Productivity - Latest Releases

MailShot Solves The Puzzle of iOS Group Email

Jul 14, 2016 - UK based Soluble Apps today announces MailShot Pro 5.0, the latest update to one of the most popular group email applications for iOS devices. MailShot Pro creates unique group contacts which can be used like a regular contact from other apps. MailShot is still one of very few apps that can help forward an email to a group, retaining all of its attachments and formatting. This update adds the ability to fully synchronise groups between devices.

Attractor Mind Machine for iPhone

Jul 13, 2016 - Dataca Corp. today announces a price promotion of Attractor, their sonic Mind Machine for iPhone. Attractor ia an advanced dynamic binaural wave generator which combines the technology of expensive light and sound mind machines with a unique inception messaging system. It is capable of inducing states of meditation, sleep or help you incubate your own suggestions into your subconsciousness while you are awake or asleep. Attractor is powerful, one of a kind and only available on iOS device.

iFiles 2 File Manager for iOS released

Jul 12, 2016 - Imagam, Inc. today announces iFiles 2.0.0, an important update to its popular productivity app for iOS. iFiles enables iPhone & iPad users to do all the file management functions that they've been used to on a desktop computer. Download, upload and transfer files directly between services without required to first download then upload files. Version 2.0 has many new features like: SMB/CIFS support, synchronization support, tabs, redesigned interface, extension support, iPad split view support.

Tomatoes for iPad - The great Pomodoro timer and task manager for iPad

Jul 11, 2016 - Dollaropath today announces Tomatoes for iPad 1.0, the tablet companion app to their powerful productivity app for Mac and iPhone. Tomatoes is inspired by the Pomodoro Technique and helps users be more efficient, organized, and productive in managing their tasks. Completely customizable with iCloud synchronization, Apple Reminders compatibility and a user interface made for iOS 9, Tomatoes helps monitor the user's productivity by keeping track of activities.

Uno Actu 1.2 released for iOS - Never go to a Doctor without this app

Jul 06, 2016 - Indie developer, Diethard Seiferth today announces Uno Actu 1.2, an update to his popular productivity app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Uno Actu is much more than an address book. Anyone can hold all data about their specialists in one place, including family doctor, mechanic, repairman, lawyer, lawn care and more. For each specialist, opening hours can be added and shared via cloudKit with other users of the app. Version 1.2 features an integrated calendar and more.

Focus Matrix for iOS: Personal Organizer Based on the Eisenhower Method

Jun 30, 2016 - XwaveSoft today announces Focus Matrix 1.0, their smart personal organizer app for iOS devices. Focus Matrix is based on the Eisenhower Box method, a personal productivity strategy created by the 34th President of the U.S., Dwight Eisenhower. The app breaks tasks down into one of four color-coded boxes, representing the urgency and importance of the tasks. This allows anyone to focus on the tasks that really matter, without getting caught up in those that can be delegated, or dealt with later.

ABBYY TextGrabber: 1,000,000 Installs in 5 Days

Jun 22, 2016 - ABBYY today announced that their image-to-text application TextGrabber, got installed 1,000,000 times in just 5 days while being featured by the App Store, Product Hunt & AppShopper. TextGrabber 5.3.4 scans, translates and saves text or QR-codes from any printed material. The app recognizes 60+ languages on any device, with no Internet connection needed. Then you can edit the captured text, hear it via VoiceOver, translate it into 90+ languages and send it as a text message or e-mail, and more.

Archisketch 2.01 Adds Apple Pencil and Adobe Creative Cloud Support

Jun 09, 2016 - Urban Design Ltd. today releases Archisketch 2.01, an important update to their popular scale-aware sketching app for iPad. Ideal for architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers, design students, or anyone working with design on an iPad, users can easily sketch, doodle and design to scale and visualize their ideas in 3D. Version 2.0.1 offers support for the Apple Pencil, Adobe Creative Cloud, smart one- and two-point perspectives, Share Extension and other advancements.

Do4Who version 2 now available on the App Store

Jun 06, 2016 - Good Binary Limited announces Do4Who 2.0, an update to their popular productivity app for iOS. Do4Who learns who is important to you and uses this to prioritise your work accordingly. It presents you with a list of people you need to deal with automatically prioritised in the order you need to deal with them. Version 2.0 includes an Apple Watch app and has also been extensively re-written to bring it up-to-date with the latest versions of iOS, and has also received a new look.