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Applingua launches LinguaSearch - Find the Best Quality Apps

Feb 14, 2012 - UK based Applingua Ltd launches LinguaSearch, an App Store search engine that helps Mac and iOS users find apps that can be run in their native language. Launching with support for 14 different stores worldwide, LinguaSearch lets users from all major app markets search for apps they can understand. Users can easily find the best quality apps available to them. Not only can they find apps which can be used in their native language, but the results are also sorted by rating.

Create awesome, interactive apps for iOS and Android

Jan 31, 2012 - PixelMat helps create awesome apps, for both iOS and Android. We create "wow" apps based on your ideas or existing paper books, we take care of the technology and production details, and freeing up time for your core business. We have the experience of creating critically well-acclaimed, best-selling story apps. At such low prices, recovering your app costs would be as simple as asking your friends in your social network to try your app.

New Service helps independent iOS game developers to market their apps

Jan 05, 2012 - Econosys Handelssysteme announces gaining visibility in iTunes is becoming more and more difficult for game developers. Without a big advertising budget, independent developers need other strategies to gain attention for their games. OtherGreatGames website helps spreading the word with ease and - best of all - for free, by showcasing a game within hundreds of other games in some sort of exchange. Taking advantage of the global reach of it to help promote their game-apps at no extra cost.

Get your App Reviewed - Review Roster

Dec 23, 2011 - Review Roster is a new service that connects developers and publishers in a remarkable way to publish reviews of applications. Review Roster makes the marketing process for developers amazingly simple. With Review Roster, developers get their Apps reviewed while publishers get paid to discover and review intuitive applications. All reviews published via Review Roster are completely unbiased and publishers get to express their true opinion about any application.

Apple-Only Press Release Service, prMac, Boosts Revenues 89% Over 2010

Nov 29, 2011 - Dallas based prMac, a Press Release Service specializing in news of products and services for Apple computers and mobile devices, today announces revenues up 89% over this time last year. Celebrating their fifth anniversary next month, prMac offers a wide variety of affordable services, including: Extended Distribution of Press Releases to 674 media partners, Press Release Writing, Video News Releases, Bulk Distribution Packages, RSS Feeds, Free Limited Releases, and Display Advertising Bundles.

Mobilewalla Announces Excellence Award to App Developers

Nov 28, 2011 - Mobilewalla today announced the recipients of its first "Mobilewalla 50" annual recognition to developers who have earned a benchmark for app excellence. They have been chosen by Mobilewalla to help consumers begin to know author reputation the way book and movie consumers do. Mobilewalla is a deep search and discovery and analytics engine incorporating breakthrough technology to help consumers, developers and advertisers navigate the highly fragmented mobile application marketplace.

PixelMags is using their HTML5 Capabilities for Advertisers in Magazines

Sep 21, 2011 - California based PixelMags has kick started their Ad Network with Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment by showcasing full HTML5 advertisements for the hit shows Spartacus and Camelot. PixelMags has built their "Ads by PixelMags" advertising network for the digital magazine industry, allowing publishers to take full advantage of the PixelMags CDS and HTML5 capabilities. This technology & advertising delivery system allows a third party company to promote themselves to the PixelMags reader database.

iPhone App Trailers - The first YouTube for iPhones website

Aug 21, 2011 - 3D Magic Kft. has launched their iPhone App Trailers website, a unique and free service for iPhone developers to promote their apps and games by uploading their trailer videos to a centralized, YouTube like environment. Users can browse iPhone related videos categorized by iTunes App Store categories and targeted to their needs, without any hassle wading through millions of unrelated other videos.

PixelMags Rejuvenates the Catalog Industry with their CDS

Aug 10, 2011 - California based PixelMags has embraced the catalog industry through their Content Delivery Software service, which allows catalog publishers to reach millions of new users from around the globe and convert them into unfound revenue via the iPad. With such features as white label solutions, catalogs' existing shopping carts integrated, to publishers being able to upload unlimited amounts of issues, makes these catalogs stand out above the rest.