Mail - Latest Releases

Mergemill Pro 4.7 Easily Sends Customized Mass Emails with Attachments

May 27, 2014 - Cross Culture announces today Mergemill Pro 4.7, an update to their versatile data processing and bulk email merge tool. Mergemill Pro takes diverse sources of data, such as databases, Web pages, emails and more, and then merges them with templates to produce the desired output, from Web pages to customized emails. This release makes it a breeze to send mass emails with attachments. Users may also use the powerful Mergemill tags to customize and personalize the emails to their heart's content.

Re-discover Your Photos with new Lost Photos App

Apr 29, 2014 - California based Macphun Software today announces Lost Photos 2.0, a free Mac app that enables anyone to re-discover forgotten photos within their email accounts. Lost Photos securely scans and reveals photos stored in the email messages of most popular IMAP email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud and others. Users then preview and download photos to their Mac for viewing, archiving or sharing. The first 100 photos are free to download.

Stellar PST to MBOX Converter: Move Emails from MS Outlook to Apple Mail

Mar 13, 2014 - Stellar Data Recovery today announces Stellar PST to MBOX Converter for Mac. Effortlessly migrate your emails from Windows OS to Mac OS by efficiently converting MS Outlook files to Apple Mail. The application performs an efficient conversion of all the emails, including attachments, without making any changes to the folder organization. It even converts password protected Outlook mails. The tool has an extremely simple and easy user interface which facilitates migration in three simple steps.

Mail plugin Graffiti allows to design beautiful email signatures

Jan 06, 2014 - ChungwaSoft today introduces Graffiti 1.0 for Mac OS X, their new plugin for Apple's Mail application. Graffiti allows anyone to design beautiful email signatures. Besides a simple graphical interface for designing the signature, it also supports HTML and CSS for more advanced style definitions. Graffiti adds way more flexibility when creating email signatures than Apple's builtin signature functionality. An effective way of making email messages look more professional or simply more beautiful.

MailRaider Pro - Email conversion made easy

Dec 10, 2013 - Have you got old e-mails archived somewhere? Have you ever wished that your Mac could read your old Microsoft Outlook .msg files? 45RPM Software today is proud to announce the updated MailRaider 2.0.5 for Mac. It can open email files written by Microsoft Outlook, and extract any attached files. If you need even more power then MailRaider Pro is the tool for you. MailRaider Pro adds support for additional mail formats, including Winmail.dat (TNEF), and the ability to extract email as XML.

Mail plugin SendLater sends emails on time

Aug 29, 2013 - ChungwaSoft today introduces SendLater 1.0 for Mac OS X, their new plugin for Apple's Mail application. SendLater allows anyone to send an email at an arbitrary date and time in the future. Delivery of an email is completely decoupled from the composition of the same email. With SendLater, users can write their email late in the night and let SendLater automatically send it the next morning or the next working day. SendLater's added functionality is more than handy in many situations.

JunkIt 1.0 Add-On Released

Aug 13, 2013 - California based Todd's Apps today introduces JunkIt 1.0, their new add-on for Mac OS X. JunkIt offers anyone an easy-to-use method for preventing unwanted emails from piling up in their inboxes. One of its unique features is "reverse highlighting" that helps users focus on their most important emails. JunkIt also comes with some other options, such as junking one-liner emails, specifying a mailbox for clean emails, as well as options for tracking those people who are spamming the most.

Nisus Software Releases InfoClick 1.1

Jul 18, 2013 - Nisus Software has announced the release of InfoClick 1.1, its uniquely powerful email search tool designed to guide you to the emails you've been trying to find. Among the new features are allows searching by Apple Mail accounts, mailboxes, and folders, negated searches allow finding items that do not contain a particular selector (eg: word, contact, etc), can search for emails in trash folders using a "Trashed Emails" selector, and other additions, fixes, and improvements.

Mail Designer Improves Newsletter Workflow For Creative Professionals

Apr 24, 2013 - equinux announces the release of Mail Designer 1.3 for Mac. equinux enhances Mail Designer, its tool for creative professionals, with an interface to send and distribute mail designs and newsletters with Campaign Monitor. This integration greatly improves the marketing workflow for freelancers, creative professionals, and companies. Mail Designer and Campaign Monitor are ideal for launching newsletter campaigns and reaching large audiences. Users can build and create their own mail designs.