OS X Development - Latest Releases

Notched Up now available - Notch Simulator for macOS 10.13 or newer

Nov 08, 2021 - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. releases Notched Up, its new Notch Simulator for macOS. Notched Up attempts to draw a Notch on any Mac running 10.13 High Sierra or never, as close as possible to the actual physical size of the Notch in Apple's latest 14" and 16" MacBook Pro. It was designed to aid developers by displaying a close to real life Notch on their existing screens, allowing them to see what menus do not fit on the left side of the Notch, without having to purchase both the 14" and 16" MacBook Pro.

Aqua Swatch 2.0 now available for macOS Monterey

Nov 01, 2021 - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. today announces Aqua Swatch 2.0, a major update to their popular system color and icon swatch application for Apple's Aqua user interface. Aqua Swatch makes it easy to view system colors and their variations, allowing developers to pick the most appropriate colors for user interface elements in their Mac applications. System icons are also listed, aiding developers to view and choose from a variety of artwork that is consistent across different OS versions.

Kaleidoscope 3 Makes a Comeback with New Tools, Redesigned Interface

Oct 06, 2021 - Letter Opener GmbH today announces Kaleidoscope 3, a major new version of the popular tool for Mac software developers. In the first major redesign in over eight years, the new developer team relaunches this powerful tool that makes it easy to spot and merge changes in many different kinds of files. Version 3 adds support for Apple Silicon-based Macs, modernizes the app design for the latest versions of macOS, and introduces dark mode.

Auxl Offers Whole New Way to Organize, Test, and Develop APIs on the Mac

Jun 03, 2021 - Netherlands-based Mac software developers at Metamotifs today announce Auxl 1.0.10, a native API client for macOS. Auxl is a full-featured API client for building, testing, and troubleshooting HTTP based API's. It supports a wide range of standards, schemes and protocols. Developers can pick and choose from an extensive toolkit of modules, providing a flexible method of interacting with APIs of any complexity, using any combination of REST, GraphQL and WebSocket sources.

Lifeboat - Deploy Xojo Web Apps Anywhere! Redirects, www, and Ubuntu 21

May 11, 2021 - Indue developer, Tim Parnell announces new features for Lifeboat, the server management software for macOS. Lifeboat makes it simple to deploy and manage Xojo Web applications on any Linux server. Automate configuration and let Lifeboat juggle port assignments, system services, and reverse proxy software for running a web app server. This latest version configures redirects, handles www. prefixes automatically, and introduces Ubuntu 21.04 support.

CFBundleIdentifier Collision Fixer 1.0.2 Released on Mac App Store

Apr 26, 2021 - California based .com Solutions Inc. today announces CFBundleIdentifier Fixer 1.0.2 for macOS. Now released via the Mac App Store, CFBundleIdentifier Fixer instantly solves CFBundleIdentifier collision errors before uploading apps. It prevents tedious manual changes to bundle plist files every time a developer builds apps for distribution. The application contents are traversed looking for all enclosed bundles and the associated plist files are automatically updated.

App Wrapper 4.2 now available for macOS 11 with 22 changes

Mar 23, 2021 - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. announces App Wrapper 4.2, an update to their popular premium post-build processor for the macOS. App Wrapper was specifically designed to simplify the process of preparing applications for submission to the Mac App Store and deploying on web sites. Version 4.0 is the fourth re-write of the product, taking everything that Ohanaware have learned in the last 9 years. This release resolves some issues, provides more options and improves App Wrapper accessibility.

Kaleidoscope 2.4 With Xcode Debugger Integration and More

Feb 16, 2021 - Spot hard to find bugs with Kaleidoscope 2.4, the text and image compare app tailored for the Mac by Letter Opener GmbH. Version 2.4 brings Xcode Debugger Integration, which allows developers to compare debug text and image output, enabling them to iterate over common development tasks quickly.The new version is a free update for all existing version 2 customers. The 14-day free trial period has been reset for version 2.4. Users who tested Kaleidoscope in the past can give the new version a try.

App Wrapper 4.1 released for macOS 11: 40 New Features and Improvements

Feb 01, 2021 - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. today announces App Wrapper 4.1, an important feature update to their popular premium post-build process for macOS. App Wrapper was designed to simplify the process of preparing applications for submission to the Mac App Store and deploying on web sites. The fourth re-write of the product, version 4.1 adds features which will help even more developers prepare their Mac apps for Apple App Store Submission and Website Distribution.