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SMEStorage FileServer in the Clouds offering proves a Big Success

Dec 07, 2010 - The SMEStorage Organisation Cloud offering that launched mid 2010 has proved very successful with over 300 companies now using the service. The service features no lock-in as it enables Organisation to decide which File Storage they wish to use as well as supporting file storage combinations. The Organisation Cloud offering supports User Domain Management, Access Control Lists, File and Comment Notifications, Public Folders, Business Group Collaboration Options, Secure File Sharing, and more.

EDA Survey Documents Usage and Future Plans of Apple Xserve Owners

Dec 01, 2010 - A survey conducted by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance showed that Apple Xserve owners are considering a wide range of options in response to Apple's surprising announcement on November 5, 2010 that it was ending the shipment of the Xserve hardware platform on January 31, 2011. 65% of respondents expect to stay with their current Xserves for at least the next two years. When the time comes to replace the Xserve, over one third will migrate to one of Apple's recommended alternative platforms.

Research shows that most small businesses use over 3 information Clouds

Nov 16, 2010 - Research by SMEStorage shows that on average most small businesses use over 3 information clouds which rises to over 5 when email and social network clouds are included. SMEStorage polled 1000 of its users to understand how many information clouds they use, and also to understand the challenges that they face. Amazon S3 was the most popular storage cloud used for business. Google Docs was the most popular used for documents closely followed by Microsoft SkyDrive.

FT Press Delivers Launches Business and Career Application on LinkedIn

Nov 02, 2010 - FT Press Delivers today announces a new application on LinkedIn, providing more than 80 million members across the globe with access to an e-Store app designed to help them manage their businesses and careers. The new app allows users to view and purchase FT Press Delivers e-content, Elements and Shorts, from an e-Store on LinkedIn. The app also offers users tips of the week, alerting them to new reading material and providing the ability to house the material on their E-bookshelf.

Mixtapes are back - For a nicer YouTube experience

Oct 11, 2010 - Dragontape is collaborative webservice that lets you create 3 hour long mixtapes of your favorite YouTube clips. Mixtapes offer an uninterrupted viewing experience and absolute ease of use. This latest update introduces embedding capabilities, improved tape controls, and other minor changes. Dragontape sports an extremely instinctive visual editor that's as simple to use as a tape recorder. It also provides the means to share your mixtapes through your preferred flavor of social media.

Sunrise announces 2010 Edition of A4M Macintosh Telephone System

Sep 05, 2010 - Tokyo based Sunrise Telephone Systems KK today announced the 2010 edition of its A4M Macintosh Telephone System based on a Mac OS X port of the Asterisk Linux PBX software. The A4M software suite turns a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 into a feature rich private branch exchange telephone system and Voice over IP server. An optional ISDN adapter provides connectivity to ISDN telephone lines. International versions will become available in early 2011.

Intego Updates the Mac Security Blog

May 20, 2010 - Austin based Intego today updated the Mac Security Blog, a Mac-centric blog focused on security. With a new, simpler look, and improved functionality, Intego has given an overhaul to the only blog that covers Mac security exclusively. The Mac Security Blog has no ads, offers an RSS feed, a powerful search function, and a tag cloud to find the most popular topics. Topics include discoveries of new malware and threats to Mac users, Apple security updates, and much more.

Zerion Software and SDG Systems to provide ruggedized Android Solutions

Mar 29, 2010 - Zerion Software is collaborating with SDG Systems to provide ruggedized Android solutions to the mobile workforce. Together, the two companies are working to build a field data-collection solution running the offline capable exZact mobile platform on rugged Google Android computers. Both firms see a tremendous opportunity in the marketplace for such a ruggedized solution to be used for Field Service, Task Management, and Work Order Management.

Yellow Pages #1 Navigation Directory iPhone App Now On Android

Mar 09, 2010 - Salt Lake City based Avantar announces today the release of the Yellow Pages app for Android mobile devices. The release marks Avantar's first offering in the Android Marketplace and follows the success of the company's much-downloaded Yellow Pages app for the iPhone and iPod touch. New to the Yellow Pages app for Android is a visual mosaic of the most popular used searched terms, which can also be accessed with a simple tap of the finger.