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ABBYY Updates FineScanner to Digitize Documents in 193 Languages

Feb 16, 2016 - ABBYY today announces FineScanner 5.2, an important update to the company's popular scanning app developed for iOS devices. ABBYY FineScanner lets users convert any hardcopy documents into digital PDF and JPG files. The updated scanning app digitizes information from documents and books in 149 more languages, from Arabic, Vietnamese and even Karakalpak to rare fonts such as Gothic German, bringing ABBYY's world-renowned OCR technology to any mobile user.

MileWiz 2 allows you to get thousands off your taxes, automatically

Jan 19, 2016 - California based SilverWiz today announces MileWiz 2.1, a major update to their popular automatic mileage tracker for iPhone. Designed for people driving their personal car for business purposes, MileWiz generates IRS-proof mileage logs, and helps claim tax deductions after qualifying miles. Traditionally people had to categorize each trip as business or personal. MileWiz 2 introduces automation that allows customers to predefine rules for automatic categorization making everything automatic.

Optimize your daily workflow with Smart Recorder/Transcriber app

Jan 15, 2016 - Maryland based Roe Mobile Development today announces Smart Recorder/Transcriber 3.1, an update to their popular business app developed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Smart Recorder/Transcriber offers writers, journalists and businessmen alike powerful tools to record meetings efficiently and effectively. Newly updated version features translation to French, German, Chinese and Japanese, support for the iPhone 6s force touch gestures as well as minor bugs fixes.

Voice Recorder HD Offering Price Drop With An Apple Watch Extension

Dec 29, 2015 - eFusion releases Voice Recorder HD 9.0.1, an important update to their highly rated voice recorder app for iOS devices. Perfect for business, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist, lecturer, school/college student and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos, Voice Recorder HD offers an easy way to record HQ audio, organize and share voice memos with simplicity. With a lucrative offer of 50% price reduction, version 9.0.1 includes an Apple Watch extension of the app.

Docs & Works 1.3 Brings 3D Touch Support, Usability Enhancements

Dec 18, 2015 - DAR Software today introduces Docs & Works 1.3, an important update to their robust app for filling and signing documents on iPhones and iPads. Docs & Works is designed to empower iDevice owners to promptly act upon incoming documents and handle everyday paperwork. The new app enables anyone to complete forms, endorse signatures and provide feedback with the help of overlay notes and remarks. Docs & Works 1.3 brings 3D Touch support and robust usability enhancements.

PDF Forms 4.0 Brings iOS 9 Compatibility, Support for iCloud Drive

Dec 17, 2015 - DAR Software today announces PDF Forms 4.0, a major upgrade to their flagship iOS application. PDF Forms enables its users to complete and sign their documents on their iDevice without hassle. It is indispensable for households, legal & financial offices, sales people and real estate agents. Version 4.0 expands accessibility of the documents sources with support for iCloud Drive, as well as adds robust capabilities of iOS 9 - Multitasking and Spotlight search.

eMail Widget 2 Launched - Now Manage Your Inbox from Notification Center

Dec 09, 2015 - Indie developer, Rajesh Varadharajan today announces eMail Widget 2, a major update to his popular Notification Center Widget. The app is for anyone who receives tons of emails, has an overcrowded inbox, and finds it difficult to stay on top of their emails in order to achieve Inbox Zero. Version 2.0 brings support for major email service providers, as well as support for iOS 9 and latest Apple Devices. Users also have the ability to add and track multiple accounts with up to 3 widgets.

New App Recruit Me Set to Change the Face of Temporary Recruitment

Dec 03, 2015 - Designed to change the face of temporary recruitment, Recruit Me 1.0 innovatively resolves the age-old pain and suffering experienced by both employers and job seekers by enabling both parties to connect directly and bypass costly and inefficient temporary recruitment agencies. It's entirely possible for an employer to find suitable temporary help in a matter of minutes - and for a very low cost. The revolutionary new no-cost app is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android.

New App onepoint ME Facilitates Mobile Project Collaboration

Nov 18, 2015 - onepoint PROJECTS releases onepoint ME 1.0, its new iPhone app via Apple's iTunes App Store. onepoint ME provides a truly ubiquitous work environment for project contributors by providing efficient access to todos, activities, time tracking and recent events across projects. The app also features extensive offline functionality whenever users do not have Internet access. new ad hoc activities and milestones can be created directly from within the app, even if the user is currently offline.