Networks and FTP - Latest Releases

Instant Backup Now Supports Mac OS X El Capitan: Manual FTP Backup Tool

Nov 30, 2015 - Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces Instant Backup 1.8, a compatibility update to its simple and affordable solution to manually back up selected data to FTP and locally. Instant Backup is designed to back up the most important and sensitive active projects and files - the ones users don't want to take any chances with. And FTP backup assures that the data won't be lost in the case of theft, fire or flood. The new version makes Instant Backup compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

File Transfer App Deliver Express Now Supports Mac OS X El Capitan

Nov 10, 2015 - Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces Deliver Express 2.5.3, a compatibility update to its automated solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks. Deliver Express processes files automatically from watched hot folders and can serve multiple users on a network with a single copy of the program. The software offers email notifications, file compression, detailed history and more. The new version makes Deliver Express compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

The Bunker and Storage Made Easy provide Secure UK/EU Cloud Sync & Share

Oct 22, 2015 - The Bunker now provides support for Storage Made Easy's secure enterprise file share and sync fabric in combination with CleverSafe Ultra Secure Object Storage Cloud service. A trusted partner for compliant and secure outsourced infrastructure and data storage, The Bunker's facility is situated within an ex-military nuclear bomb-proof fortress, outside the M25 yet within easy reach of London. The facility provides Ultra Secure hosting for government, healthcare and financial services.

NetSpot 2.4.623 for Mac - new features, enhancements, and fixes

Oct 06, 2015 - Atlanta based NetSpot, the award-winning wireless network survey app for Mac, has released a new build on version 2.4. NetSpot 2.4.623 includes three new features: AP indicators in 3 new sizes, option to export only the surveyed part of your map, and the ability to easily copy network's name MAC-address into clipboard. NetSpot 2.4.623 also has enhanced how you add custom aliases to networks in the sidebar, map calibrations usability, and how the heatmap is generated on Retina displays.

ChronoSync Express Updated For Mac OS X El Capitan

Oct 06, 2015 - Econ Technologies today releases ChronoSync Express 1.1 for Mac OS X. ChronoSync Express is the entry level version of ChronoSync, the complete synchronization and backup utility for Mac OS X. ChronoSync Express can synchronize or backup to most anything you can connect to your Mac, including folders on your Mac, other Macs, PC's, and external drives. Version 1.1 offers several of the new features offered in ChronoSync and fixes compability issues with Mac OS X El Capitan.

ChronoSync Updated With El Capitan Support

Oct 01, 2015 - Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 4.6.4 with fixes related to OS X El Capitan. ChronoSync, the the complete Mac backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing app works with any device you can connect to a Mac such as external drives, thumb drives, network volumes, remote Macs, or even a PC. Additionally the update includes fixes to problems with establishing IPv6 network connections. Whether it's a minor or major update all existing users update for free.

Deliver Express Is Available on BundleHunt until September 3

Sep 24, 2015 - Zevrix Solutions announces that its automatic file transfer solution Deliver Express is available on software discount site BundleHunt until October 3 only. Using the site's unique discount concept, users can purchase Deliver Express at 77% off as part of a bundle of 15 top rated apps for $18 only. Deliver Express sends files automatically from watched hot folders with automatic email notifications and supports FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Google Storage and other major services.

Storage Made Easy extends reach into Spain/South America with S&M Cloud

Sep 16, 2015 - Storage Made Easy and S&M Cloud have announced a reseller partnership, where S&M Cloud has offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona as well as offices in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Bogota. As part of this agreement S&M Cloud is able to offer its customers all the SME services based on its own infrastructure to offer customers a range of value-added services around its own platforms. S&M Cloud will also offer all services related to the maintenance & development of systems and solutions.

Shimo 4 VPN Client for Mac - for Everyone

Aug 31, 2015 - Feingeist Software GmbH today announces Shimo 4, the latest update to one of the leading virtual private network clients for Mac OS X. Shimo integrates seamlessly with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. There is no need for an additional window to have full control over VPN connections. Connect and disconnect, access statistics and information straight from the drop down menu bar on OS X. Shimo 4 offers increased security and user productivity, all while retaining its simple and elegant design.