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Born to be Rich Slot Machine 1.2 Free for iOS - Top 50 Casino Game in US

Mar 08, 2012 - Smash Atom Software today announces Born to be Rich Slot Machine 1.2.1, the latest update to their free Casino Game for iOS. Already one of the most popular slot games in App Stores worldwide, the update adds a new Simulation mode that allows gamers to pick and play from a choice of actual casino odds, complete with all statistics and probabilities. The game features a professional quality, 5 reel, 30-line slot machine, HD graphics, dazzling animations, authentic sounds, and manual or auto spin.

Pictures Mania HD 2 v1.0 for iPad - Spot the Difference Game from China

Mar 07, 2012 - Racoon Digital Technology today introduces Pictures Mania HD 2 v1.0 for iPad, their spot the difference game with 100 levels and 3 modes of play. In the Top 25 Family Games in the Chinese App Store since released on Dec. 1, 2011, it features pairs of beautiful, still life photos from everyday life in China. For 1 or 2 players, puzzle fans have just 2 minutes to spot all 5 differences between the photos, touching them as fast as possible to score points and avoiding errors that cost 10 seconds.

Tapbounce: A physic based puzzle for iOS - Free in march

Mar 07, 2012 - Tapbouce is a combination of touch and tap skills with the need of calmness. It's an unique game with crisp design. Combine four bouncy balls with similar colors to make them disappear and gain points. With over 40 levels of game-play, this puzzle game will bring you an amusing and challenging experience. The game is mainly focus on iPhone and iPod touch but also brings a cool experience to the iPad. A full HD version is already planed and in progress.

New iPhone game lets kids eat sweets without rotting their teeth

Mar 07, 2012 - Based on a popular children's party game, Timmy Sweetie is a brand new game app now available for the iPhone. Try to eat all the sweets without eating Timmy Sweetie. Tap the sweets to eat them. If you successfully eat all the sweets on the screen without eating Timmy Sweetie, you move up to the next level. A fun and challenging game for all ages, including adults, its a healthy way to eat sweets without putting on weight or rotting your teeth! Version 1.3 offers more more enhancements.

Final Freeway 2R 1.0 - Retro Racer Sequel Hits the Road

Mar 07, 2012 - Japanese developer, Oyatsukai today introduces Final Freeway 2R 1.0, its new retro racing gaming title for iOS devices. FF2R puts the player in control of an open-top sports car as you blast across 14 different stages. The game uses a specially designed raster scroll graphics system to recreate the exhilarating feel of the coin-op originals. It builds on the critical acclaim of the original which received overwhelming praise for the way it captured the authentic feel of old-school arcade racers.

Doodle Nuke for iPhone out now

Mar 07, 2012 - From the developer who brought you Cat Attack and Zombie Bumper Cars, OneButtonJoypad is delighted to announce Doodle Nuke! The new arcade doodle popping Nuke 'em Up for iPhone. It's not enough to have doodles in a game, sometimes you have to have nukes too. Get revenge on all doodles in Doodle Nuke. Destroy the doodles with nukes! Tap or swipe as many doodles as you can, set off chains of explosions to cause carnage.

Fast paced iOS arcade action ramps up with Stuntman Sam

Mar 06, 2012 - Australian based Dinoroar Interactive today announced the recent release of Stuntman Sam for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An innovative new arcade experience, Stuntman Sam is a past paced action game that challenges players to put up ramp after ramp to keep Sam going forward, reaching coins, and flying across the finish line as fast as possible. Stuntman Sam features 4 exciting unlockable levels, as well as a "Turbo Boost" mini-game.

Leading Kids Developers Release New Musical App, "Over In The Meadow"

Mar 05, 2012 - Interactive learning games are the perfect medium to teach young children while keeping them entertained. Over In The Meadow, one of the most popular children's songs, is now hitting the app store. Created by parents and kindergarten teachers, there is a focus on both teaching and hand-eye coordination throughout the entire series of games. Finally a tasteful kids app you can feel great about giving to your toddler.

Carl the Spider - an iPhone App by John Rubin

Mar 05, 2012 - Carl the Spider is a unique, new iPhone game designed with a classic feel, with unique features that make the game enjoyable and fun for everyone. You play as Carl, the rolling, jumping, and web-swinging spider, whose goal is to reach the door that leads to the next level. Carl the Spider comes with 60 levels at launch, split into two sets; The Grasslands and The Winterlands, each with beautiful scenic backgrounds and music to match the theme.