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Learn how to type like a pro on your Mac with XType

Dec 01, 2011 - Ontario based Mac Winsoft today announced the release of XType, an innovative new typing tutor solution, onto Apple's Mac App Store. Developed specifically for Mac laptop and desktop owners looking to master the skill of typing, this application utilizes a uniquely structured approach to turn even the most complete computer novices into keyboarding whizzes quickly and efficiently. XType includes fifteen sequentially more difficult lessons and the app offers both English and Arabic language.

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System Model Celebrates with Huge Update and Sale

Nov 24, 2011 - Vito Technology today is pleased to announce Solar Walk - 3D Solar System 1.9 for Mac OS, an update to their educational application that allows users to play with an interactive model of the Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy. The 360-degree 3D model displays planets, natural and artificial satellites, the closest stars, and the Milky Way. This update adds 3D models of man-made Earth satellites, new educational movies, and more. Sale pricing for Solar Walk for Mac and iOS on Nov. 25-29.

Mental Case 2 Targets Exams

Nov 09, 2011 - The Mental Faculty today announced the availability of Mental Case 2 for Mac OS X Lion. Mental Case is an advanced study app combining flashcards with study scheduling. It can be used as a dropbox for information, to recall everyday things, or for formal study. Completely rewritten from scratch, version 2.0 adds support for multi-faceted notes, which can include formatted text, images, audio, and video, as well as a unique date-targeting study mode, ideal for exams and other tests and much more.

My Memory - 42 new cards for free!

Sep 26, 2011 - Breek today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of My Memory 1.2, the new version of their card matching game developed for Apple's devices. With it, you and your family will learn about barnyard, zoo and sea animals while having fun and developing your memory skills. This version includes, free of charge, 42 new cards and 36 new sounds of zoo and sea animals in addition of the first 21 cards and sounds of the farm animals.

Sea Animals - Picture book, quiz and flipbook with sounds and names

Sep 26, 2011 - Breek today introduces Sea Animals 1.0, their new educational app developed for Mac OS X. Developed by parents for their children, with the help of a schoolteacher, Sea Animals HD offers a fun and interactive approach to stimulate your child's mind. All the sounds in this app are genuine. Toddlers will use it as a classic picture book, children will learn a second or third language while playing and having fun. It features 20 high-quality original drawings with visual effects.

Cosmographia 3D Planetarium Featured In Mac App Store

Sep 06, 2011 - Cosmographia, a new 3D planetarium app from Seattle-based Periapsis Visual Software, is now a featured application on the Mac App Store. Cosmographia is an accurate and detailed Solar System simulation that shows the motions of planets, moons, spacecraft, and over half a million known asteroids. It takes advantage of the graphical capabilities of new Macs to show phenomena such as eclipse shadows, aurora and extraterrestrial volcanoes.

Math + Magical = Mathical - Now available for the Mac

Aug 26, 2011 - Today saw the release of Mathical Vol.1 on the Mac Appstore. Developed by primary school teachers to target key skills, Mathical is a 5 in 1 compilation of awesome, fast paced games for primary and elementary aged children to practise mental calculation skills. Mathical games all have customizable and increasing levels of difficulty depending on the age or ability of the child. Each game was created with continual play testing by children.

TappyTaps releases Bubbling Math 1.0 - Math Education Game for Mac OS X

Aug 08, 2011 - TappyTaps have just introduced Bubbling Math 1.0, their new Mac OS X education game for children. For Children 1st to 4th grades, Bubbling Math helps kids practice elementary math operations. It is a real game, complete with levels, music, sounds, and awards. It also contains a module that allows parents to choose which types of tasks they want their children to practice, and to review wrong answers afterward. iPad version is available as well. Back to School promotion.

Mewshop Alumni Land Topnotch Filmmaking and Editing Positions

Jul 28, 2011 - Manhattan Edit Workshop prides itself on its hands-on approach to teaching the art and craft of editing. From Mewshop's signature Six-Week Intensive course on the art and technique of editing to their Artist-in-Residence Program, Mewshop students receive an advanced editing education like none other on the market. Students take to the streets with concrete skills and a savvy approach to editing: From NBC Universal and BET to feature films, Mewshop alumni find great success in editing world.