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VisualTAP - world's first in-app 3D Ad Network has launched

Nov 06, 2013 - NEONFIVE proudly announces the launch of VisualTAP - the next generation 3D advertising network based on a virtual billboard ad format. VisualTAP is the first ad network where you can promote and monetize your apps & products via virtual in-game 3D billboards. VisualTAP operates through a dashboard where you register your apps and products. Detailed statistics are provided there. Track installs, bootups, impressions and register your products to start advertising campaigns instantly.

PreApps Announces Top Tips To Creating an Effective App Demo Video

Nov 04, 2013 - An app demo video gives users the opportunity to experience an app before they decide to buy it, and it's a make-or-break component for successful apps. Whether it's through music, or the development of a storyline, compelling users to download an app because it's fresh and different will make an app memorable and noteworthy. PreApps offers three packages, all of which will provide a complete, professional level demo video, at budget-friendly prices.

New search engine for iPhone and iPad apps - An Apple iTunes alternative

Oct 24, 2013 - bluejava K.K. announces the beta release of, a new iOS app search and discovery service for the desktop, iPhone and iPad. Billed as a Truly Modern App Search, AppSearch embraces simplicity and advanced HTML5 technologies to improve the user experience and help users find great apps quickly. It is accessable simply by navigating to on any device. Results can be quickly scanned for relevance with screenshots, reviews and even demo videos for each app.

New Mobile App Marketing Player is celebrating its first Anniversary

Sep 17, 2013 - AppBomber is celebrating its first anniversary and is proud of having success with promotion for most of their clients' apps over the first year of existence. AppBomber is a mobile app marketing agency that allows developers & mobile app publishers advertise their app and reach out to their prospective consumers. Success is seen from the feedback of their clients, who discovered increases in downloads after using their services and by getting some apps to the top app charts within the App Store.

Create Demonstration Videos For Mobile Apps With AppVJ

May 09, 2013 - AppVJ is a service that will help mobile application developers create demonstration videos for their mobile apps. The video created will highlight the app's features and show how the app works on a real mobile device like the iPad or the iPhone. Videos are produced in HD quality, complete with voice over and background music. The video will serve like a trailer for the app and can be uploaded to YouTube and shared with media houses and prospective customers.

Promo Dispenser Re-Launch With All New Website and New Incentives

Mar 08, 2013 - 3D Magic LLC., the developers and publishers of many successfull iPhone games re-launch their Promo Dispenser website. Promo Dispenser is a Direct Marketing Service for Developers of Mobile and Computer Applications, and a direct source of income for users generated by different actions to help developers market and promote their free applications in a unique way. Incentives earned by users can be redeemed in the form of iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Cards and PayPal payouts.

Flipsy Launches To Help Consumers Sell Used iPhones, iPads and More

Feb 25, 2013 - Direct Textbook today announces the launch of, a free web service that helps consumers sell used iPhones, iPads, video game consoles and books for the highest possible prices. lets users instantly compare real-time buyback and trade-in offers from dozens of buyers, so it's easy to see which company has the best device buyback deals. users can sell their old devices immediately or sign up to be alerted when offers meet their price points.

2048pixels Launches Homescreen FX to Personalize iPad Wallpapers

Oct 03, 2012 - KaL MichaeL announces 2048pixels 2.0, a new version of the popular iPad retina wallpaper site. This major upgrade gives visitors a new way to add effects and textures to personalize wallpapers for new iPad homescreens. Called Homescreen FX, and powered by 2048pixels's hand-curated library of stunning retina iPad art, the new polished tools allow users to add wallpaper textures and effects by simple taps and swipes, creating customized wallpapers and personalized works of art.

MEI Introduces Nervous Pixel, Its New Creative Division

Aug 21, 2012 - Managing Editor Inc. today announced the launch of Nervous Pixel, its new internal creative services division. Nervous Pixel offers complete creative solutions for all forms of digital communication, with particular expertise in custom tablet design and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The official announcement marks MEI's continued industry presence offering a full menu of professional creative services, including design, production, project management and HTML development.