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CycleMap - One Year On The App Store

May 30, 2013 - CycleMap 1.3.0 helps cyclists to find the best cycling routes and to guide them easily and safely when cycling. The app has become a reference for cyclists by offering every cycling route in the world in a simple and intuitive iOS application. Version 1.3.0 introduces new customizable route colors, as well as alternative paths in direction search with the ability to view the steps of a route as a list, contact address for a direction search as well as many new UI improvements and more.

Streets 2.0 for iOS - Street View on Steroids, Launches from iOS Maps

May 30, 2013 - FutureTap today announces Streets 2.0 for iPhone and iPad, a major update to its "Street View" app that provides panoramic, street-level imagery of any location pinpointed in Maps. In version 2.0 the app is renamed to "Streets" in order to be found easier on the App Store. Compared to the Google Maps app, Streets offers a much greater resolution and zoom range, displays the street view coverage and is optimized for iPad. Version 2.0 also adds social sharing of panoramas discovered with the app.

Speed Tracker 5.0 for iPhone and iPad, GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer

May 24, 2013 - AppAnnex LLC Speed Tracker. GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer 5.0. The app combined GPS speedometer, Trip Log and Trip computer in one unique application. It records automatically your location, speed, time, distance and many more. Speed Tracker is available for special price of $0.99 USD which is 75% off regular price of $3.99 exclusively through the iTunes App Store in Navigation category. The promotional price will be in effect until May 27th, 2013.

Theodolite Navigation App Announces 20%-off Sale through Memorial Day

May 13, 2013 - Hunter Research and Technology is announcing a new 20%-off Memorial Day sale for Theodolite, the popular augmented reality navigation app for iPhone and iPad. Theodolite works as a heads up display with compass, GPS, map, zoom photo/movie camera, rangefinder, tracker, and two-axis inclinometer. The app defined a new standard for augmented reality navigation apps when it debuted in 2009, and has been the #1 selling navigation app in iTunes stores around the world.

Google Maps On iPad Has Mileage With Latest EggMaps Update

May 02, 2013 - Mike Cunneen today announces EggMaps HD 1.05, an update to his popular #1-ranked navigation app for iPad that provides Google Maps at full-screen high resolution. Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen at native resolution. EggMaps HD is faster and more responsive than a website. Version 1.05 adds a choice of miles or kilometres when directions are provided, in response to requests from UK customers and Americans traveling abroad.

Bike On iPhone App - Bicycle Routes and Directions with Voice Navigation

May 02, 2013 - Leader in GPS based mobile apps, GammaPoint LLC today introduces Bike On 1.0, its new voice guided bike directions app. Designed for use on the iPhone 4 & iPhone 5, Bike On uses GPS and Google Biking Directions API to map bicycle directions and provides turn-by-turn voice guided Biking Navigation. Users can search for nearby points of interest or pick a contact address within the app. It maintains a history of previously searched addresses to make it easier to find an address the next time.

Maps 3D Brings the Third Dimension to the iPhone

Apr 17, 2013 - movingworld announces Maps 3D v.3.1 for iOS. Whether at home or abroad, on holiday or a business trip, Maps 3D lets users set off in new directions wherever they are in the world, without losing their way. Users just download the free maps they need at home or while traveling. As the maps are displayed in 3D, it makes it easier for users to orient themselves even in unfamiliar surroundings as it's really easy to pick out landmarks such as mountains, hills and bodies of water.

TapDownApps releases AutoDash for iOS - Real-time GPS and Location App

Apr 10, 2013 - TapDownApps today introduces AutoDash 1.0, their new real-time GPS and location app for iOS. AutoDash continuously updates speed, location, direction, address, weather and other related location based information. Records maximum speed and allows for saving and sharing of location. As a safety feature, an audible "caution" alert can be enabled for when you exceed a configurable caution speed. AutoDash is a great source of information while driving an automobile.

EggMaps HD Update Adds Terrain, Markers

Apr 07, 2013 - Mike Cunneen today announces EggMaps HD 1.04, an important update to his popular #1-ranked navigation app for iPad. Offering a visually appealing directions-list view, with the map of your route in the background, EggMaps HD is the iPad-only app that provides Google Maps at full resolution. Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen. Version 1.04 adds markers, terrain view and a much easier Street View.