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Control the Universe in New StarXStar Astrological Card Game for iPhone

Jan 26, 2012 - Designed to bring out the inner astrologer in anyone, the new iPhone app StarXStar is introduced today as a challenging outer space card game where players must use their skills with numbers and patterns to win over their opponent. To control an opponent's StarXStar, players must put a stronger card next to theirs. The goal is for players to control more StarXStar than their opponent at the end of each game, when all nine boxes are filled.

PegLight 2 - Create awesome peg drawings on iPhone and iPad

Jan 26, 2012 - Knert Software today announces PegLight 2 for iOS, an update to their peg art Entertainment app for kids. Featuring multi-touch drawing, four different colors, and variable zoom, PegLight 1 was cited as "New & Noteworthy" and achieved 500,000 downloads. PegLight 2 adds a shape selection tool, improved GUI, and a PegLight Community for sharing peg drawings with other users. Similar to well-known toys, PegLight's giant pixels let kids create imaginative drawings.

Besserwisser - An original multiplayer quiz game

Jan 26, 2012 - Indie developer John Hellbom today introduces Besserwisser 1.0, a multiplayer quiz game for the iOS platform. Besserwisser offers a unique gameplay experience where players meet in real-time quiz matches to decide who knows the most in the shortest possible time. Players earn points by winning matches and gain experience and unique titles through the built-in levelling system. The best players are presented in the global ranking. Besserwisser contains over 1,500 questions within 10 categories.

Crystal War: Blood Field Celebrates Success With Deep Discount

Jan 26, 2012 - DigitalFrog, Inc. introduces Crystal War: Blood Field, the sequel to its popular gaming title for iOS. The game combined elements of real-time strategy genre with role-playing game characteristics, creating an instantly engaging experience. 16 units compose the human army, from simple workman to swordsmen, elven allies, and heavy artillery. This version improves upon the original's features adding one more outstanding goodie for gamers - the ability to face off against one another in real-time.

iOS strategy racing game Dash Race 3.5 out now with lots of new features

Jan 26, 2012 - Indie developer Rombos today announces Dash Race 3.5.0, an update to its popular strategy racing game for iOS. Dash Race takes the classic and popular paper and pencil concept to a whole new level, and excels in creating a competitive challenge with amazing realistic driving behavior allowing you to take curves at crazy speeds, requiring courage, experience and dexterity. Version 3.5 offers lots of new features and improvements, having considered feedback of the constantly growing user base.

Super Swap! - Popular Puzzle Game Now Free For iPhone and iPad

Jan 26, 2012 - Selectsoft, a California-based developer of family-friendly games, introduces Super Swap 1.0, their their popular puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Super Swap! and Super Swap! HD are an exciting blend of addictive action and match-3 fun that offers new twists on the swapping puzzle genre with colorful swap sets, power-up bonuses and fun in-app upgrades. OpenFeint integration lets players win achievements and record their best scores on global online leaderboards.

Zombie: The Rescue - Recipe for App Store Success Launches

Jan 26, 2012 - GOGN Entertainment today announces Zombie: The Rescue 1.0.1, their new puzzle/action genre crossover for iOS devices. The puzzle aspect of the game involves removing hostages from zombie-infested situations. Players must analyze the layout of their temporary prisons and formulate an escape strategy without attracting zombie notice. Packed with special items and 60 stages, Zombie: The Rescue offers some old fashioned zombie smashing fun as well.

Farkle Dice Game Rolls Past 1 Million Downloads on iPhone and Android

Jan 26, 2012 - Smart Box Design today announced their chart-topping highly entertaining Farkle game series has been downloaded more than 1 Million times. Farkle is an enormously popular game throughout the world. The Farkle series consists of Farkle Dice, Farkle Solo, and Farkle Halloween, for iOS and Android and is one of the most popular dice games for the mobile gaming market. The Farkle series offers players an opportunity to challenge friends directly or compete worldwide on leaderboards.

Yarnaby for iOS - String + Mazes = Whole load of addictive gameplay

Jan 25, 2012 - Yarnaby a fun and addictive string avoidance game. Playing with string has never been this much fun! Yarnaby has lost his yarn ball. Evil King 'Knitting' Pin has stolen his beloved ball of wool. So now our hero must trawl through the king's treacherous kingdom to find and save his bundle of yarn. Realistic string movement, leaderboards, 42 levels & more coming soon. Out now for cheaper than a ball of yarn on iTunes! Also coming soon to many other touch enabled platforms.