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eBook Search 3.0 Offers Over 8 Million Free eBooks and All New Design

Jan 06, 2017 - Portland-based Inkstone Software today announces eBook Search 3.0, an important update to their free eBook search app for iOS & Android devices. eBook Search offers readers access to millions of free eBooks, with the ability to download them directly to their device for their reading pleasure. The app displays results from a number of free book catalogs, including Project Gutenberg, Baen Books, the Internet Archive and many more. Version 3.0 brings an app redesign, and 3 new free eBook catalogs.

ABBYY Releases BookScanner for iOS - A New Smart Scanner for Books

Nov 22, 2016 - ABBYY today introduces BookScanner Pro 1.0, a powerful new mobile scanner created specifically for scanning books with superior quality and accuracy. Based on ABBYY's proprietary BookScan technology, BookScanner Pro automatically recognizes book pages, splits a shot of facing pages into 2 separate images, each containing a single page, as well as corrects curved lines, optical distortions, and lighting defects. BookScanner Pro supports 12 of the most popular output formats.

iClassics Productions Anniversary: Sherlock Holmes Free for Limited Time

Nov 11, 2016 - In celebrating its two-year anniversary, iClassics Productions makes the Interactive Adventures of Sherlock Holmes free for a limited time. This adaptation of the renowned detective allows the reader to interact with the mystery using all five of their senses. The app offers a unique interactive reading experience enriched with illustrations, sounds effects, animation and an original soundtrack. This fully-updated app now features The Sherlock Holmes Stickers, adapted for the iOS 10.

BookBuddy 7.9.0 Brings Automatic Sync Across Multiple Devices

Nov 09, 2016 - Kimico Ltd. today announces BookBuddy 7.9.0, the eagerly anticipated update of the leading book-management app for iOS devices. BookBuddy allows anyone to quickly find any book in their library, share favorite books and keep track of borrowed ones. The app provides teachers with the info so essential for cataloging and library management. Version 7.9.0 makes it possible to sync the BookBuddy library across multiple iOS devices using either iCloud or Dropbox cloud synchronization.

iClassics releases The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow for iOS

Oct 27, 2016 - Barcelona based iClassics Collection today introduces The Interactive Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1.0.1 for iOS and Android devices. The infamous headless horseman has been brought to life in Washington Irving's original and creative work. This latest release is enriched with illustrations and high quality sound effects, as well as interactivity and spectacular soundtracks, enabling the readers to enjoy a completely immersive experience with the classic text.

iClassics Releases iLondon: The immersive Jack London experience

Sep 29, 2016 - In commemoration of the anniversary of Jack London's death, iClassics Productions today introduces iLondon 1.0.1, their new immersive reading collection in the iBookStore. The iLondon collection is the latest addition to the interactive iClassics library, which already includes the iPoe, iWilde, iDickens and iLovecraft collections. This new interactive collection includes several stories by the author of "White Fang," "The Call of the Wild," "Keesh" and "Moon-Face."

Profitable Growth and Anders Nyby in the iBA Conference Awards Finals

Sep 29, 2016 - ExcelStories announce 2016 iBooks Author Conference Award finalists: Profitable Growth - Business Finance for Everyone in the category "2016 iBook of the Year, Non-Fiction" and co-author Anders Nyby in the category "Creative of the Year". The interactive iBook makes use of multi-touch, video, audio, animations blended with text to offer a deeper understanding of business finance in an inspiring way about a topic that's perceived as boring by many.

Book Max for iOS Offers Readers a Smart Marketplace to Discover eBooks

Sep 23, 2016 - Indie developer Renniksoft today introduces Book Max - The Smart Marketplace for eBooks 1.0.7 for iOS devices. This innovative eBook search solution offers readers an elegant and enjoyable way to search for eBooks. Finding just the right eBook for a pleasurable and informative read can be tough. Book Max offers a quick and easy way to expeditiously search for eBooks that match the reader's interests. Users can start typing a search term, or use the unique bubble interface to find the right book.

iPhone 7 Guidebook - Guide book released for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Sep 15, 2016 - UK based Tap Guides Ltd today introduces iPhone 7 Guidebook, an in-depth eBook available in the iBookstore. iPhone 7 breaks the mold when it comes to design and features. The iPhone 7 Guidebook is a complete guide to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It covers the history of iPhone, the basics of using this amazing device, delves into all of its built-in apps, explains how accessibility features can be used to aid those with impairments, and reveals insightful tips and secrets.