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Gangsta Baby - Real Life Baby Bling Websites Inspire New iOS Game

Mar 15, 2012 - The Steampunk Studio today introduces Gangsta Baby - Pram Rage!, its good, old fashioned, fast and furious shoot-em-up for iOS. Gangsta Baby is top of the tree and his collection of Bling Pacifiers is the envy of all the rival gangs. Fat Vern is Gangsta Baby's biggest rival and suspect number one in the crime of the century. You can not take your eyes off it for a second. If you do you will most likely be hit by a diaper, run into the cops or slam headlong into the doggie filth in the street.

Physics Platformer Drops a Marble

Mar 15, 2012 - Rolling down a platform and leaping to avoid mines and other obstacles, upcoming app Dropage by developer Game Salutes promises to deliver a unique physics platformer experience to iOS devices. Providing 26 challenging and diverse levels, Dropage aims to deliver addictive gameplay to the casual mobile gamer. Each level is filled with items that affect the game's dynamics and provide an engaging experience. Dropage will arrive at the end of March, 2012.

Letris Power for iOS - Building words never was so fun

Mar 15, 2012 - Ivanovich Games today introduces Letris Power 1.1, their new gaming title for iOS. The gameplay mixes ideas from Tetris and Scrabble to build an original and addictive game where you must build words in order to keep the screen clean and tidy. Additionally each game offers a different mission. As each mission is accomplished, players load more powers at the beginning and therefore able to beat their own record. Version 1.1 adds a new strategic factor: 3 different powers to be saved.

ClockWise - Word Game available now on iOS and Android devices

Mar 15, 2012 - UK based Otter Studios today introduces ClockWise, its fun, challenging and mentally stimulating word and numbers game for iOS and Android. Based on the UK TV gameshow Countdown, players compete against each other and the clock in the Words and Maths rounds, earning points for the longest words and best solutions to the maths problems, before moving on to the final and potentially crucial Confuzzler round in which you must solve a 9-letter anagram quicker than your opponent.

iSpherical - A Wizard's Journey - Fun Arcade Jump and Run Puzzle Game

Mar 15, 2012 - Stefan Preuss today introduces iSpherical - A Wizard's Journey 1.0, his fun new classic arcade platform game for Apple's iPad device. Help the little Wizard guiding his Sphere through the levels by making and breaking blocks. Tailor the environment to your needs and build a safe passage for the Sphere to the exit. iSpherical contains a lot of classic game elements like doors, keys, warp portals, one way passable walls, hidden items, bonus levels, shots and of course, a bunch of nasty enemies.

Action/Strategy title Dino Palooza can now be backed at AppBackr

Mar 15, 2012 - Pre-historic Tower Defense Dino Palooza in now on AppBackr - a wholesale marketplace for applications. Investors can buy copies of the game and sell them for a 27% return. Dino Palooza is set in the late Cretaceous Period, where a small team of time-traveling scientists face the wrath of Professor Nigel Racik and a stampede of dinosaurs under his control. In Dino Palooza, players are able to unlock unique 19 weapons, fight over 20 dinosaur species through 24 high-definition levels.

Apple Craze game for iOS released by indie developer GameKlaus

Mar 15, 2012 - Indie developer and Canadian XI-Art, Inc. are proud to announce their latest iOS game - Apple Craze 1.0. Apple Craze takes place in the distant forests of Australia, where the hungry Blue Koala scavenges for apples. The hungry Koala needs help finding all those lovely apples, and that's where you come in: Launch Koala around the screen using the insane physics system, collecting apples and avoiding dangerous obstacles. Discover more than 40 achievements and interesting effects.

Gardening fun on the go gets easier with Farm Mania 2 free for iPad

Mar 14, 2012 - A trial version of Realore's fan-favorite time-management game Farm Mania 2 HD is available for free download. Now everyone who wants to test her or his multitasking skills can get the game from the App Store to try it and decide on the purchase after they actually see the game. During the course of several trial levels players get a glimpse of Anna's exciting endeavor to build her own farm. Farm Mania 2 HD is a great time management game in an agricultural setting.

NoodleWorks Interactive Releases Award-Winning Noodle Words for iPhone

Mar 14, 2012 - California based NoodleWorks Interactive today announces Noodle Words - Action Set 1, its highly animated learning app for iOS devices. Noodle Words is a word toy for kids ages 4-7, an innovative new concept for introducing words and their meanings through engaging interaction. Noodle Words includes 18 action words that convey their meanings through lively movement and sound. It is this deep engagement that allows them to learn new words and their meanings effortlessly.