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QuickerTek announces new Quicky Jr 3 WiFi Adapter, with added 'a' band

May 10, 2013 - QuickerTek today announces the release of the Quicky Junior 3 USB wireless network adaptor, the third generation in Quicky Junior line. The Quicky Junior 3 is improved in both the physical and electronic arenas. Redesigned with the antenna actually folding into the body, The Quicky Junior 3 adds capability to use the 802.11 a 5.8 Ghz band wireless specification. It's also very simple to use - after the initial installation simply plug it in to any available USB port and start using your network.

MaxUpgrades Announces SSD SATA Module for the iMacs 2012 Models

Apr 29, 2013 - MaxUpgrades announces availability of SSD SATA Module with heat sink for iMac 2012 Models. MaxUpgrades SSD SATA Module for the iMac 2012 Models, offers many advantages and features over proprietary Flash Storage interface provided on the iMac 2012 Models. Users can use SSD of their choice and capacity on iMacs 2012 Models, eliminating the limitation of fewer choices for the proprietary Flash storage SSDs available for the iMac 2012 Models, which is limited by capacity due to its form factor.

Buyback, Trade-In, Private Sale Prices for Apple Products at Flipsy.com

Mar 29, 2013 - Flipsy.com announces the addition of Mac desktops and laptops to the listings on its free website, where users can easily look up "what it's worth & where to sell." With its new listings for Macs, the price comparison engine now includes iPhones, iPads, video game consoles (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Sega), Blackberries, and books (especially textbooks). Users can specify the condition of their Mac and immediately find its cash value as a buyback, trade-in, or sale to a private party.

MCE Ships Slot-Loading Blu-ray and DVD Burners for Slot-less Retina Macs

Jan 25, 2013 - MCE Technologies, LLC (MCE) today announced immediate availability of the Fovea line of portable, slot-loading optical drives designed for the optical drive-less MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Air. The MCE Fovea Extreme Drive is a portable, slot-loading Blu-ray recordable USB drive and the Fovea Drive is a portable, slot-loading DVD and CD Recordable USB "SuperDrive". The MCE Fovea Extreme is available for $149.00, while the MCE Fovea 8X "SuperDrive" is $49.99.

Paperless for everyone: Doxie One is now available

Nov 26, 2012 - Apparent's new Doxie One, the simple and affordable new paper scanner for everyone, is now available worldwide. Doxie One scans anywhere in your home or office - no computer required - and syncs with your iPad, Mac, or PC. Doxie is different than other scanners. It's small, about the size of an empty paper towel roll, so you can tuck it in a drawer when you're not scanning. Included Doxie software offers a complete solution for going paperless.

Doxie One: Scanning Made Simple - Paperless Made Personal

Nov 01, 2012 - Apparent today unveiled Doxie One, the simple and affordable new personal paper scanner for homes, families, and small businesses. This new standalone scanning device delivers simple, computer-free scanning for everyone at the breakthrough price of just $149.00 USD. Featuring iPad sync via Apple Lightning or 30-pin SD accessories; included Doxie app for Mac + PC with Dropbox and Evernote cloud integration, ABBYY OCR technology, and PDF delivery via iMessage. Ships in late November.

Solar Power for Latest Retina Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Laptops

Jul 18, 2012 - QuickerTek today announced two new solar power options for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. A 27 Watt and a 55 Watt Solar charger provides the "go anywhere" power that demanding users require. These two solar power systems come complete with all of the new Apple OEM Magsafe 2 cables necessary for plug and play right out of the box. Built for rugged outdoor conditions, these new solar systems use physically flexible amorphous solar panel technology.

The new, turbocharged Doxie Go - Say hello to next-generation paperless

Jun 26, 2012 - Apparent today announces Doxie Go, a major upgrade to its tiny mobile scanner that makes going paperless easy. Doxie scans anywhere with no computer required, then syncs scans to your favorite devices, creates searchable PDFs, sends to the cloud, and more. The next generation Doxie Go cordless paper scanner delivers enhanced scanning features, new cloud apps, document signing and faxing, Basecamp integration, two all-new accessories, add-on Wi-Fi with iOS + Android sync, and more.

Highest Charge Density External MacBook Air Battery Available

Apr 05, 2012 - QuickerTek, the technology leader in mobile power and wireless networking for Apple computers, has just announced the 4th Generation external battery and charger for all Apple MacBook Air laptops. This external battery and charger recharges and powers everything from the iPad, to iPods to iPhones to MacBook Air laptops. QuickerTek uses Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries with highest charge density available to date, resulting in longer computer run times from the lightest external battery for Mac's.