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Zuvolo Friends - The real-time location sharing app for friends & family

Dec 17, 2018 - Zuvolo Ltd releases Zuvolo Friends 1.3.99, a new location sharing app allowing friends and family to quickly share locations and important markers in real-time. In two taps users can start sharing their location and appear on the map, or stop and disappear, offering total privacy control. Add and remove markers from the map using tap-and-hold. Watch location tracking in almost real-time. A beautifully polished UI perfect for any activity and between any number of friends for day to day use.

Unbelievable! An App That Helps You With Problems You Face In Your Life

Sep 24, 2018 - James Hollender's version 4.0 of his iPhone/iPod touch Life Inventory apps are very stable. With these apps users get in-depth perception of themselves and why they do the things they do. The apps include built-in instructions that help guide users step by step in creating their own Life Inventory to provide greater self understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses, leading to a better knowledge of self than they ever thought possible and at only a fraction the cost of a therapy visit.

Gormaya Announces Version 6.0 of Substitutions for iOS 11 and Greater

Sep 10, 2018 - Gormaya announces Substitutions 6.0, an important update to their popular cooking app for iOS devices. Substitutions features a top to bottom redesign and new Free price. Easily view tables of substitutions for Alcohol, Allergy, Baking & Cooking, Dairy, Gluten-Free, Herb & Spice, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Migraine, Seafood & Meat, Utensil and Vegan. Version 6.0 has been enhanced with a new Slide Over and Split View multitasking on iPads and relavent Amazon product links for several substitutions.

World's First Restaurant Review App with Cryptocurrency Rewards

Aug 01, 2018 - Ginkan, Inc. has released SynchroLife, a new beta version of their popular social restaurant review app designed to help users find the best restaurants as fast as possible. After successful beta tests in Japan, SynchroLife has now released their SynchroCoin (SYC) cryptocurrency rewards in the app. SynchroLife is the world's first restaurant review service where users can earn cryptocurrency token rewards for their reviews and photos in the app or by dining at participating restaurants.

kotoca 2.0 released - New Japanese iOS Note and Idea Manager

Jul 23, 2018 - Sola K.K announces kotoca 2.0, a new entry of its iOS lifestyle management series. kotoca is a simple, easy to use notebook and idea manager application, perfect for busy and creative people. Ideas may strike in any moment and could come in many forms, with kotoca it's just a few taps to sketch and connect those ideas. kotoca is fully customizable to fit the needs of both everyday users and creative professionals. Version 2.0 offers minor fixes and now available in both English and Spanish.

AustinSoft takes Day-n-Night Global

Apr 10, 2018 - California based AustinSoft today announces Day-n-Night 7.0 for iOS and tvOS. Day-n-Night is a beautiful, customizable world clock, showing the world as it is between day and night. Easily see the lights show through at dusk and fade away at dawn. Users can also zoom in to the map to get a better view of that area of the map. Version 7.0 adds new machine-assisted translations, performance improvements and resolved minor issues.

Buy, Sell & Connect Online with the First Social Networking Shopping App

Mar 29, 2018 - The Maximillion Group LLC releases ShopSnapIt - Online Shopping 1.7, an update to their popular shopping app for iOS and Android devices. ShopSnapIt brings buyers and sellers from across the world together in a single platform, offering buyers the benefit of choice at competitive prices and affording sellers an opportunity to reach out to a global market. The recently released updated version of the app offers reward points for active users apart from a more intuitive user interface.

Fashion Invite - Wardrobe List - Free Women's Fashion App for iPhone

Mar 07, 2018 - Knag Enterprises today introduces Fashion Invite - Wardrobe List 1.0, the company's new women's fashion swipe-driven shopping app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Featuring thousands of women's fashion items and displaying fashion in conjunction with, the free Fashion Invite - Wardrobe List App invites you to swipe right to like or swipe left to skip items while easily creating a Shopping Want List.

iDecisionMaker introduced for iPhone - Easy way to make a Decision

Mar 05, 2018 - Moscow based indie developer, Aleksey Larichev today introduces iDecisionMaker 1.0, his new decision making utility developed exclusively for iPhone. iDecisionMaker is a service where you can get an answer to any question. The goal of the application is to help people solve their problems quickly, leaving more time for relatives and friends. Many questions are solved in the first few minutes, saving you from much reflection. Make decisions quickly and easily, saving you time, money and stress.