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At last, a game for Handbag Lovers and Collectors - Happy Handbags

May 21, 2019 - Mezmedia today introduces Happy Handbags, their latest mobile game for iOS and Android phones, Happy Handbags is an idle, tap and merge game with simple cute graphics and wonderfully stylized handbags inspired from their real-life counterparts. With a total of 79 designer handbags to collect, players begin their handbag collection by merging two bags to create a new designer bag. They then match and merge that new luxury handbag with an identical one to unlock a brand new bag.

Lexatetrahedra joins Lexiblox in 3D word game lineup from Adducive

May 10, 2019 - Arizona-based Adducive today announces Lexatetrahedra: 3D Word Game for iOS. It is a free iPhone app built on the unique puzzle concept introduced in February with Lexiblox. Lexatetrahedra features 30 levels and a Word of the Day puzzle presented with a 1980s look. players rotate three-dimensional shapes in a quest to spell the only word possible from the letters on the faces. There are no repeated words in the levels, and few words appear in both games.

Endless Bowling Paradise raises classic bowing game to a new level

May 09, 2019 - Sydney based Innolab Pty Ltd has just released Endless Bowling Paradise game for iOS and Android. Created for all lovers of bowling, Endless Bowling Paradise requires players to try and achieve the highest scores by bowling through the maze of obstacles to knock the pins down. Players also need to control the ball on the tricky tracks from falling out. This game will test the player's reflexes and their accuracy as each alley has 10 sections with 100 pins to knockout.

Save the Cats in the City by solving Puzzles in City Cat Rescue

May 07, 2019 - Mezmedia today introduces City Cat Rescue: Match 3, their latest game title for iOS and Android devices. This puzzle matching game is a dream for cat lovers, with its cute cats and life-like animation. With over 30 cats to collect and hundreds of levels to play, players have to complete the puzzles in order to rescue the cats trapped in the city. The rescued cats are placed in beautiful shelters where players can watch the cats go about their day.

Gadget Creative Challenge for iOS, Android, and Win10 PC

Apr 23, 2019 - Texas based developer, Magnin & Associates today introduces Gadget Creative Challenge 1.0, their new game for iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Create your own marble machine gadgets. Choose parts from a work bench that contains dozens of pipe sections and animated pieces. Combine up to 100 pieces into a single creation. Choose from 4 different preset camera positions, or use the controls to create your own custom view. Share gadgets you create via text or email.

Lilith Games, behind 2017 hit A Robots Tale, release AFK Arena on mobile

Apr 09, 2019 - Lilith Games releases AFK Arena, a free-to-play idle battler with a large roster of original heroes, drawn in a beautiful art-style. The game encourages players to team up with each other and form guilds, as players battle evil forces in the game's story as well as compete against fellow players in ranked competition. AFK is designed to reward players for having the app installed, payers can get EXP and gems to use when they log back in, as their heroes never rest in their fight against evil.

Granny Invader Offers Augmented Reality Arcade Challenge for iOS Gamers

Apr 02, 2019 - Manila-based indie development team Appkoji announces the upcoming release of Granny Invader 1.1, their exciting Augmented Reality game for iOS devices. Granny Invader uses iOS 12 ARKit technology to offer an unusual gaming challenge. Gamers must protect the Earth from crazy invading grannies from another dimension. The invading grannies will hide, spin, and throw fireballs. It's up to the player to dodge the fireballs and shoot back at the crazy grannies.

Enjoy a Cute Toon Adventure Based on Physics in an Addictive Mobile Game

Mar 21, 2019 - Zurich based indie developer, Colin Kaufmann has recently released Rescue Beary, his wave and water physics-based mobile game for iOS and Android devices. In this toon adventure, Beary's plane has crashed into the ocean and the cute Beary tries to swim helplessly to the shore. Players must tap on the screen to create ripples and use other creative items to push Beary to the shore. But it can't be as simple as that! Players will need to think at every step to make Beary reach the shore safely,

iPliable Provides Entertaining Gem-Busting Action on the iPhone

Mar 06, 2019 - Paris-based indie development team Smartphone Pliable announces iPliable 1.0, their challenging new gem-busting game for iOS and Android devices. Based on an original Mac game called Snap, iPliable challenges players to bust gems with the help of a metallic ball. Players drag, aim, pull, and release the ball, sending it flying into the air to land on the board to clear gems. Clear as many gems as possible before the board fills to the top to beat the highest score.