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Mlab Technologies Releases Readr - An App That Reads Instructions Aloud

Apr 08, 2015 - Seattle based Mlab Technologies today introduces Readr 1.0, their new reference app for iOS 8.0 and above. Readr makes following instructions fun by adding a whole new layer of interactivity: your voice. Readr listens for your voice commands and then reads the appropriate steps from your instruction manual. There are two ways to add instructions to Readr: with the built-in camera and from the internet. Readr will intelligently interpret them, organize them by steps, and neatly display them.

Art Authority for iPad free celebrating iPad and its 5-year anniversary

Apr 03, 2015 - Art Authority for iPad free today only, celebrating 5-year anniversary of the app and the iPad. Art Authority, developers of the award-winning line of classic art apps, announced that, today only, Art Authority for iPad is free from the App Store, celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the app and the groundbreaking device that made the app and so much else possible, Apple's iPad. Both shipped on April 3, 2010, and both quickly caught users' fancy.

Handle The Information Explosion Age Like A Chess Grandmaster

Mar 12, 2015 - New York based TIB Labs Inc today announces their new updated app, Mindmory 1.1 for iOS devices. With nearly everyone experiencing some form of information overload on a daily basis, being able to remember important information or make informed decisions become more and more difficult. Mindmory is a breakthrough mobile app that is designed to help both in both these important areas. Users have responded with enthusiasm.

Five Thousand Years of Jewish Tradition In One App

Mar 10, 2015 - Chicago based Davka Corporation today introduces Torah Library 1.0 for iOS, a powerful app that presents five thousand years of Jewish tradition in the palm of one's hand. Torah Library contains a wide assortment of the major texts of Judaism, including the Bible and commentaries, Jewish law, the Mishnah & Talmud, and so much more. Users can search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts in seconds, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly.

The Reference Tool for FileMaker You Always Needed

Feb 10, 2015 - CampSoftware is excited to announce the iOS release of "Reference for FileMaker." This easy-to-use App allows FileMaker developers to look up those FileMaker things you need but you can't seem to remember. "Reference for FileMaker" includes: FM Script Steps, FM Functions, FM Error Codes, ASCII Codes, HTML Symbols, Named Colors and HTTP Status Codes. No more searching through message boards and help forums, all this information is now available in all in one place, just a finger touch away.

Advice From the Gods puts World's Religions in the Palm of Your Hands

Dec 10, 2014 - Mobile application development company, Monster Code Corporation today introduces Advice From the Gods 1.0.4, the company's flagship reference for iOS and Android devices. Advice From the Gods allows anyone to gain knowledge and deepen their understanding of other cultures and religions. Users can search, bookmark and share a multitude of religious teachings from around the world, including teachings from The Bible, The Quran and The Vedas.

(Re)Introducing Art Authority for iPhone

Nov 27, 2014 - Art Authority, developers of the award-winning line of classic art apps, today introduced Art Authority for iPhone 4.0, bringing many of the features of their #1 selling iPad app to the iPhone, just in time for Black Friday. The app professionally displays paintings and sculptures by over 1000 major western artists from ancient times through current-day. Optimized for Apple's newly introduced iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the app also includes mobility features beyond those of the iPad version.

Explore 200,000 Years Of World History With This Free App

Nov 11, 2014 - iOS app development company, Touchzing Media introduces World History Interactive Timeline 1.0, their latest app available on iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Ideal for history enthusiasts, students and adults, this free app features a comprehensive timeline of all the world events that happened through the years, starting from 200,000 years ago to 2014. There are hundreds of images, articles, videos, etc. that cover all the major events, ranging from the Paleolithic Age till date.

New iOS App World Of Dinosaurs Is The Ultimate Dinosaur Resource

Nov 10, 2014 - Appersian releases World Of Dinosaurs 1.1, a comprehensive dinosaur resource for iOS. Presenting comprehensive information based on the latest discoveries and scientific theory, within a beautiful multimedia presentation, World Of Dinosaurs features amazing high-definition original illustrations by Mohamad Haghani, Dolby audio, and a wealth of scientifically verified information about all dinosaurs past, their history, extinction and modern day ancestors.