FileMaker - Latest Releases

FmPro Migrator 5.23 - Adds New Access to FileMaker Migration Feature

Aug 13, 2009 - .com Solutions Inc. today releases FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 5.23 with Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Migration Feature at FileMaker DevCon2009. Using FmPro Migrator Developer Edition, FileMaker Pro developers can automate the conversion of Microsoft Access Forms/Reports, Relationships, Value Lists, Queries and Visual Basic code to FileMaker Pro database solutions. This new Access to FmPro Migration feature can easily save hundreds of hours of development effort.

SWL Unleashes InBloom Shop Software 2.0 for Resale and Retail Shops

Aug 06, 2009 - Secret Weapon Labs today announced InBloom 2.0, a major update to their popular FileMaker Pro database solution for Mac and Windows. InBloom is the only Mac and Windows application made for resale shops, art galleries, eBay drop-off businesses and other retail businesses that are based around consignment. New features include direct Twitter integration for building your business, customizable printing, PDF printing, a new 10-second upgrade architecture, and a whole lot more.

FileMaker Newsletter - FileMaker IM Sample, Applescript and more

Jul 30, 2009 - Every month FMWebschool releases an exciting FileMaker newsletter to over 8500 FileMaker enthusiasts. Each issue is chock full of free FileMaker sample files, how-to workshops and articles on how to grow your business. This month we include two free unlocked sample files. FM Messenger enables you to chat with other FileMaker users. Think of a FileMaker Instant Messaging system built with FileMaker. Mac Address Book Sync enables you to sync your address book with FileMaker and the iPhone.

360Works Launches SafetyNet Remote Backup Service

Jul 30, 2009 - 360Works announced today the launch of 360Works SafetyNet, the first automated offsite backup plugin designed specifically for FileMaker Server solutions. SafetyNet makes it easy to set up remote backup routines for FileMaker Server administrators. Files are stored on Amazon's cloud-based online file storage service, which runs on the same reliable and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network. Easy to use, low cost remote backup solution for FileMaker files.

FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 - FileMaker CRM released with new features

Jul 27, 2009 - CampSoftware today released FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 which includes thirty one updates. The majority of the updates were items requested by users including the 'Copy to Clipboard' items and 'Common Documents' features making referring to text and documents simple. Videos and Screenshots are available including screenshots of the updated iPhone interface. FMSmallBusiness is a FileMaker based database great for managing the contacts, calendars, invoice, and more for small businesses.

fmSearchResults - Fast, Multi-Table Search for FileMaker

Jul 13, 2009 - SeedCode today released fmSearchResults for Filemaker. Add fast, google-like searching to your FileMaker solutions by importing a few scripts and pasting a simple search field on to your layouts. Get your users out of find mode and into a single search field they already know how to use. One global search widget gives users a familiar google-like search. Searches across multiple tables and multiple fields in one operation.

360Works Launches Easy-To-Use Web Services Manager

Jun 25, 2009 - 360Works announced today the launch of 360Works Web Services Manager, a powerful solution providing developers and programmers with advanced control and the ability to expose FileMaker scripts as XML/SOAP Web services. The new 360Works Web Services Manager delivers extensive potential for IT departments, developers and programmers seeking to integrate web or desktop applications with information contained in FileMaker databases.

360Works Releases ScriptMaster 3 - New Version of Free FileMaker Plugin

Jun 11, 2009 - 360Works today announces the release ScriptMaster3. The latest version of the complimentary plugin contains a re-designed user interface, simplified integration, and dynamic text, container and number crunching modules making it easier than ever for developers to get started with ScriptMaster and enhance their FileMaker functionality.

FMGreet Community for FileMaker Enthusiasts and Devcon Attendees

Jun 08, 2009 - FMWebschool, Inc., Announces FMGreet, an Online Community for FileMaker Enthusiasts. FMGreet is a social networking site for FileMaker enthusiasts. FMGreet was created as an interactive messaging board for individuals attending Devcon as well as those unable to attend. FMGreet provides an easy way for all Devcon members to communicate and provides live information updates and podcast to those unable to attend. Be sure to Tweet with FMGreet.