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iWeb Themes Park Sends Best Regards and Offers Free Christmas Templates

Dec 21, 2012 - iWeb Themes Park sends the warmest regards to all iWeb users and wishes merry Christmas and happy New Year. Five new outstanding design iWeb Templates have been added to the collection, which now contains 175 iWeb Themes in total. Free iWeb templates for Christmas and New Year events are also available on the Company's website. Renew your website with the highest quality Free iWeb Themes or the New ones and be prepared for Santa's presents.

MacMate takes on Google, Dropbox and Microsoft with MacMate Disk

Oct 25, 2012 - MacMate, which rocketed to success in April when it launched as an Apple MobileMe replacement, has announced the first major update since June: adding Calendar sharing, an iOS App, introducing two new packages and increasing the storage on its current Pro version to a whopping 25gig. As a viable alternative for many users looking at cloud-disk services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive services, MacMate delivers an easier, simpler, powerful solution with more added features.

MacMate Adds Gallery Online Photo Sharing Feature

Jul 02, 2012 - MacMate, the popular multi-use cloud service for Mac users, has introduced its much anticipated Galleries feature into it's service. MacMate launched in April as a MobileMe replacement service for Mac users searching for a place to continue hosting their iWeb websites, replace their iDisk cloud storage functionality and email services. MacMate now includes Galleries - the easiest way to create online photo galleries for users to share online with family and friends.

iPresentee Starts the Summer with Melting Prices and New Themes for iWeb

Jun 05, 2012 - iPresentee has introduced five new themes for Apple's Web site building application, iWeb. The following release adds new playful themes: Baby Album, Hunt, Jazz, Personal Page and Ufo. The company is proud to offer the templates which have a great design and functionality. The new release extends iPresentee's iWeb themes collection up to 165 themes designed for casual and business use. Furthermore company has reduced bundle prices of iWeb themes up to 30%.

iWeb Themes Park Raises the Standard of Quality with New Templates

May 23, 2012 - iWeb Themes Park is thrilled to present new iWeb Themes developed exclusively for Apple's web creation software. The updated collection now features 170 iWeb Themes in total. 5 new templates have been added, including "Dance", "Desert", "Splash", "Robotics" and "Technical". iWeb templates offer a great way for anyone to build their personal website. All templates are available individually or as a complete set in the "iWeb Themes Box" package.

iPresentee tested iWeb on OS X Mountain Lion and revealed new themes

Apr 03, 2012 - iPresentee is glad to announce that iWeb 3 is fully compatible with upcoming Apple desktop operating system. iPresentee also revealed 10 new themes for sports fans. The new themes for iWeb add great value to the themes collection. Users can easily change the theme design and adopt the site design according their needs. iWeb is still a popular website building application among Apple users and they can be sure that when moving from Lion Mac OS X to the new operating system without any issues.

iWeb Themes Park Expands Collection to 165 Templates for Upcoming Easter

Mar 28, 2012 - iWeb Themes Park team added five new iWeb Themes to their extraordinary collection of iWeb Templates. iWeb Themes Box now contains 165 templates in total, and is one of the largest collections available online. New Themes include "Arrow", "Business Co", "Easter", "Graffiti" and "Jewelry"; have filled the collection with some fresh designs and it is now available via company's website. It's a popular selection by many Apple's iWeb users worldwide.

iWeb Themes Park Presents the New Collection of 160 iWeb Templates

Feb 22, 2012 - iWeb Themes Park announced an update on their iWeb Themes and the new package containing 160 iWeb Templates is now available via company's website. 5 new themes called "Grey Wave", "Oak", "Yellow Blue", "Company" and "Cardboard" have been added to the package and is now on offer. Every new Template is full of exceptional details, adorned with lively colors and can be used for composing a small business or private website. It's a great add-on for Apple's iWeb - popular web design application.

iPresentee Offers to Start the New Year with New Themes for iWeb

Jan 12, 2012 - iPresentee today announces five new iWeb themes for Apple's most popular Web site building application. The company has extended iWeb themes collection up to 150 themes. The following release adds five new themes: Black Fence, Cat, Classical Music, B&W and Personal Space. New themes add an exceptional, stylish choice for various needs. No matter what your personal or business interest is the iPresentee themes collection houses a premium solution for any website.