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BeeSoft Releases ProTA 4.1 Adding Fundamental Analysis

Apr 14, 2016 - BeeSoft today releases ProTA 4.1, an important update to their leading stock market charting and technical analysis application for OS X. ProTA empowers casual investors as well as veteran market technicians to chart, analyze & optimize their trading ideas. Providing the ultimate flexibility, more than 100 indicators, line studies, smartlists, chart templates and trading models are built into ProTA's one-click browser. Version 4.1 now provides Fundamental Analysis as well as Technical Analysis.

IGG Software Unveils New Product Name Banktivity to Replace iBank

Feb 03, 2016 - IGG Software today announced that its flagship family of iBank products have a new name, Banktivity. The name Banktivity is a result of combining bank + activity, which more closely aligns with IGG Software's products and goals. Banktivity aims to be the most complete personal finance software available for Mac and iOS devices. With the new name of Banktivity replacing iBank, the products will retain their current version numbers to help keep things simple for current users.

BeeSoft Releases ProTA 4 - Now With Automated, Free Data Downloading

Dec 08, 2015 - BeeSoft today announced the Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan release of ProTA 4, their award-winning stock market charting and technical analysis application. The all-new, completely rewritten ProTA 4 empowers casual investors as well as veteran market technicians to chart, analyze and optimize their trading ideas. All major world markets are supported including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Singapore exchanges.

IGG Software Releases iBank 5.6 Featuring Enhancements to Online Billpay

Sep 15, 2015 - IGG Software today announces iBank 5.6, an important update to its leading flagship money management software for Mac OS X. With iBank, anyone can create budgets and control spending, increase savings and analyze investments, set goals and so much more. Version 5.6 introduces several new features as well as important bug fixes, offering better detailed payment information for online bill payments, significant improvements to its import engine and more.

Monitor and Adjust Investment Portfolios with Allocator 1.0 for OS X

Feb 04, 2015 - Solbits Software today introduces Allocator 1.0, a financial investment application designed for OS X Yosemite. Allocator provides investors with a dashboard to organize and track important assets by portfolio performance, allocation, and total value based on current market value. Also, view current stock details, add transactions and compare target versus actual allocation. Allocator supports foreign investments and will convert values to current portfolio currency.

MoneyWiz 2 - Personal Finance, released with Worldwide Online Banking

Jan 13, 2015 - SilverWiz Ltd. today announces MoneyWiz 2, an important update to its personal finance software available for iOS and Mac. MoneyWiz is a complete personal finance software that allows people to easily manage accounts, budgets & bills, generate reports and much more. MoneyWiz 2 is a big leap forward, introducing more than 130 new features, new design and most importantly a unique Worldwide Online Banking integration. MoneyWiz can connect to more than 2200 financial institutions in 41 countries.

Mac Accounting Software Gaining Momentum with PC Businesses

Dec 12, 2014 - Toronto based Accountek Solutions Inc. announces Connected 7.3, an important feature update to its flagship Accounting & ERP software solution for Mac and PC. By focusing on the Mac accounting and ERP software demands of small business, Connected provides the sophistication that users need to manage their entire organization. Version 7.3 adds powerful query ability, trend analysis reporting, and new integrations for payment processing and payroll services.

Money by Jumsoft Updated for OS X Yosemite

Nov 10, 2014 - Jumsoft today releases Money 4.6, a new update of its popular finance and budgeting app for OS X. Money by Jumsoft offers a powerful, comprehensive & intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your Mac, iPhone, and iPad via Dropbox. Version 4.6 features a number of interface and functionality improvements designed for full compatibility with OS X Yosemite.

StockXloader 4 gets a free update to fit Yosemite, plus a new feature

Aug 14, 2014 - BragIt releases version 4.2 of StockXloader. StockXloader is a native Mac OS X application for fully automated downloading of stock market quotes and indexes to the technical analysis program ProTA or ProTA Gold from BeeSoft, or to MS Excel or iWork Numbers, or you can drag & drop a text file for import into other applications. It can collect quotes for many stock exchanges in the world. The free update to version 4.2 brings compatibility with hte new Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, plus a new feature.