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Word Stack - A fun and addictive word association game for iOS

Mar 09, 2012 - MochiBits is proud to announce the release of Word Stack, a free word association game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Match associated words and stack them in the right order to complete the puzzle. Warning: Caveat: As puzzles get harder, words can have multiple matches, so a puzzle may be harder than it appears. Stack and match words that are associated to each other. Words can be synonyms. Words can be antonyms. Words can be compound words. Words just have to be related.

Mysteryville 2 from Nevosoft Now Available on the App Store

Mar 09, 2012 - Nevosoft today is pleased to announce the release of Mysteryville 2, an original adventure game with an intriguing storyline, and hours of seek-and-find fun. In this amazing sequel, journalist Laura Winner returns for a visit, and in spite of only wanting a relaxing vacation, she finds herself sucked into another mystery. Over the course of the game you'll interact with several of the town's inhabitants, including some new faces and some who will be familiar with new responsibilities in the town

Tiny Mobile bets on Ace Slot Casino to win Apple's App Store

Mar 09, 2012 - California based Tiny Mobile today introduces Ace Slot Casino 1.0, its Free new ultra-authentic universal gaming title for iOS devices. Ace Slot Casino delivers an ultra-authentic Las Vegas slot machine experience directly into the palm of your hand. Players get Free money both while you play the game and while you're outside of the game. Ace Slot Casino features 3 Different Slot Machines with bonus games to maximize your winnings as well as Game Center leaderboards, achievements and more.

Pangea Releases Air Wings for iOS

Mar 08, 2012 - Pangea Software releases their latest 3D game for iOS called Air Wings. Air Wings is an online flying battle game where you engage in aerial combat using paper airplanes and funky weapons such as spit wads, rubber bands, and heat seeking pencils. Air Wings is free on the App Store now. Air Wings is a 3D flying game in which you pilot various paper airplanes, and fire an assortment of unusual weapons while doing battle with other opponents.

Flick Nations Rugby, out now - Flick the winner on Mobile

Mar 08, 2012 - Full Fat introduces Flick Nations Rugby for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, a new polished addition to its acclaimed Flick series. Rugby fans will be able to release the pressure by flicking winners for their own team throughout the big tournament playoffs. Featuring 5 amazing game modes and the legendary 'flick and after-touch' controls from Full Fat as seen in Flick Golf, Flick Soccer and NFL Flick Quarterback, this latest release is definitely the season's must have!

Fight viruses on iPhone with a free version of mind-bending puzzle game

Mar 08, 2012 - Swedish based development company Dear Future Astronaut today introduces Nose Invaders Lite 1.0, a free Lite version of its hilarious puzzle adventure game title for iOS devices. Explore the unseen worlds inside the noses of different creatures and fight against ever changing air currents. In Nose Invaders, a combination of aiming, perfect timing and smart strategy is the only way to stop the invaders. The free version features 16 levels of polished visual and audio experience.

Own a Bar Inside an RPG - Adventure Bar Story - A PSP title on iOS

Mar 08, 2012 - RideonJapan, Inc. and ZigZaGame, Inc. today announce Adventure Bar Story 1.1, their popular PSP title for iOS in English. In Adventure Bar Story players own a bar inside a world of an RPG and slash up monsters to serve their customers. It's the first game to combine simulation management with a full scale RPG on iOS. Make enough food for your customers and party members. The better the food, the stronger they get. Slice up a dragon overlord, and bring back its meat to cook dragon steak!

Color Breaker - Totally Free Block Game for iPhone and iPad

Mar 08, 2012 - NBA Mania today introduces Color Breaker 1.0.0 its new totally free block puzzle game for iOS devices. Kill your time and improve your endorphins. Color Breaker supports OpenFeint and high score leader board. Sporting an easy and simple user interface, Color Breaker features multiple language support with three games, named Blue, Orange and Green. Each game has subtle changes to its behavior. Play with Friends by inviting them from Facebook, Twitter, and your address book.

Gothic Masquerade HD: A Spooky Pick-Up-And-Play Hidden Object iPad Game

Mar 08, 2012 - California-based developer of family-friendly games, Selectsoft today introduces Gothic Masquerade HD 1.0, its fun new pick-up-and-play hidden object game for the iPad. Delve into detailed indoor and outdoor scenes filled with over 1000 carefully placed items, plus enjoy a challenging sliding tile puzzle and spot-the-difference game for each spooky site. Evocative scenes create a sense of mystery and suspense as players search for hidden objects in four different spooky locations.