Productivity - Latest Releases

SimpleumSafe - Easy-to-Use Encrypted File Manager now available for iOS

Dec 21, 2016 - Hamburg based developer, Simpleum Media GmbH today introduces SimpleumSafe 1.0, the company's new encryption app for iOS devices. SimpleumSafe is an easy-to-use app for password-based encryption of personal and professional data and a file manager. Thanks to proven AES-256 encryption technology, used by government, banks and industrial enterprise, all kinds of digital information are well protected against attacks from the Internet, as well as unauthorized access.

A calendar for the new millennium

Dec 14, 2016 - HedgeHog today announces CircleTime 2.0, their new round calendar app for iOS devices. With its round structure, CircleTime enables a time display of limitless possibilities. It also represents a new way of understanding time. The calendar is in the form of a rotating circle that, as a clock, moves through time, showing a day, month and year. It simultaneously shows the length of daylight for each day in a year for every town in the world, thus enabling an optimal use of your time.

Bonafeyed Releases Secure Encryption Keyboard for iOS

Dec 07, 2016 - California based Bonafeyed announces Bonafeyed Keyboard 2.09 for iPhone and iPad, a unique data security technology that enables users to manage the privacy and security of their digital content. Once installed, users can encrypt text information in nearly all iOS applications. With version 2.09 the keyboard now changes on rotation. A numeric keypad is available and the contents of the clipboard are displayed when in Landscape orientation and on larger devices.

Orderly, the only visual to-do App on the iPhone, gets big updates

Nov 29, 2016 - Tekton Technologies today announces Orderly - To-do Lists, Location Based Reminders 3.1, a major update to their popular productivity app developed for iOS devices. Exclusively designed based on how the human mind visualizes to-do lists, Orderly features, unlimited folders, location based reminders, archiving of notes, cloud sync and awesome themes. Orderly makes sure that a task never goes unnoticed, when you are at a particular location. Version 3.1 includes minor bug fixes.

Beeapp released WeNote for iOS - a new location-based reminder app

Nov 23, 2016 - Beeapp srl today introduces WeNote 1.3, their popular location-based reminder app developed exclusively for iPhone. WeNote helps you organise your daily activities based on where you are. The app allows you to send contextualised messages to yourself and an inner circle of friends. At home, in the office or in the garage, you'll always have the right notes at the right time. And you can even remind your friends, family, roommates and co-workers what needs to be done.

Xwavesoft announces 60% Black Friday Discount on All Products

Nov 23, 2016 - Xwavesoft today announces a special Black Friday 60% promotion for its entire range of productivity tools for iOS. From Friday, November 25 through Tuesday, November 29, all Xvawesoft's productivity applications will be offered at 60% discount. This includes Be Focused, Focus Matrix, Daily Habits, Chrono Plus, and Cloud Outliner. Raise personal productivity and save your time. The latest productivity principles and techniques are incorporated to keep people more efficient.

LetterSnap OCR for iPhone - A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture

Nov 17, 2016 - Pixelglow Software today introduces LetterSnap OCR 1.0, its new productivity app for iOS devices. LetterSnap is both fast and exact. Users snap pictures of text, and the app then turns it into actual text. The front end interface is a simple, one/two-tap workflow. The back end servers use robust optical character recognition (OCR) techniques, powered by Google Cloud Vision. The app works well capturing text from business cards, book titles, long sections of prose & even text on computer screens.

Roadmap Planner 2.1 for iOS features Sync, Collaboration and now Free

Nov 07, 2016 - KeepSolid today announces Roadmap Planner 2.1 on iOS. Version 2.1 features synchronization, collaboration, and an option to export roadmaps as PDF's or images. Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. Create a simple picture of the vision and development of your business and present it in a visually appealing form.

Daily Habits for iOS and Apple Watch Helps Users Establish Good Habits

Nov 02, 2016 - XwaveSoft today announces Daily Habits 1.0, their helpful new app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. Daily Habits aids users in creating and maintaining healthy habits, as well as ridding themselves of unhealthy ones. The app allows anyone to work on their habits directly from the Today Widget or their Apple Watch. Upcoming actions can be synced with the Calendar app, making it easy to organize their day. Moreover, Daily Habits lets users create groups and share their progress with each other.