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Twocanoes Labs Announces Bleu Station Series 200 Beacons

Nov 14, 2014 - Twocanoes Labs today announces the availability of their next-generation iBeacon technology, Bleu Station Series 200. Features include over-the-air firmware update capability, LED visual status indicator, encryption and reset button. Bleu Station beacons include certified AC power adapter, meaning no battery maintenance is required. Bleu Station beacons are fully compliant with Apple's iBeacon performance standard and are available now on the Twocanoes Store.

AILO Foundation - Find your way around any airport using your smartphone

Nov 14, 2014 - AILO Foundation today announces the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. AILO stands for Airport Indoor Location. Indoor Location is like a very high precision GPS system that uses several smartphone sensors to provide very detailed location info. The nonprofit foundation goal is to install AILO on as many airport terminals as possible, without any costs for them to ensure the fastest adoption and make this amazing technology freely available to air travellers all over the world.

MeetBall Helps Everyone Find Their Party with Location Sharing

Nov 11, 2014 - Everyone looking to find their party, whether at a tailgate, music festival or college campus, can now be empowered to enjoy the moment instead of searching in frustration by downloading the recently updated app MeetBall for iPhone and Android. The app allows users to add new MeetBall contacts from their address book, select location for sharing and navigational purposes, and message. The update comes in perfect timing, as tailgaters find themselves navigating the NCAA and NFL schedules.

Pro Altimeter - Barometric Altimeter App for iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2

Nov 04, 2014 - Virginia based Hunter Research and Technology today introduces Pro Altimeter 1.0, a new barometric altimeter app for the iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2. Pro Altimeter has a simple interface based on the design of pocket altimeters and wrist altimeters used by explorers and outdoor adventurers. The app offers multiple calibration modes including the import of METAR data from airports within 100 miles (160km) of the user's location anywhere in the world.

Track Kit - Record and Share Your Best Travel Experience

Oct 14, 2014 - Lifeware Solutions today announces Track Kit Pro v1.4, their innovative GPS tracking application developed for iPhone and iPad devices. Featuring analog and digital speedometers, compass with military rangefinder, Track Kit Pro helps keep and share memories about great events, journeys and adventures. Hikers, runners, tourists, drivers, hunters and fishermen can record and share their GPS tracks, pictures, notes, recommendations and guides.

inRoute Brings Multiple Location Routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze

Sep 24, 2014 - Carob Apps, LLC today releases inRoute 3.0, an update to their popular navigation app for iOS. inRoute can find the optimal route between many locations or help you chart your own course based on weather, elevation, curviness, daylight & places along the route. Then navigate using your favorite apps, which inRoute enhances to support multi-location routes. Version 3.0 introduces a new "Agenda Nav" feature that allows navigating multiple location routes in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze & TomTom.

Sailing School Appeals to Seafarers with Educational Content

Sep 19, 2014 - The love of the open sea is universal among mariners, whether they're sailing beginners, motorboat captains or working seamen. That's why Sailing School from Nautica SIA, available now for just $4.99, appeals to seafarers of all kinds with its videos, animations, questions, and other safety and education content. This latest version now is in a smoother and bug-free mobile app featuring full HD video lessons, test preps and navigation basics.

Where To? 7.0: iPhone local search app completely redesigned

Sep 05, 2014 - FutureTap today announces Where To? 7.0, an important update to its long-standing, popular local search app for iOS devices. Discover the best locations worldwide: Where To? finds the closest and best rated places to eat, shop, party, and relax. Now with a completely redesigned user interface, version 7.0 was completely rewritten and optimized for iOS 7 and 8. It is a paid update: existing users benefit from a 14 day introductory period.

Introducing Nav Camera: Photos and Movies with Geolocation Data Overlays

Aug 26, 2014 - Hunter Research and Technology today introduces Nav Camera 1.0, its newest iPhone app that lets users take photographs and record movies in landscape and portrait orientations with geolocation overlays and custom notes. Overlays include date, time, position, altitude, datum, and compass bearing. The app has been crafted with attention to detail, and benefits from over five years of development and testing heritage, along with real world usage by everyday explorers and pro users around the world.