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Unleash your music power by Everlisten - Music Listening Application

Jun 22, 2015 - Indie developer, Tomoyoshi Natsui today releases Everlisten - Lite Edition 1.9, an update to his music listening app for iOS devices. With Everlisten, you can listen to the main portion of a song track, one after another. This app plays a song from the Start Position, and playing it for a set Playback Duration. You can fast forward and backward as well as pan the artwork displayed on the screen toward right or left. Version 1.9 adds a new MAX to playback duration and a long press feature.

UrbanDenoiser Player is a Must-Have App for Music Lovers Everywhere

Jun 12, 2015 - IT ForYou introduces UrbanDenoiser Player 1.0.0, its new music app for iOS devices. Featuring four built-in listening modes, UrbanDenoiser Player allow users to listen to the music they love in a whole new way. Users can enjoy their favorite audio tracks, while at the same time hear important external sounds. The Natural Sound mode uses a patented sound restoring that delivers personalized sound processing. There is also support for downloading music & podcasts directly from the iTunes Library.

2 Turntables and a Microphone 3.1 - iPad DJ App with Pro Loop Technology

Jun 04, 2015 - Sprightly Software today announces 2 Turntables and a Microphone 3.1, an update to their highly advanced DJ setup for iPad. This music creation app features pro decks, crafted to reproduce the subtle dynamics of vinyl. Whether it's creating original music, recording live loops, remixing, or live DJing, 2 Turntables offers everything needed to produce professional quality music. Version 3.1 combines digital loop technology and turntablism, bringing music into the space age of creative expression.

Kaleido Ringtone 1.0 Generates A Yotta (10x24) Of Unique Ringtones

May 26, 2015 - French developer, The Northern Countries Appeal today introduces Kaleido Ringtone 1.0 for iPhone. Based on the idea that even the sound of our personal communication devices should be really personal, Kaleido Ringtone aims at giving every iPhone a unique ringtone with a simple click. This new iOS app generates unique ringtones algorithmically, including harmonies, voicings, arpeggios, orchestration and more. It gives anyone a nearly infinite quantity of possible ringtones.

DFX Version 2.0 Is Now Fully Midi-Compatible

May 12, 2015 - Paris based Fingerlab today announces DFX - Digital Multi-FX 2.0, an important update to their wildly popular real-time quad multi-effects processor for iPad. Plug in any audio source. Select one, two, three or four effects amongst 35 hi-quality digital audio effects and explore endless sonic possibilities. Version 2.0 is now fully Midi compatible and works with any Midi controller or keyboard. Plug your controller and drive any button or fader directly from DFX. Simple, intuitive and fun!

U2TOURFANS - U2 Fan Site Launches Mobile App

May 04, 2015 - U2TOURFANS today announces Connected U 2.5, an important update to their popular mobile application for U2 fans of all ages. By connecting social applications such as Web, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and U2 Radio, fans can enjoy the complete experience. These new features provide users with a desktop-like U2TOURFANS web application experience in terms of ease-of-use, speed, and feature richness but optimized for the iPhone. Fans around the world are ready for a new U2 Tour on May 14 2015.

myTuner Radio celebrates 10M users with a new version for Apple Watch

Apr 23, 2015 - myTuner Radio, the premium mobile and desktop radio streaming app, has recently reached the 10 million users mark. To celebrate this special occasion, the myTuner Radio team is proud to announce to their faithful users that myTuner Radio is now also compatible with Apple Watch! The new features for the Apple Watch include the possibility of users playing their favorite radio stations, the most popular stations, many and great podcast episodes and the most popular songs in their country.

Open Planet Software introduces Highnote for Apple Watch

Apr 22, 2015 - UK based Open Planet Software today announces Highnote 2.2, an important update to their popular music player and practice tool for iOS devices. Highnote allows musicians and dancers to independently adjust the tempo and key of the music in their iPhone's library as it plays, making it an invaluable practice tool. Version 2.2 is now compatible with Apple Watch, making it more convenient than ever to adjust the tempo and key of the music in iPhone's library as it plays.

DanceMaster - An iOS Music Player That Helps You Rehearse Efficiently

Mar 27, 2015 - Indie developer, David Starke announces DanceMaster 2.0 for iOS, a music player designed for practicing, rehearsing, and teaching dance. Developed in cooperation with professional dancers and instructors alike, DanceMaster was specifically designed for the unique needs of the rehearsal process. This app automatically returns to the last place the music started- eliminating the frantic searching for the starting point of a section that takes up a surprising amount of time in many rehearsals.