad has been updated and made into a bilingual app for English and French. The entire Doray family loves music. Every member of the family is going to play an exotic or rare instrument for you! Today, to help celebrate the end of the school year, the Dorays are going to perform two songs. Well, that was the idea anyway. But that was before the family cat got involved.

Apple Watch eGuide - Tips Guidebook for Apple Watch Released

May 29, 2015 - UK based Stopframe introduces their new Apple Watch eGuide, an in-depth eBook available in the iBookstore that's packed with Apple Watch tips, tutorials and knowledge. Readers will learn how Apple Watch is made, discover in-depth guides to each and every app, how to make the most of its unique operating system and much more. Written by bestselling author T A Rudderham, it's the perfect guidebook for anyone who wants to make the most of their brand new Apple Watch.

Canada's Comix Asylum makes its way to Magzter

May 26, 2015 - Comix Asylum has announced that they have partnered with Magzter, the fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand and bookstore. As one of the leading comic and entertainment magazines in Canada, Comix Asylum is a bi-monthly interactive magazine that explores the world of comic books, movies, television, toys and collectibles. The magazine is filled with interactive photo galleries, in-depth articles, exclusive video interviews with some of the industry's top creators.

Guide to Apple Watch - Buyer's Guide eBook Released

May 12, 2015 - UK based Stopframe today releases Guide to Apple Watch, a brand new eBook available in the iBookstore that reveals everything you need to know about Apple Watch, from its hardware specifications to the in-built apps that you'll be using on a day-to-day basis. Written by bestselling author T A Rudderham, it's the perfect buyer's guide to anyone who wishes to find out more about Apple Watch. It's packed with in-depth tutorials and concise knowledge that reveal a wealth of secrets.