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AppHop 1.5 - Handy App for Developers, Bloggers and Marketers

May 20, 2015 - WapleStuff today announces AppHop 1.5, a handy tool for app developers, marketers, publishers or any one who does app business. One can bookmark apps for future actions, as well as check out app reviews and ranks across different countries. It also provides you the App Store's current trend as a beautiful infographic. AppHop allows you to quickly filter app reviews, and also allows you to get reviews in your native language as well as local notifications for rank changes.

UpKeep Project Management 2.0 for iOS - With Apple Watch Support

May 12, 2015 - California based UpKeep Maintenance Management today announces UpKeep Project Management 2.0.5, an update to its namesake business app for iOS devices. UpKeep combines group communication and project management in one simple and beautifully designed mobile app. It is an affordable and modern way to keep track of all of your maintenance work orders, tasks, and assets all from your mobile device. Currently 100% free, version 2.0 includes Apple Watch support and a big design upgrade.

MileWiz 1.6: Apple Watch Extension, Widgets, Reduced Battery Usage

Apr 30, 2015 - California based SilverWiz today announces MileWiz 1.6, an update to their popular automatic mileage tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Designed for everyone driving their personal car for business, charity, medical or moving purposes, MileWiz generates IRS-proof mileage logs, and helps claim tax deductions after qualifying miles. It's an app that puts money back into your pocket. The update introduces three significant improvements, and a couple of smaller adjustments.

Streamlined Ingenuity LLC Builds Mobile App For San Antonio Based Heroes

Apr 29, 2015 - With the release of their new mobile app, Heroes and Fantasies finds its Mobile Application Partner, Streamlined Ingenuity, LLC. Since 1987, Heroes and Fantasies has provided their unique and fun products to thousands and thousands of comic book and collectible enthusiasts. Heroes and Fantasies is your one stop shop for events, games, toys and so much more. Never be in the dark about what's going on in the world of comics! Get advance notice of upcoming events.

i2e Consulting LLC announces DocuScan App for iPhone and iPad

Apr 23, 2015 - Connecticut based i2e Consulting LLC today introduces DocuScan App 1.2 for iOS devices. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a scanner with DocuScan App. DocuScan App is tailor-made for the unique iOS community enabling them to scan receipts, docs, notes, sketches and what-not within a few seconds. Powered with batch scanning feature, the app also allows users to annotate documents, add stamp, sign, watermark, notes, crop, save and share the docs with ease.

Track Your Key Performance Indicators On Your Apple Watch With Numerics

Apr 14, 2015 - Numerics, the popular business dashboard app for the iPhone & iPad that aggregates and presents key business metrics like live analytics, engagement metrics, revenue and other data from over 25 cloud services, is now available for the Apple Watch. Numerics for the Apple Watch is designed to work alongside the iPhone app to present concise metrics right on the wrists of professionals enabling quick insights and informed decisions.

iDocs Business Productivity Tool Announces Critical App Update

Apr 07, 2015 - EIPC Software today announces iDocs 7.1, a critical update to the company's flagship app developed for iOS devices. This multifunctional app doubles as an advanced PDF annotator and forms filling editor for effortlessly filling and signing PDF forms, taking notes and adding comments to PDF documents. The latest version of iDocs was designed to edit, organize and access Microsoft Word documents on an iOS device without ever sacrificing the formatting, look or feel of the real thing.

Get Concise Business Metrics on your Apple Watch with Numerics

Apr 02, 2015 - Cynapse presents Numerics, one of the first business apps designed for the Apple Watch. Numerics, the unified business dashboard app to track key performance metrics from various cloud services on the iPhone and iPad, is going to be available for the Apple Watch on its launch. Numerics for the Apple Watch is designed to work alongside the iPhone app to present concise metrics right on the wrists of professionals enabling quick insights and informed decisions.

Social Prenup App Seeks to Prevent Revenge Porn and Online Embarrassment

Mar 19, 2015 - California based Private Social LLC today introduces Social Prenup 1.0 for iOS and Android. Social Prenup aims to help stem the practice of revenge porn, by giving anyone the ability to quickly create a legally enforceable contract between two individuals. The contract requires someone to obtain consent before distributing photos or videos of a person on social media or other websites. These features give the user back some control about the public face they present to the world.