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Recipe of Web Cookies - Infograph for Security Awareness Month

Oct 18, 2013 - October is Security Awareness Month. SecureMac's PrivacyScan has released an article and accompanying infograph to help users understand the recipe of web cookies. The Recipe of a Web Cookie Infographic covers all the key points to help users understand. It explains cookies, what data they store, how they store it and the privacy threats that can occur. The aim is educate and dispel common misunderstandings about the nature of cookies and what they mean for consumer privacy.

Mariner Acquires and Updates MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and iOS app

Oct 10, 2013 - Announcing today, Mariner Software has acquired popular apps MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and MacGourmet Touch from Advenio, Inc. With this acquisition announcement, Mariner is releasing a 4.0 version of MacGourmet and MacGourmet Deluxe for the Mac, and Gourmet iOS, the overhauled iOS app, MacGourmet Touch. Works standalone & allows the user to create, edit, and scale recipes as well as import recipes from popular recipe websites. The new free cloud account provides full backup and syncing.

Lush uses Storage Made Easy EFSS solution with OpenStack Swift

Oct 09, 2013 - Storage Made Easy today announced that the global cosmetics company Lush has chosen to use its Enterprise File Share & Sync solution, with data stored on OpenStack Swift. The SME cloud file server solution is hosted in the UK on Lush's preferred service provider infrastructure, Memset, who also provide the back-end data store, Memset Object Storage, a customized version of OpenStack Swift. Since being established 18 years ago, Lush Cosmetics has been driven by innovation and its ethics.

FxFactory Now Offering Steep Discounts For a Limited Time Only

Oct 01, 2013 - Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, today announces stock up on plugins from FxFactory, the largest collection of plugins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects and Premiere Pro, all available at 20% off from October 1st through 8th. FxFactory offers best-in-class plugins for titling, color grading, keying, stylization, transitions, lower thirds, and much more.

Final Cut Pro X Plugin White Balancer Released by FxFactory

Aug 26, 2013 - Noise Industries today is proud to announce its recently added CineFlare White Balancer to its collection of plugins available in FxFactory. With White Balancer Effect users can utilize the Color Picker to find the exact white balance color. Correct white balance is a simple yet crucial part of editing footage. Though editors only have a red, green and blue slider to manage, attempting to tweak these sliders to the exact color combination for the white balance can be like trying to crack a safe.

Final Cut Pro X AutoGrade Released by FxFactory

Aug 19, 2013 - Noise Industries is now selling Hawaiki AutoGrade through its FCP X plugin marketplace FxFactory. Developed by Tokyo Productions and Lawn Road exclusively for Final Cut Pro(R) X, AutoGrade is the new automatic image correction plugin with a wealth of top professional features. Designed as an automatic white balance correction tool for when a camera's white balance was incorrectly set in the field, AutoGrade offers a large amount of additional image control, making it a powerful grading suite.

Binary Formations offers Bento Users a Discounted Alternative

Aug 01, 2013 - Binary Formations, makers of Home Inventory, an Apple Editors' Choice in the Mac App Store, is offering a 35% discount on Home Inventory in order to support Bento customers who are looking for a quality alternative to managing their home inventory after the recent announcement that Bento will be discontinued. Home Inventory is designed specifically for the task of cataloging your possessions with advanced features for insurance coverage analysis, reporting, importing/exporting of data & more.

Mac Mini Vault Increases Capacity to Over 1,000 Mac minis

Jul 01, 2013 - Mac Mini Vault announces its seventh Mac mini colcation cabinet has gone online, increasing the current capacity to over 1,000 Mac minis. Along with this new cabinet, a build out has begun to double capacity for Mac minis by 2015. To celebrate this achievement Mac Mini Vault is offering discounted promotional pricing. The Mac mini Enterprise colocation service includes premium features such as remote reboot control, network interface graphing, free hands-on support hours, and more.

Digiarty Announced "Make Money Line" Summer Job for Students

Jun 26, 2013 - Digiarty Software, Inc. recently announced the openings of summer job for high school and college students in summer vacation 2013. It is for the first time that Digiarty offers part time summer job for campus students to help them make money online by selling multimedia software for Mac users. The summer jobs offered by Digiarty don't require related work experience or fixed office work. All you need is a website or blog to place and recommend the company's Video Audio software.