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Shinobi ZIN for iOS - Employ Skill + Strategy to Become Ninja Warrior

Mar 19, 2012 - Pictosoft today introduces Shinobi ZIN for iOS, a skill, puzzle and strategy Game where players endeavor to become Ninja Warriors. The goal of the game is to sneak into a castle and find a hidden treasure while circumventing obstacles, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and defeating dangerous enemies. The player who completes all the prescribed tasks becomes a true Ninja Warrior in this challenging, entertaining game that makes use of many iOS features while testing player skill and speed.

Rock-a-Tac 1.0 Free for iOS - Rock-Paper-Scissors/Tic-Tac-Toe Logic Game

Mar 19, 2012 - Starios Games today introduces Rock-a-Tac 1.0 Free for iOS, their Game combining the strategy and tactics of both Rock-Paper-Scissors and Tic-Tac-Toe. For 1 or 2 players, Rock-a-Tac challenges players to take turns placing 1 of 3 different kinds of animated, 3D pieces on a Tic-Tac-Toe board. The goal is to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line containing a Rock-Paper-Scissors combination of the player's color. Players can replace opposing pieces, if they are vulnerable, to win.

Mosquito Madness - Endless Redneck Runner Free for iOS

Mar 19, 2012 - Elevate Entertainment and Crawl Space Games, in participation with FreeAppADay, is happy to announce Mosquito Madness is now free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The mosquitoes are out thick today and they are hungry, Real Hungry! Keep the bugs at bay and the redneck running in this funny, frantic romp through the trailer park. This is some seriously silly fun from the good folks that brought you Knife Toss and Float.

Dreamy Goat - Relaxing Art Game for iOS - Game Of The Week by AppAdvice

Mar 19, 2012 - Independent developer Arthur Lysenko today announces Dreamy Goat 1.1, his new relaxing art game for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Dreamy Goat is a happy game about the adventures of an imaginary creature. It can jump through the air, travel between dreams on a Super Whale and enjoys every moment of its journey. It also likes to be filmed on camera and eat candy. Dreamy Goat features beautiful music, gorgeous art and a surrealistic/psychedelic atmosphere you have never experienced before.

DressApp Adds Educational Twist to Dress Up Games

Mar 17, 2012 - A free fashion-fun app, DressApp is a combination fashion show and pattern-recognition game. DressApp is like a modern-day paper-doll and game rolled into one. Four fashion-forward cities - Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo - are represented by different supermodels, each with their own array of fashion items to model. Players choose items and accessories by tapping on each icon and then proceed to play pattern recognition games that include the available items.

Blocks World - New Anagram Solving Game for iOS Devices

Mar 16, 2012 - California based TranCreative today introduces Blocks World 1.0, their new retina-ready puzzle-style game title for iPad. Easy to play by players of all ages, Blocks World requires users to solve anagrams by moving letter blocks between limited number of spaces. The player's score is graded by comparing against the AI engine that won the last two International Planning Competitions. "Blocks World" initially has 55 levels and more will come soon through future updates.

Brainium optimizes catalog for new iPad's retina display

Mar 16, 2012 - Portland Based Brainium Studios today announced that it has optimized its catalog of games for the new iPad Retina display, including their new FreeCell 1.0 for iOS. FreeCell is a simple and extremely popular solitary card game, where the goal is to build up the four foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King, with cards of identical suit. Brainium created FreeCell with the same fresh and modern look which has made its Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.

iOS game Dash Race is celebrating its first birthday - Save up to 66%

Mar 16, 2012 - Rombos is celebrating the first birthday of Dash Race, its unique strategy racing game for iOS. Dash Race takes the paper and pencil concept to a whole new level in creating a competitive challenge with amazing realistic driving behavior allowing you to take curves at crazy speeds, requiring courage, experience and dexterity. The big birthday celebration this weekend has something to offer for everyone with savings of up to 66% off the regular prices, plus a completely free birthday cake track.

BloBox 1.0 for iOS - 3D Scroller, Infinite Maze with Blob in a Box

Mar 16, 2012 - Indie developer Bassem Youssef today introduces BloBox 1.0 for iOS, his new 3D scroller, infinite maze game, where players move the red-blob cartoon character by rotating the iDevice, or make the character jump by tapping. Played in an infinitely long, rectangular shaped room, the walls, floor, and ceiling are made of horizontal planks that recede into infinity. As the blob appears to be moving forward, deeper into the box, players must move or jump to avoid black blocks and collect gold blocks.