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Doxie Go - Now Shipping Worldwide - Scan Anywhere, No Computer Required

Nov 28, 2011 - Apparent's Doxie Go is now shipping worldwide. Doxie Go is tiny and cordless, with built-in battery and memory that lets you scan anywhere - no computer required. Doxie's included app syncs scans, organizes multi-page documents, creates searchable PDFs with ABBYY OCR, and sends to the cloud - Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Doxie scans everything from bills and receipts to reports, recipes, ideas, cards, photos, and everything else.

She's still got it: the original Doxie gets a major makeover

Nov 28, 2011 - Apparent's USB-powered Doxie paper scanner, winner of over a dozen major awards and accolades including Wired Magazine's Editor's Choice in portable scanners, received a major upgrade today with new features for 2012. Simple, portable, and USB powered, Doxie scans paper, photos, and receipts with ease, then creates PDFs or sends to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote. The new Doxie features Auto Adjust, which automatically analyzes your scans to determine the ideal contrast.

QuickerTek introduces the Q4 Dual Band USB

Nov 13, 2011 - Kansas based innovator, QuickerTek today introduces the Q4, the fourth generation Quicky. Offering an improvement over the previous models, the new Q4 works in both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless modes and powered from the USB port. It is an excellent solution for users who often find themselves accessing networks at work, school, hotels, coffee shops, airports and other environments where signal strength and speed vary and who want maximum wireless performance.

MCE Bundles Mac Blu-ray Player Software with Blu-ray Recordable Drives

Nov 02, 2011 - MCE today announced that all internal and external models of its currently shipping 12X Blu-ray recordable drives will now include Mac Blu-ray Player software. Mac Blu-ray Player playback software allows for the playback of commercial and non-commercial Blu-ray movie discs on the Mac under Mac OS 10.5.2 or later. Previously, the only method for watching a Blu-ray movie on the Mac was to reboot the Mac into a Windows operating system using Boot Camp and then using PC Blu-ray playback software.

Doxie Go Unveiled - Scan Anywhere - Sync to Mac, PC, iPhone, & iPad

Oct 18, 2011 - Doxie Go, the modern new mobile paper scanner that's tiny, cordless, and simple, so you can scan anywhere - no computer required. Doxie's app syncs scans - just like a digital camera - then organizes multi-page documents, creates searchable PDFs with ABBYY(R) OCR, and sends to the cloud - Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Doxie is a groundbreaking 'Post-PC' paper scanner. For all your paper: Doxie scans everything from bills and receipts to reports, recipes, ideas, cards, photos, and everything else.

Free BarracudaDrive license on Facebook

Aug 09, 2011 - Real Time Logic today announces a free license for home users available on the BarracudaDrive Facebook fan page. BarracudaDrive is an easy-to-use web server for businesses and consumers. The new version includes both a Content Management System and an Electronic Bulletin Board, as well as automatically configures the network for business and consumers. BarracudaDrive turns your home network into a powerful online file storage. It includes powerful blog for connecting with friends on Facebook.

Doxie U. - The smart, tiny paper scanner for teachers and students

Aug 02, 2011 - North Carolina based Apparent Corporation today expanded its award-winning Doxie brand scanner lineup with a new model just for teachers and students. Doxie U. is a smart personal paper scanner that makes scanning easy. Scan to the desktop and directly to the cloud for easy sharing. It creates PDFs, works with Evernote, fits in any backpack, tiny and USB powered. Just insert your paper to digitize notes, handouts, course materials, and more, automatically.

Doxie Scanner Adds New Features - Ready for Lion

Jul 13, 2011 - Apparent Corporation today announces Doxie, an important update to their award-winning portable scanner for Mac and PC. Doxie makes scanning, sharing, and organizing paper and photos easy, with a lightweight, portable design built for scanning anywhere. Ready for OS X Lion, Doxie adds cloud-based scan to e-mail, and Yojimbo integration. Easily compose new e-mail messages with popular e-mail clients with a link to scanned documents and photos. Doxie works with Mail.app, Outlook, Gmail, and more.

MyService Offers 750GB 7200RPM MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade

Apr 07, 2011 - MyService has released a new 750GB 7200rpm hard drive upgrade for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. These new 2.5" drives by Seagate are the largest 7200rpm drives available for the MacBook. MyService has these drives in stock. The upgrade service includes the new drive, round trip shipping, professional installation and data transfer. MyService makes the service process fast and easy. MyService sends a custom laptop shipping container to you. All shipping is insured and can be tracked online.