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Amperes 4.0 for iOS is out - App for phone battery, chargers and wires

Jul 22, 2019 - Albany based developer, CrioSoft LLC today releases Amperes 4.0, a major update to its popular information app for iOS. Amperes will display the remaining run times for different activities and the most critical information about a user's device, such as device space, memory, thermal status, network, screen and more. Version 4.0 adds a new user interface, more detailed system information, better ways to compare and test iPhone or iPad chargers, and wires.

Amplify your voice or sing with bluetooth speaker through iPhone

May 23, 2019 - Wimlog today releases Bluetooth Loudspeaker 1.0 for iPhone. Wirelessly transmit your voice to a portable bluetooth speaker for speech or sing karaoke. Bluetooth Loudspeaker can turn your iPhone into a microphone in your hand, transmitting your voice to a remote speaker instantly. As this app can run as a background job, the user can run Apple Music, Youtube, or Spotify, and more to play music at the same time. It's great for parties, exhibitions, celebrations and many more cases.

PIN Locker Update Makes it Easier Than Ever to Manage Passwords on iOS

May 22, 2019 - Hong Kong-based indie development team Mooee Company Limited announces PIN Locker 3.4.0, an important update to their popular password protection app for iOS devices. PIN Locker offers users a safe place to store login information for apps, websites, and other services. Version 3.4.0 brings AutoFill, new accessibility features that allow users' to select a font size, a simplified restore process, and much more.

Amperes 3.0.12 released for iOS - Most advanced Battery and Charger App

May 10, 2019 - CrioSoft LLC today releases Amperes 3.0.12, an update to its popular battery test and info app for iOS. You can check the battery charging rates of your chargers, quality of your wires, get battery charge alerts, compare chargers and wires. Amperes will display the remaining runtimes for different activities & the most critical info about your device, such as device space, memory, thermal status, and more. Version 3.0.12 adds wizards, that will help with comparing chargers and wires.

Wrong Way Driver Alert Detects Wrong-Way Driving And Assists Authorities

Apr 12, 2019 - California based JV Marketing Technologies, LLC today releases Wrong Way Driver Alert 1.1, the company's unique driving tool for iOS and Android devices. The Wrong Way Driver Alert system is the worldís first app-based detection system for wrong way driving. The app helps deter impaired drivers and even becomes a contributing partner with Mother's Against Drunk Driving. Within a 10 mile radius, it can detect and notify the driver and highway authorities of a potential wrong way driver.

Amperes 3.0.4 released for iOS - The only Battery App worth having

Mar 05, 2019 - CrioSoft LLC today releases Amperes 3.0.4, an update to its popular battery info app for iOS. Amperes will display the remaining runtimes for different activities & the most critical info about your device, such as remaining space, free memory, abnormal thermal status, and more. You can also check the battery charging rates of your chargers, and even the quality of your wires. Version 3.0.4 sports a new battery monitoring alarm, charge testing can run when the phone is locked & minor bug fixes.

Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle for iOS - Launching 15th February 2019

Feb 12, 2019 - Vortex Ventures, Inc. announces their up-and-coming release of Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle, an iOS app that goes beyond the functionality of a traditional contact app. It allows everyone to keep track of the real details that matter in their dating & business relationships. Users who are actively dating can record every aspect of each prospective partner, allowing them to focus on the connections with the greatest likelihood of reaching their dating goals. Launching on 15th February 2019.

Scany WiFi Scanner and Network Toolkit Goes on 50%-off Sale

Jan 22, 2019 - Happymagenta offers its WiFi scanner and network utility toolkit Scany for 50% off during a special weekend sale from 22nd through 31st of January. Scany finds all computers and devices connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi, even the hidden and firewalled ones, shows their names, addresses and manufacturers, and includes a wide set of network analysis tools, specially crafted to transcend existing analogs, including ping, trace, WHOIS, DNS lookup, port scanner and many more.

12-Star Apps Unveils Its Christmas App Roundup for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Dec 20, 2018 - 12-Star Apps (https://12starapps.eu) unveils its app selection and promotions for the holiday season starting today, December 20th, and ending on January 2nd at midnight, featuring apps of all categories that made it under the 12-Star Christmas tree. This new roundup again wishes to overcome language and market challenges by bringing together 24 apps made by passionate European indie developers from 9 different countries.