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High Speed 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless to Apple Mac Mini

Sep 12, 2007 - QuickerTek has announced an 802.11 upgrade for Mac Mini Intel computers. Most notable is the addition of 802.11a wireless - a feature not even available from Apple. It is available as both a user-installed product for $149.95 USD, or QuickerTek can install the upgrade for the customer for $199.95 USD (including the upgrade and installation but excluding users choice of shipping).

QuickerTek Delivers Flexible High Speed 802.11 Wireless Lineup

Sep 01, 2007 - QuickerTek has just extended its already extensive line of wireless Macintosh networking products with five new low-cost, high performance products, all under $100 USD. All are 802.11b/g/n compatible, meaning that they work with all Apple AirPort an other common wireless networking hardware.

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Upgraded With QuickerTek Antenna

Aug 23, 2007 - Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Upgraded With QuickerTek Antenna Adds Up To 50% Better Range. The QuickerTek N Antenna Array brings the antenna outside the Base Station case, which enables better signal gathering capabilities. The "array" is a set of matched antennas to extend the 802.11n specification requiring multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) to deliver the high speed "n" wireless networking experience.

Wi-Fire(TM) a new compact USB WiFi adapter for Macintosh released

Aug 16, 2007 - Wi-Fire(TM), hField's new compact USB WiFi adapter for Macintosh, allows Mac users to connect to a WiFi networks from up to 1,000 feet, more than three times the range of Airport cards and other 802.11 adapters, at significantly higher speeds, and even in locations where no wireless signal could be detected previously.

Keyspan USB Print Server & USB Extender share USB devices on a network

Aug 01, 2007 - Keyspan USB 2.0 Server for PC and Mac lets network users connect to remote USB devices including printers, scanners, digital cameras and flash-drive memory sticks over Ethernet and WiFi. The server combines the functionality of a USB print server and USB extender. It allows PC and Mac clients to access two Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices over Ethernet or WiFi.

nQuicky PCI Offers High Speed Wireless Networking to Power Macs

Jul 17, 2007 - QuickerTek introduces an exciting wireless upgrade for users of PCI Power Macs who want 802.11n wireless speed. PCI nQuicky triples wireless range and speed of the previous 802.11g wireless specification. nQuicky PCI eliminates the need to buy a new Mac just to get 802.11n wireless. nQuicky PCi delivers 802.11n wireless for $149.95 USD.

802.11n CardBus Brings High Speed WiFi to PowerBook

Jun 27, 2007 - 'N' Wireless Upgrade is Yet Another QuickerTek Exclusive. QuickerTek is the first to introduce a 802.11n CardBus upgrade for Apple PowerBooks going back to the Pismo models. nQuicky PCI improves wireless range by a factor of three or more and can be as much as 10 times the speed of a standard wireless card. nQuicky eliminates the need to buy a new Mac just to get 802.11n wireless speed and range.

NitroAV eSATA 3Gb/s 4-Port PCIe Host Adapter

Jun 02, 2007 - Now Shipping - 4-Port NitroAV eSATA II 3Gb/s Professional PCIe Host Adapter (Macintosh, Linux, Windows) for $189.95. (http://www.nitroav.com/product/487/)

QuickerTek announces 802.11 N for 24" iMacs

May 23, 2007 - 24-inch iMac Users Now Get 802.11n Wireless Networking. 'N' Wireless Upgrade is Another QuickerTek Exclusive. QuickerTek now makes the huge speed improvement of 802.11n wireless available to 24-inch Intel iMac and Mac Mini users. With this N upgrade, iMac users are not "left behind" in the wireless networking speed race. The user-installed version is available for $179 USD while the upgrade can be installed by QuickerTek for $199 plus shipping of the customer's choice.