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Get into some intergalactic platforming action w/ Pet It Out HD for iOS

Dec 30, 2011 - Brazillian based developer Candango Games today introduces Pet It Out HD 1.0.1, their new kids gaming title for iPad. Pet It Out challenges players to guide a wily pack of animals from an intergalactic zoo back home through over one hundred uniquely themed, cleverly designed platforming levels. Set throughout gravity bending alien realms, the game offers players the ability to utilize seven different animals to help them overcome the many diverse obstacles standing between them and Earth.

Kids Switcheroo 1.1 for iOS - Switch n' Match Vehicles Game for Kids 2-6

Dec 30, 2011 - Independent developer Raleigh Green today announces Kids Switcheroo 1.1 for iOS, an update to his game for kids ages 2-6, where they get to switch n' match different vehicles and scenes. Featuring separate animated layers for the foreground, background and sky, kids can create 100's of combinations using 20 different cars and trucks. The detailed, side-scrolling game allows kids to use their imaginations as they create animated scenes and sounds without the pressure of scoring or limits on time.

Realore Studios anounces 30 to 70% Sale on all its games

Dec 30, 2011 - To celebrate the New Year, Realore Studios today is pleased to announce a 30 to 70% price drop on all of its games on Apple App and Mac Stores. Such renowned titles as Roads of Rome, Island Tribe, Farm Mania and Jane's Hotel go on sale today. The offer will last for 4 days only. The sale starts December 30 and ends January 2. Don't miss your chance to get the game you have wanted all year because there won't be a better time to do it.

Plush Ninja 1.0 Free for iOS - Slice Plush, Toy, Zombie Bears to Pieces

Dec 30, 2011 - QUByte Interactive today introduces Plush Ninja 1.0 free for iOS, a sequel to their hit Plush Wars action Game. Players must defend the castle against zombie stuffed toy bears, covered with plush faux fur. Players slash & swipe to dismember bears trying to leap over the castle wall. Ten or more consecutive sword cuts scores a Cutter Plush Combo, and Shuriken Plush Traps, Cyclonic Plush Traps, and Tesla Plush Traps create mass mayhem. Players must avoid killing friendly PlushBalls or lose a life.

Neon Play's new publishing division launches Jumbled for iPhone

Dec 29, 2011 - UK based Brightside Mobile today introduces Jumbled 1.0.1, its new addictive gravity-based puzzle game for iOS devices. Jumbled is the first game title to be released from Neon Play's new publishing division. Jumbled contains over 90 brain-teasing gravity puzzles across five beautiful stages. Based on a simple premise, the aim is to move all of the blocks around the space until they fit perfectly into the empty shape provided. The faster each level is completed the more stars are awarded.

Angry Piano Season for the iPhone

Dec 28, 2011 - Angry Piano Season is a new music game that sees foxes against Ducks, who will get the better? Everything starts with the Christmas season! The goal is to hit all the dishes that come into circles by pressing the corresponding key to the food on the keyboard to the food! Each level requires logic and memory to complete the musical sequences with the fewest mistakes possible. Learning to play has never been so easy and fun.

Team Canada Table Hockey scores on iOS

Dec 27, 2011 - In partnership with Hockey Canada, Stinger Games today introduces Team Canada Table Hockey 1.0 to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this Christmas. Challenge a friend to a game of table hockey over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in this face paced Red vs. White game. Showcasing realistic 3D physics using the Bullet Physics, with great graphics and challenging CPU opponents. Compete against other players worldwide to see who has the best skills using OpenFeint and Game Center Leaderboards and more.

Celebrate Beauty in Diversity this Holiday Season with DressApp and Win

Dec 24, 2011 - DressApp 1.0, a new smart fashion dress up game was recently launched on Apple's App Store. DressApp features four supermodels from the leading fashion capitals of the world. To celebrate its launch, the developers behind DressApp are holding a Grand App Launch Party hosted by the renowned Smart Apps For Kids site. Smart Apps For Kids is a resourceful app review site with a unique perspective. iTunes Gift Cards will be given away in celebration of the app launch.

Chix vs Aliens - Very Addictive Game inspired by Classic Arcade Games

Dec 24, 2011 - NERFD Games today introduces Chix vs Aliens 1.1, their new very addictive gaming title for iOS devices. Control the Power Disc and Save the Girls from Alien Invasion! Chix vs Aliens is inspired by classic arcade games like Gals Panic, Qix, and merged with manga and anime style. Nenna, Kinsey, Klara, Emma and Mary are The Chix a team of super girls that just want to have fun at the beach when the Aliens start to invade the earth. Become a pro player, trap the aliens and beat the time bar.