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Quick Scout Volley for iPad, the app that makes volleyball scouting easy

Sep 25, 2015 - Dot Next today introduces Quick Scout Volley 1.0 for iOS, an app designed to make volleyball scouting fast and easy. Quick Scout Volley allows you to track all players actions, shots trajectories and other events of the match, proposing then comprehensive statistics and reports on matches and players. Evaluate all the fundamentals, draw trajectories and annotate other events of the match as the entrance and exit of the libero, time-outs, substitutions and more.

Compete Golf App Includes watchOS 2 Features and iOS9 Compatibility

Sep 25, 2015 - Coinciding with the release of the latest iOS and watchOS 2 software, Mooee Company Limited today announces Compete Golf 1.5.0, an update to their very popular GPS-based golfing app. Compete Golf is aimed at improving group golf games and individual performance through its unique 'tournament' feature. Compete Golf's Tournament allows you to setup a tournament with friends up to 20 players. This latest upgrade includes Apple watchOS 2 features and iOS 9 compatibility.

Fact Mountain - CU Football 2.2: University of Colorado Football Trivia

Aug 27, 2015 - Foothills Education today announces Fact Mountain - CU Football 2.2, an update to their entertaining University of Colorado football trivia app for iOS devices. 2015 marks 125 years of football at the University of Colorado. This app honors Buffaloes history, from the university's first football team in 1890, all the way to their first national championship of 1990, and beyond. Version 2.2 includes updates for iOS 8 and minor bug fixes.

DraftValet Launches Q&A Lifeline - Personal Fantasy Football Advice

Aug 05, 2015 - DraftValet, the top-ranked service in one-to-one personal strategy, advice and help for the fantasy sports player, is launching the latest version of its Q&A Lifeline and Roster Evaluator platforms just in time for the upcoming NFL season. The fantasy sports expert network promises to answer your questions in one hour or less. Consultants from around the country provide strategy and tips right to your mobile device. Expert advice is also offered as one-on-one phone or web-conferencing sessions.

Batting Average for Apple Watch: Your Personal Batting Manager

Jun 29, 2015 - Pixolini today announces the up and coming release of Batting Average, a unique new sports app for iOS devices. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Batting Average is for you! This app calculates your batting average automatically by tracking every play at bat and on base. No need to know the complex equations of calculating baseball statistics. Any baseball or softball player can track their batting average to improve their in-game performance. The app will be released July 2nd, 2015.

Matchpoint - personal tennis scoring for Apple Watch

Apr 23, 2015 - Lisbon based entrepreneur and developer, Jorge O'Neill today introduces Matchpoint - personal tennis scoring, his new sports app for iOS and Apple Watch. Keep track of your score while playing your match, without dropping the racket or the ball. Tap the top of your Apple Watch screen to score a point for yourself, or the bottom for your opponent, and Matchpoint will do the rest. You may even start a match in one day and resume it on another, without the risk of forgetting the scores.

Compete Golf App Enhances Competition and Performance with Tournament

Apr 09, 2015 - Just in time for the Masters, Mooee today introduces Compete Golf 1.0.5, a new GPS-based golfing app for iOS 8 and native 64-bit. Compete Golf is aimed at improving group golf games and individual performance through a first-to-market 'tournament' feature. Never before seen in the Golf GPS app market, Compete Golf's tournament feature allows up to 20 players to see each other's scores in real-time, and track and compare individual progress in the app's leaderboard.

New App Maps Colorado's Native and Wild Trout

Mar 24, 2015 - Gogal Publishing and WildTroutStreams introduce a revolutionary Wild Trout Map of Colorado that turns any iPhone or iPad into a wilderness GPS trout locator. The app, Colorado Wild Trout combines detailed trout maps with comprehensive population data and GPS navigation allowing anglers to easily find and access wild trout populations throughout Colorado. Over 1,300 streams and lakes are included and each is color coded to identify native cutthroat vs. non-native trout populations.

Big Blue Nation Jersey Challenge iPhone App released by Sugar Coded Apps

Mar 10, 2015 - Sugar Coded Apps today releases Big Blue Nation Jersey Challenge 1.0 for iOS. BBN Jersey Challenge is the ultimate test of your UK Wildcat knowledge. Multiple levels test your fandom by having you remember what jersey number Kentucky players have worn throughout UK's storied history. Released just in time to celebrate UK's undefeated regular season & as they begin their journey through March Madness... you too can being your journey to proving you are the ultimate Wildcat fan in the #BBN!