OS X Development - Latest Releases

xDev Magazine Year 12 In Book Format - Pre-Order Sale

Jan 12, 2015 - xDev Magazine is reprinting the past year's issues into a convenient perfect-bound book which will be shipping in late January 2015. xDev Magazine is exclusively devoted to guiding developers in how to use the free Xojo development environment, from Xojo, Inc. The 534-page book contains the full contents of Year 12 of the magazine. Through January 23, the book may be pre-ordered for 25% off the normal price. Current subscribers can save even more with an additional subscriber-only discount.

SceneTool released for OS X - Turn 3D Scenes to Swift/Objective C Code

Dec 18, 2014 - Indie developer, Wan Ahmad Lutfi today introduces SceneTool 1.0, his new code generator tool for OS X. SceneTool turns simple 3D scenes into Swift or Objective C code, allowing developers to export code that can be used for iOS or OS X Xcode projects. Each object type has their own unique properties such as inner radius and outer radius for torus. Both image and color can be set as a material property. The 3D scene also can be modified by changing light, camera and floor properties.

Omegabundle for Xojo 2014 Pro Tools Bundle for Xojo Developers Announced

Dec 11, 2014 - Organized by Paradigma Software and Mirye Software each year, the fourth annual Omegabundle for Xojo 2014 is now available and includes over $3567 of the best third party development tools for the Xojo cross-platform development environment for just $399. Participating vendors include Einhugur Software, Monkeybread Software, J Leroy Software, DesignWrite, Ohanaware, Paradigma Software & Mirye Software. This is your chance to get the all of the best Xojo add-ons and solutions at a bargain price!

QuartzCode 1.1 adds Swift support and more generated code options

Nov 07, 2014 - Independent developer Wan Ahmad Lutfi today announces QuartzCode 1.1, an important update to his powerful code generation tool for OS X. QuartzCode is a lightweight and powerful animation tool that turns vector drawing and animation into Objective C and Swift code. This allows users to export code that can be entered directly into Xcode and allows the building of applications. In addition to Yosemite compatibility, version 1.1 now supports Swift code as well as more generated code options.

Cartographer - the first GeoJSON editor on the Mac App Store

Nov 03, 2014 - UK based False Victories announces Cartographer 1.0, their new maps app for OS X. Cartographer allows developers to quickly add annotations to maps without the need to enter coordinates by hand. The app has been designed to work with Apple's MapKit framework on both OS X and iOS. The Cartographer file format supports all the features of Cartographer and developers can use the freely available CocoaPod - CartographerKit - to integrate it into their own applications.

Ohanaware releases App Wrapper 3 OS X: Big update to App Store Prep Tool

Nov 03, 2014 - Ohanaware Co., Ltd. today announces App Wrapper 3, a brand new version of their popular App Store preparation tool. App Wrapper was designed to simplify the process of preparing applications for submission to the Mac App Store and deploying on web sites. App Wrapper features a GUI for adding the required App Store properties, creating high resolution icons, code signing an application, placing an app into a App Sandbox & packaging it in a signed installer or creating a zip file and so much more.

InSili.co introduces Peppermint - Advanced Code Editor for OS X

Oct 22, 2014 - nSili.co today introduces Peppermint 1.0, its new code editor developed exclusively for Mac OS X. With more than 50 syntaxes supported, Peppermint offers advanced editing features with dozens of extensions, giving developers the ability to create amazing new apps and enjoy a different coding experience like never before. Offering a unique one-window no-distractions experience, Peppermint allows developers to make full use of their coding time, with major extensibility features.

PaintCode 2.2 adds Smart Symbols

Oct 21, 2014 - PixelCut today released PaintCode 2.2 with Smart Symbols, a powerful new feature for prototyping user interface designs. Symbols in PaintCode are resizable and parametric, which means PaintCode has the best support for Symbols of any drawing app on Mac. PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers. With PaintCode, developers can create an app that is truly resolution-independent.

Introducing QuartzCode - Vector Animation to Code

Oct 01, 2014 - Independent developer Wan Ahmad Lutfi today introduces QuartzCode 1.02, his new code generator tool for OS X. QuartzCode is a powerful animation tool that turns vector drawings and animation into Objective C code. With QuartzCode, developers and designers can create new or use existing assets and transform them into complex animations without writing a single code. Supporting Core Animation and UIView block-based code generation, QuartzCode is readable and can be modified in real-time.