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Scanning - Revolutionized: Doxie Now Shipping Worldwide

Apr 13, 2010 - Raleigh based Apparent Corporation today announces that Doxie, the modern paper scanner that scans directly to the cloud, is now shipping. For home and small business, Doxie makes scanning, sharing, and organizing paper and photos easy, with a lightweight, portable design built for scanning anywhere. Doxie is always ready to scan, offering crisp, clean copies of documents in full color at up to 600 dpi thanks to its patented scanning technology.

IntelliScanner mini: Double the Memory - 70% Greater Battery Life

Feb 12, 2010 - IntelliScanner Corporation today introduced IntelliScanner mini 250, the latest scanner for organizing everything at home on PC and Mac. The smart scanner and software bundle uses barcode technology to automatically identify, organize, and share household collections and items like movies, wine, books, and comics. Organize everything with the smart barcode scanner for the home. Enhanced for 2010 with double the memory and 70% greater battery life.

Doxie Debuts at Macworld Expo

Feb 11, 2010 - Apparent Corporation today announces Doxie at Macworld Expo. Doxie is the modern paper scanner that scans directly to the cloud. For home and small business, Doxie makes scanning, sharing, and organizing paper and photos easy, with a lightweight, portable design built for scanning anywhere. Simple, USB powered, and automatic, Doxie integrates directly with popular desktop and web apps like Google Docs, Flickr, iPhoto, Tumblr, Picnik, Evernote, Picasa, and Backpack.

nCard - Highest Wireless Speeds Possible

Feb 01, 2010 - QuickerTek today announced the new nCard for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacMini's. This new nCard installs into the internal AirPort card slot. The installation itself is no more complex than upgrading the memory. The new nCard has more power for the same price. The wireless benefits of higher transmit power and higher receiver sensitivity means greater networking performance.

The Power of the Wi-Fire - Now With the Simplicity and Feel of Airport

Jan 20, 2010 - hField Technologies has just launched a new generation of software for its world-renowned Wi-Fire for Macintosh. Now, Mac users who love the Wi-Fire's long range and high performance get the comfortable look and feel they're used to with Apple's AirPort. Version 2.0 for Mac runs from a convenient unobtrusive icon in the Mac's Menu Bar. The Wi-Fire multiplies the effectiveness of wireless networks eliminating deadspots and allows users to connect to a Wi-Fi network from up to 1,000 feet.

Apparent releases Barcode Producer 5.7 for Mac OS X and Windows

Dec 28, 2009 - Apparent Corporation has certified Barcode Producer, its award-winning barcode generation software for Mac OS X and Windows, as ready for 2010 barcode industry standards, including GS1 DataBar requirements for coupons. Barcode Producer 5.7, released today, updates the software's integrated Symbology Guide and documentation for the new year's standards. Apparent's unparalleled experience in the barcode industry offers its customers a complete range of products and solutions.

External Whip Antenna Triples Wireless Range for MacBook/Pro

Dec 14, 2009 - Wichita based QuickerTek today announced their new 5dbi whip antenna for the latest crop of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops models. This antenna upgrade attaches to the internal Apple AirPort card through the ExpressCard slot or the security slot-depending on the MacBook/MacBook Pro. There are no additional software to use, so your MacBook/Pro works the same before and after the upgrade is installed. A detailed installation manual and all the tools required are included with the kit.

Wine Collector mini unveiled - Rechargeable: Even mini-er than before

Nov 23, 2009 - IntelliScanner Corporation today unveiled the new Wine Collector mini, a smart barcode scanner/software package that automatically organizes wine collections with barcode technology. By scanning the retail barcode found on most bottles of wine, Wine Collector offers easy, comprehensive organization and a Virtual Cellar for visualizing collections. Wine Collector mini features rechargeable battery, lightweight scanning engine, automatic wine identification. Easy wine organization, miniaturized.

IntelliScanner Comic Edition 200: Intuitive Comic and Media Organization

Oct 28, 2009 - Raleigh based IntelliScanner Corporation today announced IntelliScanner Comic Edition 200, the smart barcode scanner and software package that automatically organizes comic book collections and other media items. It automatically identifies comic books by issue number, providing full details like the title, date, writer, penciler, inker, and more. IntelliScanner bundles an award-winning USB barcode reader and comic database software, making it easy to track and inventory collections.